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definition of alpha male

Learn the True Definition of Alpha Male & How to Win with Women

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What is the definition of alpha male… and what exactly is this alpha male journey that I keep talking about in my blog posts? 

And perhaps more importantly, what is my main goal and mission with this blog? 

These are great questions, and in this post I am going to answer them as simply and with as much ‘straightforwardness’ as I can. 

If you want to know more about my own alpha male journey, click here

Let’s dive in and talk about the definition of alpha male. 

My Goal

To put it quite simply, my goal is to help men win with women

In other words, I want men to… 

  • Have better dating, sexual, and relationship experiences with women
  • Find more success in their dating, sex, and relationship lives
  • Learn how to interact with women in ways that will make those interactions more pleasurable, healthy, and beneficial, in the long run, for both men and women

That’s pretty much it. 

Technically, my website could easily fall into the ‘dating niche.’ 

But if you haven’t noticed, I also publish a lot of content about the ‘alpha male journey.’ 

So what is that all about? 

Definition Of Alpha Male: And Why The Alpha Male Journey Is Important

I notice that a lot of men have a tough time with women. 

There are a lot of men out there who are… 

  • Not having the kind of sex they would like to be having
  • Not dating the kinds of women they would like to be dating
  • Not having the kinds of relationships that they would like to be having
  • Afraid to approach or interact with women because they aren’t sure how to do it
  • Struggling with their dating relationships because they just can’t figure out the true way to be a man in this confusing, convoluted world

And to be super honest, I don’t think that just giving ‘dating advice’ solves these problems. 

I think that men are not necessarily suffering from a ‘I don’t know how to hit on women correctly’ problem. 

I think that men are suffering from a ‘I don’t know how to be the kind of man that women will desire’ problem. 

I 100% believe that you cannot solve your dating/relationship problems as a man WITHOUT changing your ‘how you exist as a man’ problems first. 

It’s really as simple as that. 

And so, the alpha male journey is what I call going through the life-changing process of changing what needs to be changed in your life to become a strong, powerful, ambitious, successful alpha male… the kind of man that women will actually WANT to date!

I do not see myself as a pickup artist… because I think teaching men to pick up women without teaching them how to fix their own lives is only treating a symptom… not solving the problem

If men want to win with women, they need to learn how to be strong men… the kind of men who women will crave, desire, and WANT to be with

What Is The Actual Definition Of Alpha Male?

If I was going to boil it all down into one definition, I would define an alpha male as such… 

An alpha male is a powerful, wise, effective leader who strives to pursue excellence and mastery in his life, who exists successfully at or near the top of all of his most crucial social dominance hierarchies and social circles. 

I don’t necessarily believe that the alpha male journey is for everyone. In fact, I know that a certain percentage of men and women are going to read my posts, and disagree with me completely. 

And that is totally fine! I’m not here to persuade you if this is not your path. 

I am here to help men who want to be true, powerful alpha males level up and reach their fullest potential… including winning with women, improving their sex lives, having better relationships, and crushing it with more, better dates with higher-value women. 

Why Do I Care If Other Men Win With Women?

To put it quite simply, I am passionate about this topic because I love women

But I am also incredibly passionate about seeing other men succeed and win in life! 

And to top it all off, I also love dating, flirting, healthy relationships, and the happiness that comes from men and women experiencing healthy, crazy-awesome intimacy together. 

I have pursued this in my own life for years… and I have learned a lot of lessons. I would absolutely consider myself an experienced student of how to win with women, and have definitely chalked-up enough positive experiences, wins, and lessons in this arena to prove that I’m not only experienced, but also knowledgeable about what it takes to actually win with women

Does this mean that I’m a wizard who can get any woman he wants? Absolutely not! And I don’t claim to be! 

But I am fully capable of choosing my own sexual and relational destiny… and I have full confidence (and plenty of evidence in my life’s experiences to show for it…) that I can find, pursue, and achieve just about any kind of dating or sexual experience with just about any type of woman that I might ever possibly want or long for. 

If I am doing the needed work on myself, and am willing to be the best version of myself that I can possibly be. 

And that is where we come to the alpha male journey. 

Why The Alpha Male Journey Matters In The Dating Game

You cannot separate mating behavior from the many other facets of life. It is woven so intricately into our day-to-day behavior, psychology, and physiology that all of life is basically one fluid mating dance

And so, if you want to truly succeed with women, it is not a matter of just focusing on one or two things. 

It is a matter of mastering your life, and understanding our day-to-day existence for what it is… a grand participation in the most complex and elaborate mating dance to ever exist on planet earth

So What Is The Alpha Male Journey All About?

At the end of the day… it is about leveling up as a man, pursuing excellence, becoming a master of the things you care about, and building an incredible life for yourself that will not only bring you happiness and fulfillment, but that will also include pursuing your purpose, living with meaning, and leaving behind a lasting legacy for those who follow in your footsteps.

And as a very significant side effect… this journey will also make you MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE to women!

That is the ironic thing. Being an alpha male is about self-mastery. But that is the most attractive thing that you can do if you want to win with women!


Hopefully, I have helped you to understand the definition of alpha male, what it means to be one, and why I believe it is important. 

I want men to win with women… and I want women to have better experiences with men. 

If you want to learn more about what I truly believe about what it means to be an alpha male, check out The Oath of Kings… my personal alpha male code that I choose to live my life by. 

Go with grace, my friends… and never give up your power. 

Until next time… 

Joshua K. Sigafus