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where do i find a good woman

Why Finding A Good Woman Often Feels Difficult For Men

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Finding a good woman. 

In this post, I’m going to tell you how I went from not being able to find any good dating partners, to revolutionizing my dating life and finding many awesome high-quality women to spend time with. 

But spoiler alert – the answer isn’t what you might expect! 

As men, finding a good woman should be high on our priority list. Even if you aren’t interested in settling down or getting married, finding a high value woman (or a few of them) to spend time with is an absolutely essential compliment to a high-value man’s lifestyle. 

But where do you find these women? 

Let’s dive in and talk about it. 

Where Do I Find A Good Woman?

finding a good woman

Let’s rewind time back to early 2017. My wife and I had finally broken up, after 10 years of marriage. 

I quickly embarked on a ‘rebound’ mission. In short, I was upset, my life was chaos, and I felt like I had no control over anything… So to me, the quickest way to make myself feel better was to bang as many different women as I possibly could. 

This led me down a very dark road of loneliness and sadness. You see, I was suffering from something much worse than horniness and loneliness. 

I was suffering from a lack of purpose

I was lost, not only in my relationship status, but in my life in-general. 

Thankfully, I started to pick up on this, and I started to change things. 

I started going to the gym to change my body. I started reading good books to change my mindset. I started putting more time and effort into my work. 

I also, slowly but surely, started to change my mindset towards women. I realized that what I was doing wasn’t working, and I started to make adjustments. 

I knew that I was a lost mess. And I knew that this was keeping high-value women from taking me seriously. I was attracting a certain number of women with the ‘dark, broken man’ vibe, but these were not the types of girls I wanted to really invest in. 

And to be honest, these relationships ended up being dramatic and going nowhere anyway. 

Things Started To Change When I Started To Change My Mindset

change your mindset

I was very angry about my divorce. I was angry that my wife had chosen another man over me. I was angry that I didn’t get to live with my children anymore. 

I was full of rage, resentment, and bitterness. 

But I was also operating with a victim mentality. Everything was my ex’s fault. Nothing was my fault. 

Obviously this wasn’t true. And I started to realize that I was living the life of a whiny child. I was blaming all of my problems on other people, and not taking responsibility for anything.

(This doesn’t sound very attractive, does it?) 

So, I started shaping up. Instead of always complaining to my friends, I started trying to help them

Instead of complaining, I tried to be grateful. 

Instead of dreading each and every day, I focused on making the most of every day and trying to live the best life possible. 

Hope started to return. I started to rebuild relationships with my friends. I started to piece my life back together. 

And more than ever, I started to realize that I was becoming a much stronger leader and man than I had ever been in the past. 

I was learning and growing through my pains. 

But here is the question you are probably wondering about the most. How did this affect my dating life? Did this make me more attractive?

A it turns out… It made quite a difference. 

Let’s talk about it. 

How Do I Get A Girl To Find Me Attractive?

how do i get a girl to find me attractive

Getting a woman to find you attractive is a multi-faceted problem. 

Women are attracted to many, many things. 

Women are attracted to… 

  • A nice body
  • High status
  • Leadership abilities and qualities
  • Material wealth
  • Future resource potential
  • An ambitious, hard working mindset
  • Empathy and a willingness to share resources
  • Men who are powerful and strong, but who choose to be kind and generous

These are only a few of the most predominant characteristics that women find attractive in men. 

But if you take a close look at all of these characteristics, you will quickly realize that they all have something in common.

These are the traits that would give a primitive man his best odds for survival in a dangerous and violent world setting!

Here’s the thing. Women find certain things attractive for certain reasons… and their selection process is not just willy nilly.

It is based on millions of years of evolutionary programming. 

I Was Tired Of Never Getting Noticed By Women

noticed by women

So these were the attributes I started working on in my life. 

I wanted… 

A nice body: So I went to the gym. 

High status: So I started working on my confidence levels, body language, and my status in my current social dominance hierarchies. 

Leadership abilities and qualities: So I started studying leadership. I read books like The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, and started following the work of men like Jordan B. Peterson, Robert Augustus Masters, etc. 

Material wealth: So I started working even harder on my business, trying to level-up my income. I also started another business, and bought a house as an investment! 

We could go on and on here. But I think that you can see what I am getting at. 

I realized that if I wanted women to notice me and find me attractive, I needed to TRULY BECOME what women were looking for!

The answer? I needed to become a high value man!

How Do I Know If Women Find Me Attractive?

how do i know if women find me attractive

So, you’ve started working on yourself. You’ve started to focus more on your life, and you are trying to level-up all of these areas. 

You are trying to get control of your life and take ownership over your destiny. 

So when will you notice if it is working? How long will it take for women to start finding you attractive, and how will you know?

For me, it literally took a matter of months. 

I was hitting the gym twice per day. I was working super hard on my business. I was starting to chase women less and less, to make more time for my friends and my professional life. 

I was working on myself and investing in myself. 

And you know what? Women started literally coming out of the woodwork!

I was matching with hotter women on dating apps. I was meeting women in the real world. Instead of chasing women constantly, it started to feel effortless. 

It started to feel like women actually wanted to be around me, and were trying to get ME to hang out WITH THEM!

This little shift felt amazing. I had never experienced it before! 

Before long, I met the woman who is now my girlfriend. We have been together for close to 3 years now… and it was truly effortless!

She noticed me. She made a move. I was vibing with it… and here we are! 

How Do I Find A Good Woman?

what women notice in men

Men, I’m going to let you in on a secret. 

You don’t have to find a good woman. 

You don’t even have to look for one!

Instead, do this. 

Work on yourself. Level up as a man. Seek to become a man of high-value, expand your social circles, and strive to make a true, real difference in the world. 

Chase your purpose. Mind your business. Get your own money. Stand up on your own two feet. 

And stop being a victim. Instead, take control of life, and start moving in the direction you truly want to move in

When you make these powerful changes in life, women will literally start to be attracted to you. It will happen organically… and if you are doing it right, it will feel truly effortless!

In Conclusion

It might seem counter-intuitive. And it may seem to go against everything our culture tells us about love and relationships. 

But I cannot overstate how important this is. 

Mind your business. Get your money. Pursue your purpose. 

Do these things correctly, and you will revolutionize your dating life!

If you need further clarification, hit me up

Go with grace, my friends, and never give up your power!

Until next time… 

Joshua K. Sigafus