The Alpha Male Journey

Joshua Sigafus Dating Tips

My name is Joshua K. Sigafus, and my goal is to help men in our modern world win with women by showing them how to become high-value men. 

Joshua K Sigafus

You see, most men don’t understand what actually makes men attractive to women. 

They overthink the big stuff, while ignoring the simple, basic, foundational stuff. And as a result, they struggle to win and keep the attention of the beautiful, high value women around them. 

But I can help you to fix all of that. I work every day to teach men how to level up their dating lives and attraction skills.

The secret is actually really simple… to show her, fundamentally, that you are a high-value man. And I can teach you exactly how to do that!

Alpha Male Mentality

Level up your alpha male mentality, and learn what it means to become a high-value man. 

This archive contains all of my blog posts that specifically deal with alpha male mentality.

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Pick Up

Pick Up

Level-up your alpha male game. Seduction, pick-up, cold-approach, getting numbers, building connection… learn how an alpha male approaches, engages, and wins with women. 

This archive contains all of my blog posts on pick up. 


How does an alpha male conduct himself in relationships?

How does he level up, continue to pursue the alpha male journey, and stay true to himself within the framework of a committed relationship with a woman?

This archive contains all of my blog posts that specifically deal with helping alpha males in relationships.