Alpha Male Personality

The 33 Most Important Alpha Male Personality Characteristics

I’m often asked what I believe about alpha male personality. Obviously, we all have different personality types… but there are some personality traits that all alpha males must learn to embrace

In this post, we are going to explore 33 characteristics of a true alpha male

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But for now, let’s dig right in, and talk about the characteristics you need to take seriously if you actually want to be a powerful, victorious, successful alpha male. 

Alpha Male Characteristics And Psychology

Alpha male psychology

The psychology of the alpha male is actually fairly simple. 

It’s like an upside-down pyramid. At the base, you have one simple concept that drives your entire psychological makeup

This would be self sufficiency

Self sufficiency, in all things, is truly the key to unlocking the rest of the alpha male arsenal. 

In fact, the first vow of the Oath Of Kings gets right to the heart of this matter. 

“I vow to reclaim my power from the chaos outside of me.”

1st Vow, The Oath Of Kings

To a point, we do rely on other people. I rely on my electric company to keep up their end of the bargain when I pay my electric bill. 

When I make a plan with someone to do something, I rely on them to show up when they say they will, etc. 

But relying on people to hold up their end of a bargain, one that you have put your own resources into to hold your side up, is much different from relying on people to hold US up just for the sake of our own happiness!

This is the fundamental difference between an alpha and a beta. 

  • An alpha male says “I am taking my power back from the chaos around me by taking responsibility for my life, destiny, and choices. I am in control, as much as is in my power… and this brings me purpose and happiness.” 
  • The beta male, on the other hand, would say “I feel like I don’t have any power in my life. People always let me down. If only the people and structures around me would change the way they behave to meet my expectations. Then I would be happy.” 

This self-sufficiency really sets the tone for what sets the alpha apart from the beta… and it ends up expanding out into all kinds of different alpha male characteristics that all lead back to that base sense of self-responsibility

Alpha Male Personality In Relationships

Alpha Male

In relationships, alpha men will conduct themselves according to their priorities. 

But they will always… ALWAYS… prioritize things the way they want them prioritized. 

“I vow to love myself truly and firstly, and to set others free from the requirement to do the same.”

-2nd Vow, The Oath Of Kings

This doesn’t mean that the alpha does not put his children or loved ones first in certain situations. 

It means that he makes these decisions rationally, and that he prioritizes himself in all things so that he can see to his priorities with purpose, meeting his responsibilities, and fulfilling the purpose he has chosen for himself. 

“I vow to adopt and follow my own true purpose… that it may act to shield me from the chaos around me, and give me the strength and direction to live out my days pursuing something meaningful… and to leave a lasting legacy for those who follow me.”

-17th Vow, The Oath Of Kings

What Is A Beta Male Personality? 

beta male

This stands in stark contrast to the beta, who expects the people around him to give of themselves to make him happy and see to his needs

The alpha male personality sees every relationship and interaction as transactional

If he is not getting enough out of it for him to see it as worth his time, he drops it and moves on to something else. 

Whereas a beta may complain, get butthurt, or whine about how everyone around him is selfish for not doing what he thinks they should be doing. 

Another key fundamental difference between an alpha male personality and a beta male is this… 

An alpha male will solve problems, not complain about them… whereas a beta male will complain, bitch, and whine. 

“I vow to never again allow a complaint or a confession of weakness to be issued from my mouth.”

– 3rd Vow, The Oath Of Kings

What Is The Omega Male?

There are different schools of thought on exactly what an Omega Male is

But to put it very simply, an Omega Male is the exact opposite of an Alpha, in every single way

The difference between a beta and an omega is that at least the beta male wants what the alpha male has, even though he struggles to maintain the proper mindset

But Omega Males are men who truly have no desire to achieve anything notable or worthwhile in their life. 

They do not care about a greater purpose, they don’t care about women, and they may even be angry and feel severely disenfranchised with not only women, but also society as a whole.

