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flirting is fun

Flirting Is Fun – Men, Stop Overthinking It

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This morning, my day began as usual.

I went to the gym. While at the gym, I had a great conversation with a woman I see there from time to time.

It is very casual. But it’s nice because it feels like there is a little bit of flirting going on. And I like flirting. Flirting is fun.

So, it made my day a little bit better—and that’s awesome!

Later on, I stopped to grab a drink at the convenience store. 

There was a charming, very attractive girl at the register.

I asked her about her necklace. It had a music note on it. 

I asked her if she was a musician.

She said no. 

I replied with “Ah. You just play the radio, huh?”

And then, for the first time in the conversation, she smiled.

It was a beautiful, charming smile. Honestly, that friendly little interaction kind of made my morning!

And that was it. I told her to have a good day, and I left. 

Flirting Is Fun. But As Men, We Often Overthink It

We turn it into something that it isn’t supposed to be.

The function of flirting is to direct attention to and from someone we are attracted to.

It is a signal.

We use it to display and test interest.

But a lot of men get this wrong. 

A lot of men think that it is all or nothing when it comes to flirting.

They think that if they don’t score a hookup, schedule a date, get a number, or achieve some kind of goal… then the interaction was a failure.

But I Disagree. And Here Is Why

Today, I wasn’t trying to get laid.

I wasn’t trying to get a number. 

I was living my life, minding my business, getting my money, and pursuing my purpose.

I was doing my own thing.

And therein lies the issue. 

So Many Men Get Hung Up On The Goal Of Having Sex

so many men get hung up on sex

They think that if something doesn’t get them laid, it was a waste of time.

But this is exactly where most men have the biggest problem.

This is why so many men struggle to get dates.

This is why so many men end up frustrated.

When you make sex the goal, you give away all of your masculine power.

Don’t get me wrong.

As men, sex should be important to us.

We are sexual beings. We should want to be having awesome sex with beautiful people.

It’s in our nature.

Flirting is fun. Sexual escalation is fun. Touching, exploring, attracting, desiring, and being desired are all fun.

Here Is What You Need To Understand

A woman should never be the focus of your life.

Your life should consist of your business, your money, and your purpose.

You should be chasing value, creating a better life for yourself, striving to leave a dent in the universe, and focusing on making yourself better every day.

Are you ready for the crazy part?

When this is your primary focus, women crave you!

Sex comes easy for women.

A woman can have sex whenever she wants.

Do You Know Where Women Struggle?

They struggle to find a high-value man to share it with!

Many men believe that feminism has ruined the dating world.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is that there has never been a better time to be a man.

Unfortunately for women, strong men who are chasing excellence and on their purpose are so rare that most women experience constant frustration on the dating market.

As men, we can step up into that void by leveling ourselves up, increasing our value, increasing our attraction, and crushing it with the alpha mindset.

When You Learn How Valuable This Mindset Is, Your Dating Life Will Explode With Success

I can tell you this from personal experience.

This is exactly what happened to me.

You see, I am not constantly trying to get laid, get numbers, hook up, or make moves every time I flirt with a woman.

I don’t have to!

Do you want to know why I flirt?

I flirt because I enjoy it, and because it enriches my life. 

That’s it. That’s the game. 

In fact, that’s probably the biggest secret of all.

There is no game!

It is as simple as that. 

As I continue to level up my life and become a high-value man, more and more women start paying more attention to me.

All I have to do is stay on my game.

As a high-value man, if I want a date, getting one is a simple matter.

I don’t have to approach the dating market from a perspective of desperation or scarcity.

Instead, I have an abundance mentality.

Men—This Is The Single Most Powerful Thing You Can Do To Level Up Your Dating Life Right Now

level up your dating life with flirting

Stop chasing women. 

Stop flirting to get numbers or dates. 

I’m not trying to tell you not to take shots with women you are legitimately interested in. 

I’m trying to get you to step out of a scarcity mindset, and into an abundance mindset.

I am trying to get you to focus on your goals and your life purpose instead of women. 

Try this test. 

If you are usually the type of man who is always hitting on girls, with little to no success, try this. 

Increase your engagement and your flirting—but stop trying to close.

Chase excellence. Level up your life and make yourself a better man. 

Also, be willing to expand your social circles. 

But do not ask for any numbers. Don’t ask women on dates. 

Instead, think these thoughts to yourself. 

I am a high value man. I do not need to chase women. The better I become, the more women will desire me naturally. 

I realize that this is different from my usual advice. 

And if you are the type of man who is always afraid to approach women, this probably isn’t the right advice for you, because it will just enable your fear of approaching women. 

This advice is for men who are actively chasing women with a scarcity mindset

In Conclusion – Yes, Flirting Is Fun. But Sex Shouldn’t Be Our Primary Purpose

Mind your business, get your money, and pursue your purpose. 

Make yourself a better man every day. 

Hit the gym. Read books. Build a business. Start stacking up some money. 

Figure out what your life purpose is, and start working toward it. 

Create a vision for your future, and start burning that midnight oil chasing it. 

Also work on your attraction, and get used to talking to women and flirting with them without the hidden agenda of trying to get laid. 

And you will quickly find out how powerful this mindset is!

Alright. That’s all I have for today. 

Go with grace, my friends. And never give up your power! 

Until next time, 

Joshua K. Sigafus, signing off. 

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