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Alpha Male Strategies

The Exact Alpha Male Strategies I Used To Get A Girlfriend

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What Are Alpha Male Strategies?

Alpha male strategies are plans, tactics, and methods that you follow to maximize your life, level-up your success, and get top-level results on the dating market. 

When it comes to dating, we all want to succeed. 

And as men, that means scoring dates, leveling up our attraction, and taking control of our dating destinies. 

So today, I’m going to tell you a story—and describe the exact steps I used to get a girlfriend. 

We’ve now been together for close to 3 years, and things couldn’t be better! 

Here’s how I did it—and I know for sure that there are some lessons in here that will help you as well!

First: My History

A little bit about me. 

Back in 2017, my 10-year marriage came to an end. 

I was lost, confused, and didn’t know what to do. 

I hit rock bottom. I sucked at dating, I was drinking heavily, and I was very depressed. 

I eventually came to the point where I was tired of that life. I wanted to change. 

I wanted to be successful. I wanted to be happy.

But most importantly, I wanted to take back control of my life!

So I began a process that I now call the alpha male journey

I figured out that I needed to start taking responsibility for my life. I needed to level up my alpha mindset, and stop giving away my power to the chaos around me. 

I won’t go too far into that story right now, because it is a long one. You can also check out this post to understand more about the alpha mindset. 

I Learned To Level Up My Dating Game – These Were The Most Important Parts


I started studying dating techniques to try to get better at dating.

I studied pick up and game, and started practicing it. To be honest, I got pretty good at it. 

But more than anything, I started to realize that you don’t even need to practice game and pick up to get dates and spend time with beautiful, amazing women. 

The true foundation for success, I realized, was my mindset. 

When I started to become a better, higher-value man, I started to succeed more with women. 

I also learned to do away with neediness, clinginess, and desperation. These attitudes will chase women away. 


Because they give men serious low-value markers. 

If a man isn’t content with his own awesome life, and living to make his own dent in the universe—why would a high-value woman want to spend time with him?

As I did away with these negative mindsets, I started experiencing an influx of high-value female attention. 

Suddenly, ladies that I would have never had a chance with before started to flirt with me, hit on me, and notice me. 

I was also working on my body, leveling up my physical fitness, and getting healthier. 

I was also working on my attitude. I was maturing and developing a leadership mindset. 

All things considered, I was leveling up mind, body, and spirit

I was becoming an actual high-value man. And this did more to help me level up my attractiveness than anything! 

I Also Learned How To Interact With Women

Learn How To Interact With Women

As I was working on myself, I was also delving into game and learning how to interact with women. 

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need game to learn how to talk to women. 

You don’t!

But learning a little bit of game, and adding it to your already high-value lifestyle, can help you to understand women better. And this helped me quite a bit. 

I learned that I needed to do my own thing, live my own life, and not chase beautiful women. I needed to be strong and confident, and engage, connect, and flirt naturally—without forcing it or getting desperate. 

I definitely recommend that you check out the book The Noble Art Of Seducing Women, by Kezia Noble. 

This book really helped me to level up my ability to interact with women in a helpful, productive way. 

So grab a copy and check it out!

Anyway—as I leveled up in all of these areas, my dating life really started taking off. 

I went from being a lonely, sad, depressed man to being the kind of man who is dating multiple beautiful women at the same time. 

How I Met My Girlfriend

how i met my girlfriend

Alright. I’ve given you some background on my life and situation. 

But now, it’s time to deliver on the goods. 

What steps did I use to land a girlfriend? How exactly did I do it?

Here’s the story. 

I First Met Her At A Convenient Store

In the small town I used to live in, there was one particular convenience store where I would always get gas, buy an energy drink, and sometimes grab a slice of pizza. 

And on this particular evening, I did exactly that. 

I walked in, and noticed that a woman I had never met before was working the counter. 

She was super cute, and exactly my type. 

I was attracted to her from the very first moment I saw her. 

At the moment, I was actually dating another girl—and so, I wasn’t technically single. 

But this girl was really catching my attention. 

Anyway, I checked out and paid for my stuff. 

As she rang me up, she asked me about my septum piercing. 

I wasn’t sure if she was flirting with me or not, so I just acted nonchalantly and answered her question. 

But just in case she was flirting, I went ahead and asked her a follow-up question. 

Men, take note—women are very good at ending conversations they don’t want to be having!

And one of the best ways to see if a woman is interested in you is to just strike up a conversation. 

Act natural and talk to her! If she continues to engage with you, it may mean that she’s into it! 

Anyway, we finished up the conversation and I went back out to my car. 

Driving away, my thoughts were stuck on her. 

I will have to go back in and say hi to her again sometime I thought to myself. 

