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alpha male thoughts

9 Alpha Male Thoughts I’ve Had This Week

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In this post, I’m going to do something a little bit different. I’m going to share 9 alpha male thoughts I’ve had over the past week, and talk a little bit about them. 

Hopefully, this will help to provide a bit of insight for those of you who are wondering what kinds of things I think about on a weekly basis! 

I am also hopeful that it will help you to pick up exactly what types of alpha male thoughts I tend to have in-general on some different topics, and I hope that this will also give me a rare opportunity to give you an inside-glimpse into the mindset behind my blog and the things I believe and care about.  

It Is Vitally Important That You Read The Oath Of Kings… Here Is Why

If you’ve never read my personal alpha-male code, the Oath of Kings, I urge you to take a look at it. This is the code that I strive to live my life by, and is the basis for really everything I believe about the alpha male journey.

With that being said, let’s dig in to some of my most common alpha male thoughts I tend to have, as of late. 

1… A Lot Of People Don’t Understand What An Alpha Male Truly Is

This is super interesting to me. 

A lot of people, who seem really triggered by the term ‘alpha male,’ share this video…

…post a bunch of laughing faces, and say something like… “hey, this guy doesn’t even realize that there is no such thing as an alpha, hahahah.”

I totally get it. I know that most people don’t understand what this is all about. 

For the record, I love this video, and pretty much everything it says is correct. 

A lot of people don’t really understand what I mean when I talk about an alpha male until they read a few of my posts and pick up on it through my content. 

An alpha male is a man who takes it upon himself to be a strong, powerful, effective leader. He strives to become the highest value man that he can possibly be, seeks to take control of his life, takes responsibility for himself, and strives to always be the hardest-working, most valuable man in the room. 

This has nothing to do with being the most aggressive man. In fact, some of the most powerful alpha male traits are empathy, kindness, respect for others, and the willingness to share resources. 

So yeah. This was one of my most prominent alpha male thoughts I had this week… and is one that I ponder a great deal.

I do wish that more people actually read my blog posts before commenting on them. But… with that being said, I am also not really incredibly bothered by it.

I just want men to win in their lives. That is really the entire mission.   

2… You Need To Be Willing To Be The Stopping Point For Drama And Conflict When You Are An Alpha

When you take it upon yourself to act as a strong leader and backbone in your most crucial social dominance hierarchies, you need to be willing to be the point of cessation for drama and conflict. 

As strong, effective men, we need to be willing to be the place where drama stops. 

For example… Lately, a lot of people have been trash talking my blog and calling it a lot of things that it isn’t, probably because they didn’t really read my posts, but just browsed the headings and made assumptions about it. 

Then, they spew their hatred for what I’m “saying” and cause a lot of drama. 

Ok. As a man who is trying to live a wise, effective, and industrious life, I have a choice to make about this. I can either join into the drama and stoop to that level… or I can just continue to do the work I believe in, chase excellence, and keep my hand to the grindstone. 

Obviously, the second choice is the wisest one. 

As alphas, we need to avoid needless drama. If we have time to waste on drama on social media, or anywhere else… We are probably not spending nearly enough time chasing excellence and making ourselves better men. 

3… A Lot Of People Suffer From Self Esteem Problems, And It Shows

One of the biggest things I notice every day as I continue the alpha male journey is how much low self esteem there is in the world.

For the most part, I have conquered this within myself. But most people are not the same.

So many people doubt themselves so much! 

So as an alpha, I believe that it is my job to lift other people up, to make sure that they know that I believe in them, and encourage them. 

And I believe that this is a crucial alpha male tenant. 

We never want to put other people down. We want to lift them up and encourage them… let them know that they can do whatever they set their mind to, and can be successful at it

4… This Is Why Alpha Males Need To Solve Their Self Esteem Problems

As powerful alpha men, one of our greatest challenges in life is to conquer our own self-esteem problems. 

Why? Because if we can conquer this demon, we will not only be more capable of standing up on our own two feet to face the challenges of life… but we will also be more capable of standing up for our families, tribes, and communities. 

A strong man cannot afford to allow an inner demon like this to conquer him. To be high value men, we must always strive to become better. And one of the first things we should try to do is develop more self-confidence. 

5… A Lot Of People Think That Alpha Males Are Bullies. But This Is Not At All What I Believe

If you think about it rationally… is a bully going to remain in power? 

Probably not. People are going to know better than to support a bully. So this is why a bully and a tyrant is eventually going to end up alone and miserable. 

And even if a bully does remain in power, his followers and supporters will not be true. He will alienate the good ones, and will lose their true faith and loyalty.

An alpha, on the other hand, is not a bully. He is consoler in chief. He takes responsibility for his own life and conquers his own problems so that he can be an asset and a help to the people he loves and cares for. 

Then, as these people come to trust him, they will gather around him and support him… and this is how a healthy, productive ecosystem is born. 