They probably have deep-seated feelings of inferiority and loneliness that they hide with hobbies and other distractions. 

The guy who never has any money, never spends time with high-quality women, never has anything of interest or value to bring to the table, who barely pays his bills, who never seems to have any aspirations to challenge himself at anything or level up his life in any significant or meaningful way… that is usually the guy who is the Omega Male. 

They are, quite literally, at the bottom of most social dominance hierarchies.

Alpha Male Personality In Lifestyle

alpha male lifestyle

Many people imagine that the alpha male lifestyle is one of womanizing, maxing out credit cards, starting sleazy businesses, lying to women for quick, cheap sex, etc.  

They see ‘alpha men’ as bachelors with too many issues to hold down a real relationship.

At the core of this idea is a broken man who has been so hurt by women that he cannot bear to open up to them anymore… so he sleeps around and drinks sadly by himself when he is alone, because he is too ‘damaged’ to hold down a ‘traditional family.’ 

But this idea is absolute bullshit

This absolutely describes a beta male… not a true alpha male

The alpha male personality and lifestyle is one of purpose, power, and fulfillment. 

If an alpha man wants a woman, he finds one to add to his life… case closed. 

He accomplishes his goal. And if the goal proves difficult, he levels-up his skills and abilities to master it. 

“I vow never to relent in anything that I set my mind to… only to adapt, and never to the detriment of forward progress.”

– 16th Vow, The Oath Of Kings

If he wants to earn more money, he does not sit around and complain that his boss does not pay him more. 

He puts on his best suit, creates an awesome resume, and either starts looking for the job he wants, or he starts his own business and takes even more direct control over his finances

This is the alpha male lifestyle. Responsibility, purpose, excellence, tenacity, determination… and a refusal to settle for the mediocrity that most other people settle for out of comfort

This is what it means to be an alpha man. 

What about the rest? What about women, drinking, partying, nice watches, hobbies, and nice cars?

These are just extra that he adds on when he wants them… though he is careful not to make unwise decisions. 

He knows that going into too much debt is unwise. He knows that entering into a relationship with a woman who is unstable, is unwise. He knows that drinking and partying, instead of building his business and working toward his goals, is unwise.  

“I vow to always pursue wisdom in my actions, and to refrain from acting rashly… that I may find balance, and calculate the risks and probabilities of my endeavors with as much accuracy and forethought as possible.”

– 4th Vow, The Oath Of Kings

So he works, grinds, levels-up, and betters himself until he is ready to make his move and achieve the things he desires. 

And in doing so, his life is not a chaotic, random mess that relies on luck and good-fortune for success. 

Rather, it is a well structured, organized masterpiece… where sufficient time is given each and every day to the priorities that he has set for himself. 

What Is Alpha Behavior? 31 Characteristics Of The True Alpha Male Personality, Explained

alpha male behavior

Now that we’ve discussed some of the fundamental differences between an alpha male and a beta male, let’s go a bit more in-depth to talk about the 33 most important characteristics of the true alpha male personality

1… Self Sufficiency

Above all other things, a true alpha male is self sufficient. He takes care of himself and takes responsibility for himself… and doesn’t expect anyone else to take this task upon themselves. 

2… Self Love

Being able to love yourself, despite whatever anyone else thinks of you, is a huge strength. An alpha male learns how to cultivate his own self-love, and does not need love or admiration from other people to feel completely secure in himself. 

3… Responsibility

An alpha takes his responsibilities very seriously. He doesn’t waste his time or resources on trivial things that will not contribute meaningfully to his life. He is aware of his priorities, and he keeps himself in line with them at all times. 

4… Self Empowerment

The true alpha can motivate and empower himself. He doesn’t require the support of anyone else to get done what needs to be done… because he stands securely upon his own two feet. This is not to say that he is not grateful when other people do help. It just means that he knows, at the end of the day, that he is going to do everything he must to see that what needs to be done is done… and he is confident in this. 

