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The Greatest Alpha Mentality Book List

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If you really want to crush it in life, then you need to level up your mind and learn the stuff that’ll equip you for success. 

And personally, I believe that one of the best tools at our disposal for learning is to consume books. 

You can read physical books, download ebooks, and/or listen to audiobooks. Personally, I’ve benefitted from all 3 of these different formats. 

But in this list, I’m going to pull out all the stops. 

I’m going to share my ultimate alpha mentality book list to help both men and women gain the knowledge needed to truly level up and embrace the alpha mentality. 

These are all books that have impacted my life in massively powerful ways—and I’m recommending them for very specific purposes. 

So here it is, with each title labeled in accordance with what I believe it’ll help you to accomplish

Keep in mind that these books, on their own, aren’t necessarily specific primers on alpha mentality.

Moreso, when you package all of this knowledge together (and hopefully read all of these books at some point over the course of your life), you’ll end up with a very well-rounded education that actually packs in a lot of alpha mentality wisdom that’ll help you on your journey. 

Let’s dive into it. 

The Greatest Alpha Mentality Book List

Table of Contents

Best Overall Books About The Alpha Mentality

Here’s the thing. 

Every book on this list was chosen because each one of them helped me, in some way, shape, or form, on my own alpha journey. 

And I personally believe that each one of these books could be helpful to other men and women embarking upon their own alpha journey. 

With that being said – this section is reserved for the books that I believe do a great job of encompassing the entirety of the journey – as much as possible. 

If you only have time to read one book, make it one of the books from this section. 

Read my complete guide on how to become ‘truly alpha’ here: The Master Guide To Becoming Truly Alpha

By Jordan B. Peterson

An amazing book that would be helpful to any human who wants to start succeeding in life in all of the ways that matter the most. 

Personally, I feel like everyone should read this book. Jordan B. Peterson is one of my personal thought mentors. I’ve watched countless hours of his lectures, and his teachings have made me a significantly more responsible and capable person. Honestly, this is the very bet place to start if you truly want to read something that’ll help you to move the needle in your own life. 

By David Goggins

If you really want to develop your mental toughness and overcome the victim mentality, this book is a MUST READ. 

David Goggins is really unmatched when it comes to helping people understand how to develop mental grit, toughness, and tenacity. This book isn’t an altogether pleasant read… but it’s essential for any alpha who really wants to become their toughest, strongest self. 

By Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

If you want to level up in the areas of leadership and radical self-responsibility, this book is an absolute alpha MUST READ. 

As far as leadership, extreme self-responsibility, and being just an overall tough alpha is concerned, it doesn’t get more real than Jocko Willink. I love listening to Jocko’s podcast, and this book is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to truly level up and embrace the leadership and radical self-responsibility elements of the alpha mentality. 

By Sun Tzu

This book is truly a MUST READ for every alpha, due to the practical and strategic life wisdom that it contains. It’s relevant for combat, business, and any other endeavor that requires you to think through a strategy to achieve victory. 

The first time I read this book, it literally changed my life. I’ve read it many times over – and honestly, it’s a must-read for any alpha who wishes to level up their understanding of general overall life strategy, wisdom, and forethought. 

By Robert Augustus Masters

If you’re on a journey to learn how to become a healthy, healed masculine man, then this book is a MUST READ. 

This book holds a very special place in my heart, because the experience of reading this book was really the very first time I ever heard intentional, positive messages about masculinity. This book deals with many crucial issues that men face today, including the topic of masculine shame, and how to overcome it and conquer it on your journey. If you’re a man who is struggling to come to terms with what it means to truly be a man in the modern world, then this is the first book that you should read. 

Best Books About Minding Your Business

‘Minding your business’ is my term for the process of ‘taking direct and intentional control of the vital infrastructures of your life, and doing what is required to maintain them and keep them functioning, so that your life will continue to progress and you’ll be able to move forward and upward without crashing, burning, and sinking in the process. 

Read my full guide to ‘minding your business’ here: How To ‘Mind Your Business’ Like A True Alpha. 

By Dave Ramsey

If you want to learn how to budget and get your money game under control like a TRUE ALPHA, then this book is a MUST READ. 

