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alpha mentality meditation have faith in yourself

Alpha Mentality Meditation – Have Faith In Yourself

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Sit down somewhere quiet, alone, and listen-to or read this meditation to yourself. Focus on the words. Focus on believing them and embracing them for true alpha power and strength to win the day and be victorious.

Alpha Mentality Meditation – Have Faith In Yourself

Our alpha code dictates that we take our power back from the chaos.

But make no mistake.

There is an abundance of chaos in this world—and today, you’re going to encounter more than enough of it to be defeated.

It’s crucial to understand that you have a tremendous amount of power over whether you end this day victorious or in defeat. 

You are not some helpless pawn—hopelessly dependent on others for your survival. This is an alpha truth that you must come to understand. 

It’s vital for you to understand that of all of the forces in this world that may conspire against you today—none are as formidable as your human potential. 

Today, you are the master of your fate.

Lest God himself return to take you back to the other side, beyond the thin veil that separates life from death, there is no being, creature, entity, or force within this world strong enough to alter your destiny against your will. 

You are a titan of resistance and potential.

But it’s also crucial for you to understand that you have supreme authority in dictating how victorious you are going to be.

Today, you are a master weaver—weaving your destiny as you see fit. 

And the only great tragedy of it is that all too often, we relinquish control of the thread—and give away all of this power for nothing.

Why? Why do we do this?

Often, there is but one cause—that you did not adequately measure the greatness of your own power—and thus, discarded it—out of tragic blindness to your own potential. 

Today, let our legacy be one of intentionality and transformation.

There may come a day when the spinning wheels of our destinies will cease—but not today.  

Today, we will make it count. Today, be fully what you were born to be. 

Live up to your full potential—and of all the things that could threaten to undo you, do not allow a lack of faith in yourself to be the determining factor.