But, I didn’t pursue it further. I didn’t freak out and try to get her number or blow up her phone.

I played it totally cool because I was living my own life and on my own mission!

The Next Day, She Added Me On Social Media

Men, it is important that you understand something. 

When I was talking to this woman at the convenience store, I didn’t stumble over myself trying to impress her. 

I didn’t act clingy. I didn’t get desperate. I didn’t put her on a pedestal. 

I just acted normal and natural

I was living my awesome life, doing my own awesome thing. 

I was even dating another beautiful woman at the time! 

The point is, I didn’t have to game or play hard to get. 

I just had to be high value. I just had to keep my head in the game and maintain that positive high-value mindset. 

This is such a powerful mindset to be in. When we learn that we do not need a woman to complete us, we gain so much power—and we become so much more attractive! 

Anyway, the next day, this girl added me on social media. 

I immediately knew that this was going to go somewhere. 

She was 100% my type, and I could tell that she was vibing on me. 

I had already seen three powerful clues, and we had only met once! 

  1. She struck up a conversation with me at the gas station
  2. When I followed the conversation and made an effort to keep it going, she followed my lead
  3. She took the initiative and added me on social media

I had a feeling that this girl and I were going to become entangled—but I wasn’t 100% sure. 

So I continued to play it cool, and just do my own thing. 

We started messaging. One thing led to another, and it started to get pretty flirty. 

I Quickly Realized That This Was The Type Of Woman I Wanted—And Ended Things With My Current Girlfriend

This is a part of the process that most men really get wrong! 

Most men would try to make sure that they have a future with the ‘new girl’ before they break up with the one they are currently with. 

This is because they are approaching the dating game with a scarcity mindset! 

It also shows that they are weak, because it shows that they are willing to go behind their partner’s back to try to build something with someone else without letting them go the honorable way. 

This speaks of nothing but fear and disrespect! 

Long story short, I realized that day that I wanted the chance with this new girl more than I wanted the relationship with my current girlfriend.

I was honest with myself, and made up my mind.

So when I made up my mind that I would like to pursue this girl, I ended things with my current girlfriend. 

She was upset—but it turned out much better that way. And to this day, we are still great friends—and to be honest, I think she is thankful that I was 100% honest with her. 

After I ended things with my current girlfriend, I started to put a bit more effort into talking to this ‘new girl.’ 

I ended up hanging out with her at the convenience store during her smoke break one night. She asked me if my girlfriend would mind us hanging out—and I told her that I was single now. 

So we made plans to hang out again—but this time, alone. 

I Invited Her Over To Watch A Movie

The next night, she came over after work. 

She actually forgot the movie she was supposed to bring! So instead, I asked her what kind of music she liked, and I put on her favorite album.  

We ate some food, hung out, listened to some music, and just got to know each other. 

One thing led to another, and things ended up getting pretty hot and heavy.

We just took our time and did what we wanted to do.

After that night, she told me that I made her feel safe because I didn’t seem obsessed with getting into her pants.

The truth of the matter was that I legitimately wanted to get to know her.

I wasn’t desperate for sex. I was interested in her as a human.  

Not too long after that, we were officially dating—and things have worked out great!

The Takeaway That All Men Should Learn From This Story

If I would have walked into that convenience store with an attitude of desperation, this girl would have written me off. 

If I would have acted too eager, too obsessed, or too ‘thirsty,’ she would have immediately disengaged with me. 

She didn’t want that kind of guy. She wanted a guy who was crushing it in life, leveling up, and pursuing something better than quick thrills and pleasure. 

She could tell that I was on my game, leveling up in my life, and pursuing greatness. 

This literally emanated from me in every way—from the way I talked, to the way I acted, to my body language, to the way I made decisions. 

Even the fact that I broke up with my girlfriend and didn’t run right to her with an attitude of ‘now we can bang’ made a big impact on her. 

I played it cool. I was careful and took my time with it. 

Here is the secret. 

I knew that I was going to end up with a beautiful woman. 

If it didn’t work out this time, I wasn’t worried about it. I knew that I was going to succeed. 


Because I was confident in myself and confident in the alpha mindset process. 

And men—when you come to this understanding, you seriously become so much more attractive. 

It just skyrockets your attraction levels—and it turns you into the exact type of man who high-value women want to be with! 

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this post has helped to give you some insight into the strategies I used to win on the dating market. 

I continue to learn about women and dating every single day. But in the end, you don’t have to be an expert to level up your dating game. 

You just have to work on becoming a high-value man, while also practicing basic attraction skills. 

That’s it! 

It isn’t rocket science. It’s attraction science!

Hit me up if you need a bit more help!

Go with grace, my friends—and never give up your power. 

Joshua K. Sigafus, signing off!