I used to be so confused and off-base about my money game. But listening to Dave Ramsey really helped me to understand the importance of things like budgeting, making a plan, and making every dollar count so that you don’t waste your valuable financial resources. 

This is especially important before you’ve started getting real money, and very important if you’re dealing with any sort of debt. 

Best Books About Getting Your Money

As alpha mentality men and women, we must be prioritizing the journey to six-figures and beyond – to true millionaire status. 

You cannot be an alpha and affect real change in the world without getting some money and creating some resources for yourself. 

Read my in-depth guide on how to build sustainable alpha-level wealth here: 9 Steps For How To Build Sustainable Wealth. 

By Rick Ross

This book is a MUST READ if you’re interested in learning real-life business and success principles that’ll help you to build a true alpha empire in life. 

So, there are many amazing business books in the world. But honestly, I have to put ‘the boss’ Rick Ross on shout-out here for writing one of my favorites. This book isn’t a ‘step by step guide to success.’ Rather, it’s a book that details the mental processes of the true ‘hustler’s mentality,’ which I really identify with… because I see success and business as mostly ‘mental games’ that require a certain type of mindset. This isn’t going to be the most ‘eloquent’ business book you ever read. But I think it’s awesome, and I highly recommend it if you want to get a peek inside the mind of a true hustler who isn’t afraid to spit the alpha-mentality truth. 

By: Steve Harvey

This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand their gifts and talents in life, and use them to build true ALPHA LEVEL business success. 

Steve Harvey is truthfully one of my most valued thought mentors. I believe that his advice is really relevant to the vast majority of people – and I believe that he’s built his business on some true alpha-mentality principles. This book really helped me to clarify my thinking about using your gifts and talents to succeed. And honestly – I believe that every aspiring alpha should read it. 

By Austin Netzley

If you’ve started getting real-money (six figures), and you’re ready to scale it to a million and beyond – then this is an alpha-level MUST READ. 

This book was recommended to me by one of my real-life business mentors. And I’m really glad that I read it. Here’s the thing – at some point, if you’re truly committed to the alpha journey, you’re going to need to learn how to scale six-figure money into 7 figure money and beyond. And that’s exactly what this book will show you how to do. It’s awesome. 

Best Books About Pursuing Your Purpose In Life

It’s incredibly crucial that you be pursuing your purpose in life as you embark upon your alpha journey. 

This tends to be a difficult thing to quantify. But once you figure it out, it’s so powerful. And these books are truly must-read volumes that’ll help you with your own path to purpose. 

Read my in-depth guide to ‘pursuing your purpose’ here: How To Find Your Life Purpose And Achieve It – In 11 Steps. 

By Paulo Coelho

This creative and inspiring metaphorical novel speaks – through deep and profound symbolism – about the importance of pursuing your ‘dream’ and finding your purpose in life. It’s truly a MUST READ for every aspiring alpha. 

This book was incredibly inspiring, creative, and motivating. If you’re struggling to figure out what to do with your life, and/or if you’re looking for some kind of ‘inspiration’ to ‘jolt’ you awake in your alpha journey – this book is sure to light a ‘fire of inspiration within your soul. It’s honestly one of my favorite books of all time. 

By Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey filled this book with amazing stories about his own life journey, the discovery of his purpose, and his amazing insights into how to succeed in life. This book is a MUST READ for every alpha-mentality man and woman. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first picked this book up. But I ended up binge-listening to it on Audible, and honestly, I learned SO MUCH about life and success by reading it. This is one of my all-time favorite books, and is a MUST READ for any alpha who wants some insight into the process of discovering their purpose and path in life. 

Best Books About Leveling Up Your Mind

Leveling up your mind, body, and spirit is a crucial alpha-mentality process. As an alpha, you ALWAYS want to make sure that you’re improving in life – not coasting along and/or deteriorating. 

We should always be increasing our value – and part of that means absorbing knowledge through books, podcasts, articles, courses, etc. 

Read my full guide on how to level up your mind, body, and spirit here: How To Level Up Your Mind, Body, And Spirit

By Sun Tzu

This book is truly a MUST READ for every alpha, due to the practical and strategic life wisdom that it contains. It’s relevant for combat, business, and any other endeavor that requires you to think through a strategy to achieve victory. 

