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Greetings gentlemen and ladies, and well-met!

My name is Joshua K. Sigafus. I’m a dating consultant, a freelance writer, a blogger, an editor, and an author. 

And my goal in life is simple. I am on a journey to become a true high-value man, to pursue my purpose, and to leave behind a truly worthy and lasting legacy of greatness for my tribe, family, and community. 

I call this The Alpha Male Journey. 

What Is My Purpose?

My purpose is to help men and women win in their dating lives!

Every day, I meet men and women who struggle with dating, attraction, sex, and desirability. They want what we all want; dating, intimacy, sex, relational fulfillment, to be more attractive, to be more desirable, etc. 

As strong, high-value men and women, we want to take control of our romantic, relational, and sexual destinies. But it isn’t always easy.

The simple truth of the matter is that attraction is a skill. And in order to understand it, you must understand the core fundamentals that drive men and women on the sexual marketplace.

You must understand the subtle nuances and conflicts of the human mating dance, and understand what men and women are actually looking for on the dating marketplace

This sounds simple, and it is. But in practice, it isn’t necessarily easy. And many people fail to understand how power, status, and personal mastery play into their interactions with potential dating partners

But I can show you the way. I can show you how to re-attune yourself to be the desirable, attractive, high-value man or woman that potential partners will crave

I can teach you how to leverage your passion and your purpose to make you the kind of man or woman who actually gets noticed organically… no games, tricks, manipulation, or routines required. 

I’m talking about real, genuine, mature human attraction, chemistry, and desire. 

I can show you how to tap into this powerful mindset and level up your dating life. 

I consult with both men and women who want to level up their dating lives, and develop true magnetic attraction skills. 

Go with grace, my friends. And never give up your power. 

Until next time…

Joshua K. Sigafus

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