5… Wisdom

An alpha male does his best to exercise wisdom in all situations. Not all situations are easy to deal with… but an alpha will calculate his odds, weigh the risks, and choose the option that he sees as the most logical, rational option

6… Restraint

An alpha male will be able to restrain himself from doing things that could bring harm to himself or others. He does not behave rashly… he behaves with careful consideration

7… Balance

Balance is important to a true alpha. He knows that he needs to behave with the proper amounts of aggression and gentleness. If the scales tip too far in either direction, he knows that he will be much less effective. 

8… Bravery

Fear is almost never an emotion to obey. The true alpha knows that fear is a path to suffering. If you are too afraid to do the things you want and need to do… you will always suffer, both from the regret of allowing your fear to hold you back, and from the chaos caused by your inability to act effectively. There is no room in an alpha male’s life for fear. 

9… Kindness

Learning to be kind, even in difficult circumstances, requires great strength. It is also very wise. Learning when to be kind, and being able to engage this behavior at-will, is a key strength for powerful alphas. 


True, calculating, rational, wise alphas know that there is almost never anything to be gained from behaving disrespectfully. Even when addressing your worst enemy, it is almost always better to stay calm, rational, and respectful. 

11… Intentionality

The effective alpha male personality chooses his life and path with intention. He lives on purpose. He is not tossed to and fro by the chaos or whims of life. 

12… Strength of Character

A powerful alpha will remain who he truly is, regardless of who is watching. This is, in part, because he desires to live honestly. But it is also because he knows that integrity is a great strength that will lead to success. 

13… Self Ownership

A powerful alpha owns his role in failures, just as he accepts the victories that he deserves credit for. Learning to admit your shortcomings, and not being afraid to own up to mistakes, is part of the growth process… and alpha men know this. 

14… Gratitude

A truly powerful man always behaves with an attitude of gratitude. He does not waste time bitching and moaning about what he doesn’t like. It is in the alpha male personality to solve problems… not to complain about them

15… Honesty

A powerful man will not be afraid to be his true self. Avoidance, passive aggression, small convenient lies… these have no place in an alpha male’s life. He is honest, direct, and not afraid to speak his true mind in all circumstances. 

16… Not Afraid Of Healthy Conflict/Confrontation

A true alpha is not afraid of healthy conflict. He knows that conflict and confrontation must take place if relationships are going to remain effective and healthy, and he knows that the best way to handle these situations is head-on… with adequate measures of rationality, understanding, and patience used to offset the high-emotions that others may bring to the table. 

17… Excellence

Chasing excellence is another core tenant of the alpha male journey. Stagnation is not a trait that alphas will tolerate in themselves. We strive for excellence, attempting to constantly become better at the things we care about. 

18… Self-Improvement

True alphas will never stop trying to improve themselves. Whether it is hitting the gym, learning a new skill, or practicing better habits, they will always be pushing themselves to gain an edge and become better versions of themselves. 

19… Leadership

Effective leadership is something that every alpha takes very seriously. Strong leadership can often make the difference between a successful project and a failed one. And the strongest alpha in the room will know when the time is right for him to assume the leadership role, and step up to lead the people who depend on him. 

20… Ambition

Alpha males are ambitious. They will always be looking ahead, planning, and strategizing to make things better. They want to better not only themselves, but also their lives and the lives of the people around them. And they’re not afraid to make the moves necessary to get it done. 

21… He Pushes Himself

A strong, powerful alpha always pushes himself. He knows that if he sits down to rest and gets lazy, he will cease growing in the alpha male journey. There is no rest for the true apex alpha. He is always pushing himself… always on the hunt… always planning and executing to further his goals, even if it requires him to sacrifice things that other people may not be willing to give up. 

22… Loyalty

Alphas understand loyalty… and while they don’t necessarily rely on the people around them for their own happiness and well-being, they also know that there is great strength in numbers. They also know that it is wise to foster loyalty among trustworthy people, and they will never turn on their true friends or loved ones. They can be trusted, and they can be counted on to be true to their words. 