By James Allen

This book is honestly a MUST READ for any alpha who wants to expand his or her mind and come to a better understanding of thought, and how the way we think ultimately determines our success. 

Best Books About Leveling Up Your Body

By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Learn about the mentality and mechanics of physical fitness and building up your physical strength from an incredible alpha-mentality man who truly conquered his own journey. 

This book does two things. First off, it tells the incredible, insanely inspiring story of Arnold’s own ‘alpha journey’ to become a success in the bodybuilding world. But secondly, it also doubles as a workout manual. True, these techniques may be considered ‘old fashioned’ by some. But honestly, I love the workouts in this book, and have found them to be massively beneficial. But even if you don’t adopt these specific workouts, reading the book to understand the mentality and focus it takes to achieve a ‘ripped, athletic, muscular physique’ is more than worthwhile. Arnold was amazing at many things. But being singularly focused on achieving his goal, at any given point in time, was probably his greatest strength (and the greatest ‘alpha strength’ we can all learn from him). 

By Paul Saladino

Personally, I believe that Paul Saladino has discovered the TRUE WAY of the primal, alpha-mentality diet. And I believe that this book is a MUST READ for every alpha who wants to live a healthy life. 

I’ve tried several different diets over the course of my alpha journey. Before I found Paul Saladino, my favorite diets were a simple whole foods diet, the Mediterranean diet, and I even tried out a Paleo diet at one point. But once I tried Paul Saladino’s ‘animal based diet,’ my entire world was changed. I really believe that Paul Saladino is right about everything he says in this book. To this day, this is the diet I strive to follow (albeit not perfectly). And the results are amazing. I just look, feel, and perform better than ever… and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in giving the more ‘primal, carnivore-type diet’ a shot. 

By Judson Brandeis MD

This book is a MUST READ for men who want to maximize their alpha-mentality health and wellness outcomes. I’ve actually interviewed Dr. Braindeis – and the knowledge contained in this books will BLOW YOUR MIND! 

Best Books About Leveling Up Spiritually

By Frans De Waal

If you want to understand your emotions and utilize them to help you succeed in life, then this book is a MUST READ. 

Frans De Waal is a leading primatologist and truly an expert on the real science of primate (and alpha) behavior. A lot of people misunderstand the true concept of the ‘alpha.’ But Frans De Waal displays his mastery of the topic in this amazing book. He also does an amazing job of describing the difference between the alpha male archetype and the alpha female archetype. This is a must-read book for anyone who really wants to understand the truth about what alpha mentality is really all about. 

Best Books For Embarking On Your Hero’s Arc

When I talk about the hero’s arc, what I’m mostly referring to is the process of being willing to leave your comfort zone in life to have an adventure.

See, as alpha-minded men and women, we don’t want to just sit in the comfort zone for our entire lives.

We want to get out into the world, create things, accomplish things, meet people, have adventures, live life to the fullest, and make a real difference and impact on the world.

Read my full guide to embarking on your own hero’s arc here: How To Embark On The Hero’s Arc In Your Life Journey. 

By Nelson Mandela

This book was absolutely riveting. It’s a MUST READ for every alpha who wants to truly lead, discover their purpose, embrace true bravery, and understand that sometimes you must sacrifice and fight for what’s right. I am so grateful that this book was written. 

By Rick Ross

Rick Ross is one of my primary thought mentors – and I learned a lot from reading his memoir. I believe that this book is a MUST READ if you want to understand the nature of rising from difficult circumstances to achieve big things. 

Best Books About Human Mating Behavior

As human who want to succeed on the dating marketplace, attract high-value partners, and develop meaningful, exciting, and passionate intimate relationships, it’s in our best interest to understand the truth about how humans mate, date, and navigate relationships in accordance with their natural evolutionary programming. 

And in this section, I share my favorite books that helped me to understand and succeed at this process. 

Read my in-depth, overarching dating guide here: How To Master Your Dating Life – The Complete Guide. 

By David M. Buss

If you truly want to understand the foundational principles of human mating behavior, this book is an alpha mentality MUST READ. 

