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Who Am I?

My Name Is Joshua K. Sigafus

I'm here to help you make your dating life awesome!

Let's cut to the chase. You're here because you're confused as hell about how to create the dating life you've always desired. Well, I can help.

Solve your dating problems by leveling up all 6 of the Intersectional Pillars of Attraction in your life.

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Real people share their experiences with Joshua K. Sigafus

"I first reached out to Joshua after coming across one of his articles online about high value women. I felt compelled to share my story with him and he quickly responded with strong, genuine interest. His comments instantly opened my eyes on truths I had never faced before and provided some relief and closure from my past relationship experience. During our first conversation, Joshua easily lead me towards forming and realizing some goals to set for myself, while helping me uncover insights about my personal journey. He was very compassionate and focused in helping me shed the light on dysfunctions and paved a way for me to begin rebuilding myself and eventually reach my goals."
Coaching Client
"Never thought I would be one to seek out some advice when it came to issues in the dating scene. I'm always one to give others advice in matters, so this definitely was a lil out of my comfort zone. Joshua was easy to talk to, and quick to respond to messages. The information that he shared, along with helping shine some light on some issues that were being overlooked, has helped me figure out what has been going wrong. Overall, it was a very positive experience. I will recommend others to talk to Joshua, if they are seeking help and needing some guidance. **Disclaimer, any that seek his guidance, be prepared for the awesome beard and hair that he has, and be ready to get jealous**.....Thanks again!"
Coaching Client
"When I first came across Joshua, as a fellow dating coach, I was thrilled to see his style of coaching. He begins his process from the foundation up which creates results & success that will last a lifetime. He teaches success in all aspects of life, career, health and relationships. I invited Joshua as a guest on my podcast, and through every interaction he remained professional and knowledgeable, and to date, his episode is the most downloaded and listened to. If all men worked with Joshua, we would see major positive changes in this world."
Joshua and I connected over social media. I must say, I am impressed by his professionalism and dialect. Not too often do you come across other coaches who aren't trying to sell you a session. His knowledge on dating and how men's minds operate is intriguing. I would recommend his podcast as well as his coaching services to anyone I know.
Josh is excellent at listening to your needs and catering advice that helps move you in the right romantic direction. He's not telling you what you want to hear, he's telling you what is healthy to hear in order for you to craft the relationships you want.
Coaching Client
Josh, So, I read your book. I am amazed at how well you read me as a person during our zoom meeting the other day. You knew exactly what I needed to read in order to keep the fire within me. Your words in Sixteen Letters just served as a fan to the flame that's flickering inside of me. I'm happy to inform you that the flame has turned into a blaze, thank you!
16 Letters Book Reader
Hey Josh wanted you to know that I have been reading your blogs and because of that I was able to build up enough nerve to approach and talk with a girl that I thought was cute. I have a lot of work to do on my dating life and approaching woman. But you have helped me tremendously and still are. I just wanted you to know you're making a difference with your blog posts. Especially in my life. Anyone I hear that is having problems in this area I’m always sending them straight to your posts man. You're awesome. Because of you I have enough confidence to do this a lot more and have fun doing it. Thanks man!
Blog Reader
Josh and I met up at a restaurant to discuss dating. He asked me to tell him my situation so I started with my story. It's pretty radical as I am polyamorous and he listened with great intention. He also gave me a bit of advice and feedback. I found him to be very real and genuine. I would definitely recommend speaking to him on any issue that may come up with relationships.
Coaching Client

My name is Joshua Sigafus. 

I’m a life, dating, and motivation coach. 

In other words—I’m in the business of helping people fix their lives and level-up their dating game.

Let Me Tell You A Story

Since I was a boy, my life has been pretty normal. 

I went to school, I graduated, I started my career, I got married, and I had two wonderful children. 

I even started a business at the age of 22! 

Not bad, right?

Well, despite how good my life looked on paper—let me assure you that things were not quite as ‘happy’ as they seemed. 

It all came to a head in 2017 when my wife told me that she was done. 

Long story short—my happy life came crashing down. 

I was forced to start all over again, from scratch. 

Except that this time, I was determined to do it right!

I Struggled With A Lot Of Things After My Marriage Ended

I was depressed, filled with anxiety, and felt hopeless. 

My dating life was also a trainwreck!

Long story short—I was a mess. 

But the worst part of it was that I didn’t know what was wrong with me. 

Why was my life falling apart? What was I doing so wrong in my life to cause all of this?

Then, One Day, I Stumbled Onto The Answer

And to be honest, I can’t even tell you exactly what it was that gave me the ‘aha’ moment that saved my life. 

I was doing a lot of research. 

I was reading books by great authors, listening to powerful speakers, and doing everything I could to figure out what was wrong with my life

I wanted to fix it. I was tired of failing. 

I was tired of being unhappy. 

I was tired of always losing. 

And when I finally realized the problem, my entire world began to shift. 

Here It Is. This Was The ‘Epiphany’ That Revolutionized My Life And Changed Everything 

I realized that I was not intentionally creating my destiny in life. I was reacting to the chaos, and giving away all of my power. 

This concept is as simple as simple gets. 

But it was not easy to change.

I needed to relearn all of my habits. 

I needed to admit that I had been the one who destroyed my own life. 

I needed to take responsibility for my failings, and start standing up on my own two feet. 

But most importantly, I needed to adopt an alpha mindset. I needed to completely re-wire the way I thought about life, dating, and my future. 

Slowly, Over Time, My Habits Started To Change

I learned that the alpha mindset was what my life had been lacking. 

And as I began to understand this mindset and apply it on a daily basis, my life began to change for the better. 

Eventually, I put together my own personal alpha code. I call this code The Oath Of Kings And Queens. It is a set of vows and rules that I swear to live by on a daily basis. 

And I cannot even express to you how radically transformative they have been! 

Eventually, I Learned That The Next Phase Of My Journey Was To Help Others

As I changed my habits and took back control of my life, I realized that it was time to step into the breach and help other men and women who are going through some of the things I had gone through. 

This has become my new life’s purpose—to help men and women to fix their lives, adopt the alpha mentality, and level-up their dating game. 

Minus a few details, that’s the whole story! 

If your life is in chaos, your dating life is a mess, and/or you just need some help getting things on track, here is where you should start.

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