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My Name Is Joshua K. Sigafus...

I am…

The ALPHA Dating Coach

Find The Partner Of Your Dreams!

Find connection, enjoy intense chemistry, and get the results you want!

I’m about to hit you with the UNPLEASANT TRUTH about dating in our current society.

The VAST MAJORITY of men and women are trying to date with a mindset that is

DEFEATING THEM before they even get a CHANCE to succeed!

This mindset can be fixed, but you NEED to understand how to do it.

Once you figure out how it works, you’ll be AMAZED at how EASY it will feel to date successfully!

You’ll feel like a NATURAL! And all it takes is A VERY SIMPLE MINDSET SHIFT!

My name is Joshua K. Sigafus. I’m ‘The Alpha Dating Coach.’ 

I’ve spent the last two and a half years digging deep into the science of human mating behavior. 

You see, I wasn’t always good at dating. In fact, when I re-entered the dating market at the age of 30, after my marriage ended, I feel FLAT ON MY FACE.

I had NO IDEA how to date, and I just couldn’t figure it out. 

But instead of giving up, I decided to learn everything I could. And that journey led me here, two and a half years later. 

I learned that most people are dating with the wrong mindset. And I believe that a shift in mindset is usually the catalyst we need to transform our dating lives from ‘frustrating’ to ‘fulfilling, fun, and exciting.’ 

You want to meet people. You want to form connections, find love, enjoy yourself, and have a dating experience that actually works! 

Most people don’t feel like they have any power over their dating lives. They feel like they are constantly facing problems, rejection, and bad experiences. 

Well, let’s change it! 

I changed it in my own life, and I can help you to do the same!

Check out my blog, my YouTube channel, and my podcast for some free tips! 

Or, if you want to super-charge your dating life and figure it out quickly, we can schedule a free 30 minute consultation and find out what’s holding you back!

Life is too short not to enjoy dating! Let’s transform your dating life today! 

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