David M. Buss is truly one of the founding fathers of the emerging field of evolutionary psychology. And this book is what I consider the groundwork textbook for understanding, in layman’s terms, the most important aspects of human mating behavior that all humans really need to understand. This book will help you to not only understand your own complex mating behavior, but will also give you crucial knowledge that you can apply to your dating and relationship life to help you understand those complex processes to a much greater and more thorough degree. 

By Cindy M. Meston and David M. Buss

This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand the complex nature of female mating behavior from a scientific and real-life perspective. 

For men, this book serves as a primer that journeys deep into the complex territory of female mating behavior. This book will literally blow your mind and help you to understand women in a whole new light. Be warned… I don’t care how much you think you know about women, this book will blow your mind wide open and make you rethink everything. And for women, this book serves as a valuable tool for helping them to understand their own (admittedly complex) sexual nature. It’s truly one of the most enlightening books ever written, and every budding alpha should consume it at some point in their journey. 

By Helen E. Fisher

If you want to truly understand the brain chemistry behind stuff like love, lust, attraction, desire, infatuation, etc. Then this book is a MUST READ. 

If you’re curious about the literal ‘brain chemical processes’ that go on in the brain when we’re feeling things like love, lust, attraction, attachment, etc. then this book is an absolute must-read. I was blown away by some of the stuff I learned in this book. The truth of the matter is that every alpha should learn to understand how their own brain processes work in regards to mating, dating, and attraction. And there’s just no better primer for this topic (that I’ve found, anyway) than this book. 

Best Dating Books For Men

By Kezia Noble

My favorite all-around dating book for helping men to understand how to interface with women – with plenty of awesome insights that’ll doubtlessly help you with your dating game. 

By John Gottman, Julie Schwartz Gottman, Doug Abrams, and Rachel Carlton Abrams

If you want to learn how to interface with women successfully – both in a dating capacity and in relationships, then this book is a MUST READ. 

When I first started reading this book, I wasn’t totally sure that it was going to be worth the time. Honestly, it started out having a very ‘beta’ vibe to it, and I almost stopped reading it. But wow, am I glad that I didn’t put it down! As it turns out, this book taught me more about how to understand the basics of female nature (especially in regards to how women form friendships and what they need within the context of relationships) to a very advanced degree, and I really learned a lot from it. This book takes the ‘science’ of female nature and breaks it down into very simple terms. It also does a surprisingly good job of describing some often misunderstood truths about the masculine-feminine paradigm. It’s a tremendous read, and every man who wants to be ‘truly alpha’ should go through it at least once! 

Best Dating Books For Women

By Matthew Hussey

If you’re an alpha-minded woman who wants to increase your odds of dating success, then this book is a MUST READ.  

I had to do quite a bit of searching to find a ‘dating book’ for women that really did justice to the ‘alpha mentality’ mode of being. And when I found this one, even will admit that I was surprised by how good it was! Matthew Hussey is absolutely brilliant. And in this book, he gives women down-to-earth, practical advice for how to crush it on the dating marketplace without compromising on their alpha mentality or their feminine values in the process. This book is truly a must-read for any woman who wants to succeed at dating in the modern world. 

By Stephan Labossiere

If you keep finding yourself getting stuck in the same dead-end situations with men who say one thing and do another, this book is a MUST READ. It’s full of practical wisdom to help women understand some of the confusing things men do and say while dating.  

Best Books For Social Integration, Body Language, And People Skills

By Vanessa Van Edwards

Every alpha must learn how to be charismatic – and this book is a MUST READ due to how well Vanessa Van Edwards teaches these skills within it. If you want to master your own charisma and level up your ability to succeed with people, this book is crucial! 

By Vanessa Van Edwards

Every alpha must learn to understand the importance of body language – both how to appropriately read it and project it. This is crucial for business, dating, relationships, and leadership. And for that, this book is a MUST READ. 

Best Books About Leadership And Tribe Building

By Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

If you want to level up in the areas of leadership and radical self-responsibility, this book is an absolute alpha MUST READ. 

By Barack Obama

Barack Obama may have been a somewhat controversial figure – but I feel that the leadership insights to be gleaned from his personal leadership style are VERY alpha – making this a MUST READ for any alpha who wants to understand how to be a caring, empathetic leader.