23… Orderliness 

They say that the state of your house/car is a reflection of the state of your life. And a true alpha male knows this. This is why powerful men often take direct control of their surroundings. They make sure that their dishes get done, their bed gets made, their clothes get cleaned, etc. 

24… Rationality

A true alpha is rational. He allows reason to guide his decisions, striving to avoid reacting out of emotion or chaos. 

25… Relentlessness

A strong alpha will be relentless in the pursuit of his goals. He’s like a predator on the hunt when it comes to succeeding at the things he cares about. He doesn’t give up lightly. Instead, when faced with difficulty, he will find ways to adapt and overcome. He knows what he wants, and he will not be easily swayed. 

26… He Has A Purpose

A powerful alpha male will live life with a clearly defined purpose. He knows what he wants out of life, he knows what he desires, and he is not afraid to pursue it. He is not confused, because he already knows what he wants the end-game to look like. 

27… He Strives To Leave A Lasting Legacy

The strongest men don’t just consider their own conscious perceptions when they prioritize their lives. They also consider what legacy they will be leaving for others after their time is over. They care about humanity, their children, and the world they leave behind. This is part of choosing order over chaos, and is a prime directive for truly powerful alpha men. 

28… He Is Patient

A true alpha will always behave with patience. He knows that by waiting, biding his time, and thinking things through, he will be that much more prepared to do what needs to be done. Acting rashly is what fools do, and will only lead to further chaos. 

29… He Doesn’t Get Caught Up In Petty Drama

Gossiping, reputation destruction, and petty arguments are below the alpha male. He will not allow himself to get pulled into such trivial human activities. They are a waste of his time and energy, and he makes sure to set boundaries in his life against such behavior. 

30… He Holds Himself To The Highest Standards

A powerful alpha will always demand the highest performance from himself. This is why he constantly pushes himself to be the best, strongest, most powerful man in the room. When he realizes that other men are better, he sets his sights higher and starts climbing to catch up and overtake them. He understands that Rome was not built in a day… but he also knows that constant effort and positive habits shape his destiny… and he works on them every day. 

31… He Masters His Guilt

Guilt is a useless emotion that will destroy a weak man and leave him torn apart. An alpha male knows never to succumb to this. Guilt serves such a small purpose in the grand scheme of humanity that, by the time you feel its initial pangs, it has already done its job. The alpha knows that anything more than this is wasted effort, and he shuts it down through sheer powers of focus and discipline. 

32… He Is Not Afraid To Go To War, Though He Will Do Everything In His Power To Make Peace

A wise man will always strive for peace, because warfare is always a great waste of effort and resources. But make no mistake! When he is left with no other reasonable options, an alpha male will always make a formidable opponent, regardless of what ‘form’ the warfare has taken. An alpha is a dangerous man who understands how to restrain himself from hurting others. That is the difference between a powerful man and a weak man. He is a creature of violence… who only lives peacefully by willing himself to do so.  

“Demons run when a good man goes to war.”

– Doctor Who, A Good Man Goes to War (2011) Alex Kingston: River Song

33… He Is Aware Of His Mortality, And Understands That Today Is The Day To Live Gloriously

An alpha male understands that death will eventually come for him. This gives him great clarity and peace, and helps to bring great meaning to his daily life. He uses this impending sense of mortality to fuel his efforts, not wanting to waste a single day or opportunity… because everything in our lives is limited by our own human mortality.  

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this post has done a fair job of showing you what the alpha male personality is, how to embrace it, and how to start tapping into your own inner alpha male strength. 

It takes work, dedication, and trial and error to walk this path. These changes do not happen overnight. 

But if you can stick with these personality traits, and cultivate them in your own life, then you can move closer and closer to the ideal goals that you’ve placed for yourself… and that is actually a mark of true progress

So keep striving for excellence, go with grace, and never give up your power! 

Until next time… 

Joshua K. Sigafus. 

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