And so, people who believe that a true alpha male is a bully simply do not understand true leadership. A true, effective leader is never a bully. He leads by example, he has empathy, and he embodies and supports the strength of his tribe. 

6… Men Who Do Not Learn How To Generate Wealth Will Always Suffer For It

I have realized that many humans, both men and women, are bitter about money. 

They look at rich people as evil. 

Why? Because they don’t see it as fair that someone should have so much more than them. They also struggle to understand how to generate their own wealth, and this takes away a great deal of their freedom.

In many ways, a man is never so broken and defeated as he is when he is stuck at a job beneath an abusive boss. This is one of the unhealthiest situations of all time.

Well, I say that if you want something good, work hard for it. But you cannot expect to win in this world by just getting a job. 

You do need a job. Get two if you need to! 

But start working on a plan to generate your own wealth as well. For me, this happened 11 years ago, when I started my own career as a freelance writer

I had to work like a dog and live like a peasant while I grew this business. But now, I have so much more power over my life because of it… and I now earn enough that I can invest in other cash flow assets. Eventually, these assets will give me complete financial independence. 

And when that happens, I will come to a point where I can be a truly free, and truly effective man. 

An alpha male, if he wants to truly be of use to his tribe, needs to cultivate resources and generate wealth. There is simply no substitute for this in the modern world. 

7… I Notice That A Lot Of Men Fear Rejection And Being Alone

My heart goes out to men who are afraid of being rejected and being alone. 

But I also see men making choices born out of these fears. 

I see men settling for inappropriate behavior from the women in their lives because they are afraid of rejection. I see men who try their best to sidestep the issues, even when the women involved are not being kind to them. 

And I ask myself… Why do men put up with this? Why do these men not draw boundaries and walk away from women who are neither kind nor respectful to them? 

I also ask myself… how can I help men with this? How can I be a worthwhile example? How can I help these men to make wise, fair choices for themselves?

Some of the most puzzling alpha male thoughts I have had this past week, or really, this past year, have been related to this. It is truly something that I hope to change. I truly hope that, in time, my blog will impact enough men in a significant enough way that lives can be changed for the better. 

I long to see healthy men standing up for themselves, while also remaining kind and respectful. 

I long to see men walking away from unhealthy women, and embracing women who are kind and respectful to them in return.

Of course, I also long to see men adopting ways of living that make them high-value men, so that they will become highly desirable to the types of high-value women they are attracted to and desire in return.

I also want men to understand how to attract a woman the right way… like a true alpha.

What a wonderful world it can be, when you master yourself and have a partner who has also done the same.

What a truly wonderful life you can have with someone when you have both learned to conquer your demons and live in harmony, instead of living in constant conflict and drama.

Walk away from drama, men. Walk away, hold your head high, and know that you deserve better.

8… I Have Been Thinking A Lot About Stagnation, And How Dangerous It Is

This has long been at the forefront of my alpha male thoughts. 

Stagnation is a dangerous disease. It is so easy to get lazy once things start to get good. 

I am, in pretty much every way, living my best life right now. This is a fantastic season of my life. But I must be careful not to stagnate… and I would always encourage other men to watch out for this as well. 

Stagnation is truly a killer. It is what causes us to slump, stall, and fall back down to where we were before. It halts progress, and only serves to slow us down and atrophy the muscles we worked so hard to build.

We grow fat, complacent, comfortable, and lazy when we stagnate. Then, when tragedy does strike, we find ourselves unprepared.

And so, I am constantly asking myself… how can I avoid stagnation, and continue to grow and move forward?

I keep trying, every day, to push myself to do bigger and better things. And even though it can feel exhausting, I notice that the benefits are real. I keep making progress. 

And that is the important part. 

9… I Sometimes Struggle To Understand How To Reach The Men Who Need To Learn About The Alpha Male Journey

My blog is still relatively new. 

And I am still trying to figure out the best way to help men. 

I want men to live better lives and have better relationships. I want men to be happier. I want men to be in-control of their own lives so that they can live lives of freedom… and I want them to be able to choose what kinds of relationships and sex they want to have. 

Life is so short, and men deserve the chance to succeed at these things. 

I truly want to see men grow more powerful. That is really what all of this is about. 

And I don’t mean that I want to see men have more power over women. That has literally nothing to do with it. 

I want to see men with more power over themselves…. Over their choices, their happiness, their bodies, their vocations, their time, their resources, etc. 

I want every man to be able to live a happy, fulfilled, productive, effective life. I also want all of us to leave great legacies behind.

And that, in my opinion, all starts with the alpha male journey. 

By becoming higher value men, we take back control of our lives from the chaos. 


This post has been a bit of a jumbled mess. These are the alpha male thoughts that occupy my mind as of late. 

Hopefully, they bring something of value to the table. 

Go with grace, my friends. And never give up your power. 

Until next time… 

Joshua K. Sigafus