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5 Abundance Mentality Dating Principles For Dating Success

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In this post, you’re going to learn 5 abundance mentality dating principles to help you succeed in your dating life. 

This post is for men and women… because the abundance mentality is important for both. 

In many ways, abundance mentality dating is the opposite of dating with a scarcity mindset

You’re about to learn why you need to date with an abundance mentality if you want to truly win in your dating life. 

Let’s get into it. 

Abundance Mindset Dating: What Is It?

Dating with an abundance mentality speaks right to the heart of the alpha mentality

It’s an attitude and a way of thinking. 

It’s the attitude that says:

“I’m high value. And as such, I know that I have unlimited dating opportunities. If I want a partner, I’m confident that I can find one. I don’t need to be disparate. I’m in a position of sexual abundance in my life.”

This stands in stark contrast to a scarcity mentality. 

A scarcity mentality says:

“I’m not positive that I’m a high value human. Therefore, I need to try as hard as I can with each dating opportunity, because I may not ever get an opportunity like that again. If I lose a partner, I may not be able to find a replacement. This makes me desperate to hang onto relationships even when they aren’t 100% good for me. I’m in a position of sexual scarcity in my life.”

Do you see the difference? 

What Is The Abundance Mentality?

At the root core, an abundance mentality is the mentality that says “I know that I’m high value… therefore, I know that I’ll be successful in the dating marketplace. Therefore, there’s no reason to stress about it or act desperate. I’m already assured of the outcome.”

When you navigate the dating marketplace with this kind of mindset, you change the tone of everything you do. 

You give off higher-value signals to potential mates. You become more attractive. You become the type of person that other people want to date… a confident, self-assured, alpha-mentality human who is in control of their dating life and destined for success. 

This is the type of person other people gravitate toward. 

It also speaks to abundance theory, and deals with a very important question that affects every facet of our life… from dating, to finance, to friendships, etc. 

Do you have the power to change your dating destiny, or are you fated to be alone forever? 

What Is Abundance Theory?

Abundance theory, in theory, isn’t that complicated. 

According to, abundance theory is described as such:

“In psychology, psychotherapy and management theory, abundance theory postulates a benign universe in which any individual with the correct attitude, training, or spiritual alignment can acquire personal abundance which should lead to material abundance: wealth regardless of economic or social circumstances (reality).”

This concept has been attractive to optimistic philosophers for a long time, and for good reason. It acts as a direct counter to the idea of fatalism…which is the idea that people do not have the power to change their fate. 

Abundance theory dictates that as long as you do the right things, you have power to change your fate and create the kind of life you want for yourself. 

I believe with 1000% certainty that the abundance theory is the truth.

We absolutely have the power to change our lives and create the kind of dating life we want for ourselves

You just have to know what to do. 

How Do You Cultivate An Abundance Mindset In Regards To Your Dating Life?


This leads us to the big question. 

What abundance mentality dating principles can you adopt to help cultivate a true abundance mindset?

These are the 5 most important principles that helped me to cultivate a true state of sexual abundance in my own life. 

Meditate on these principles and practice them every day. As you make them habits, you will begin to see the world in a different light. And you’ll realize that you have the power to change your fate as you see fit. 

1. Stop Complaining About Your Dating Life

Stop complaining

I’m serious, and I mean this literally. 

Stop allowing complaints about your dating life to come out of your mouth. 

This is absolutely crucial. 

Instead of complaining, do this…

2. Instead Of Complaining, Create Solutions And Speak Them Into Existence

It’s super simple. 

Instead of saying:

“I’m so tired of people ghosting me.” 

Say to yourself:

“Ok, I notice that a lot of ghosting happens with online dating. That just means I need to start meeting people in person instead of online.”

Create solutions with your words instead of speaking complaints into existence. 

This is far more important than most people understand!

3.  Decide On One Thing You Want, And Start Learning How To Get It

When I was single, I desperately wanted a girlfriend. 

But I realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere. 

So I stopped, and took a good, hard look at myself. 

“Josh, you keep doing the same things… and they don’t work. It’s time to learn how to succeed at this.”

And so, I started looking into the science of human mating behavior. I educated myself. 

I figured out that if I wanted to succeed at something, I needed to learn about it and become a master. 

But a lot of people never do this. They just try, fail, complain, feel sorry for themselves, and blame their failure on other people. 

In short, they adopt a victim mentality way of thinking.

Speaking of…

4. Learn That Everything Is Your Fault

Once you adopt this principle and start to take it seriously, it will start to radically transform every single part of your life. 

Did you miss the bus?

Don’t blame it on your brother because he took too long in the bathroom. Blame yourself for not getting ready 30 minutes earlier. 

Did that girl ghost you? 

Don’t blame feminism, or entitlement, or our current generation’s lack of manners, etc. Blame yourself for not understanding human mating behavior enough to understand what was happening. 

Did that guy not pay you back that money you loaned him?

Don’t blame him for lying and taking advantage of you. Blame yourself for making that mistake… and determine within yourself to learn from it and not make it again. 

When you get into the habit of treating every problem like it’s your responsibility to solve it, you end up taking responsibility for every problem in your life

And guess what happens when you take responsibility for problems?

You start to fix them. 

5. Practice Extreme Gratitude, In All Situations

Did that girl friendzone you?

Be extremely grateful that she spent time with you anyway. 

Did that guy sleep with you and then bail?

Be extremely grateful that you got some (hopefully) good sex out of the deal. If not, be thankful for the lesson, and learn from it.

Did your friend freak out at you?

Be extremely grateful that the problem isn’t worse, and that you have a good chance of solving this issue with a bit of care, empathy, and patience. 

Did someone treat you badly?

Be extremely grateful that you’ve had an opportunity to learn this lesson, and determine not to make the mistake of trusting this person again (or other people who display similar red flags). 

You see, everything in life is a lesson. 

Both the good and the bad things serve to help us make progress. 

but only if we treat every situation as a learning opportunity, and continually strive to better ourselves. 

In Conclusion – Abundance Mentality Dating 

Follow these principles, and you can be sure that you’ll succeed in cultivating a true abundance mentality in your life. 

It’s vitally important to do this. 

Stop being a victim. Stop blaming other people for your problems. 

Understand that if you’re experiencing scarcity, you can change it. 

You just need to figure out how to change your behavior. 

Do the right things, and you can change your entire life. 

Go with grace my friends, and never give up your power. 

Joshua K. Sigafus