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Get Laid Tonight – Expert Advice About Fast Hookups And Casual Sex

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When a man asks “How can I get laid tonight?”

He is really asking “How can I take control of my sexual destiny?”

The truth is that many men feel powerless in their sex lives. They feel like they need to beg their partners for sex – and if they’re single, they are constantly struggling to avoid getting burnt-out on rejection. 


The simple answer is that most men do not understand women, how women view sex, or how to take control of their own sexual destiny in their own life

Men and women both want sex. In fact, contrary to what you might think, women are usually just as interested in casual sex as men are

They just want to be approached the correct way

Women are not like men when it comes to how they like to be approached, and many men ruin their chances with women by approaching them incorrectly! 

So in this post, we are going to talk about the most common questions I get in relation to the question how to get laid tonight, along with some tips for how to approach women correctly while you are at it!

It isn’t rocket science. But there is a science to dating and attraction. Let’s get into it!

But first, here is a YouTube video I posted about this topic. In the video, I share my top 4 options for men who want to try to score casual sex or a hookup tonight.

But I also talk about the long-game, which I have found to be much more effective. 

Check it out! 

Common Questions About Casual Sex And How To Find It

Why Do I Never Get Laid?

Most men who never get laid never get laid because they either don’t try, or because they don’t work on leveling-up their attraction and improving their chances

Men, I’m going to break this to you in the kindest way that I can. 

When people tell you to just be yourself and wait for the right person, they are actually giving half-bad advice

You do want to be genuine and be yourself, in the sense that you don’t want to pretend to be someone else. 

But you don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over if it doesn’t get the results you’ve been wanting. 

And you definitely don’t want to wait for the ‘right person’ to come along.

Whether or not you believe in the concept of a soulmate, you’re going to get much better results in your life if you act like there is no such thing as one.

Sex is an evolutionary process designed to help us thrive and survive as a species, and the only thing we have to rely on is our own attraction skill, and our core human evolutionary sexual programming! 

Just like starting a fire, or shooting a bow, attraction is a skill that you must learn to level up if you want to truly win with women. 

As you learn how to shoot a bow, you hit more and more bullseyes.

As you learn attraction skills, you create more and more sexual opportunities for yourself with high-value women.

I Used To Misunderstand This When I Was Younger

I Used To Misunderstand This

For example – when I first started practicing pick up, I thought that the best way to meet women was just to go to the bar, not talk to anyone, stand in the corner with my drink, and hope for a woman to walk up to me and hit on me. 

And guess what? Using this approach, I literally met zero women! 

So, I changed my methods. I didn’t get bitter or angry with women because my methods weren’t working.

I didn’t plead with the universe to send my a soulmate.

Instead, I did research to figure out what I was doing wrong. 

And I learned that if I wanted to have better experiences with women, my best option was to be outgoing, and introduce myself to people! 

This worked a ton better! And I got great results from it! 

[If you want to learn more about how to hook up with women, check out my 13-step hook-up guide!]

Men Don’t Approach Women Because They Are Afraid Of Rejection

Yes, men are terrified of rejection. 

And for good reason! It hurts our feelings and our pride to get rejected.

[Check out this post: 7 Tips For How To Deal With Rejection

But, that is part of the risk of winning! 

If you want a beautiful woman to say yes, you need to put yourself out there and engage with her! 

And if that means getting a few ‘no’s’ along the way, that is perfectly acceptable. 

A powerful alpha male does not fear rejection. He would rather be told ‘no’ 100 times than to never take a chance

Burn this into your brain! When you walk up to a girl, flirt with her, try to get her number or invite her home, and are told ‘no,’ do not feel sad or discouraged!

Walk away with your head held high, understanding that you just took your shot – and that if you keep working and leveling up, eventually, you WILL get not just one yes – but MANY yeses! 

Some Men Feel Ashamed Of Wanting Sex

how to overcome sexual shame

This is probably the second most common reason for why men don’t approach women. 

Sexual shame is powerful, and in our culture, many men are shamed for wanting casual sex or hookups. 

But the truth is that there is nothing wrong with wanting sex!

Let’s be real with ourselves, men. Sex is not something to be ashamed of – and wanting to get laid tonight is no more shameful than wanting to grab a drink tonight, play a game of chess tonight, or watch a movie!

Sex is a positive, healthy, helpful, pleasurable social construct. To this day, sex is my absolute favorite activity to engage in – and I have no shame in that! 

But, it is also the most intimate human social construct. And that means that we need to approach it carefully, in the correct manner.

Check out this post to read more about sexual shame and how to get past it in your life! 

Where Is The Easiest Place To Get Laid?

If you want to go out and find a casual sex partner or a one night stand, the best place to do so is in a social setting of some kind

Some people think that a club or a bar is the best place – and there is some truth to this.

Women go out to have fun, have some drinks, and socialize. But sometimes, women DO go out to to find casual sex partners – or at the very least, are open to it if the right opportunity presents itself

But don’t discount other social settings either. 

If you regularly attend classes, you might know some awesome girls in your classes you could approach and ask out! 

If you attend a book club, or a business networking group, or really any kind of group where people get together, it is possible that you already know women who may be interested in having sex with you

The key, of course, is to learn how to approach these women correctly, without ruining your chances. 

How Can I Get Laid Today?

how to get laid today

If you want to get laid today, I have one piece of advice for you. 

Don’t get hung up on this to the point where you are expecting it to happen!

There are some men who are really good at getting casual sex whenever they want it. 

But it admittedly takes a lot of practice to get this good with women unless you are a natural. 

Most men are not going to be able to waltz into a bar and pick up a girl whenever they feel like it! And that is totally fine! 

You need to come to terms with the fact that you cannot control your sexual destiny with other people, because you CANNOT control other people!

Now, if you learn to engage women correctly, you can absolutely level up in this area, and you can greatly increase your odds.

But it is never 100%.

If we learn how to validate ourselves, learn how to level up as high-value men, and learn how to level up our attraction skills, we won’t need to know how to play games to get beautiful women to want to come to bed with us. 

They will legitimately want to, and we will learn how to invite them to do so in the most tactful, effective manner. 

Let me tell you a story. 

I Used To Try To ‘Force It,’ And I Got Rejected Almost Constantly

I was constantly seeing these guys on social media who could ‘pull any woman they wanted,’ and were always bragging about how they could sleep with the hottest girls whenever they felt like it. 

Well let me tell you the truth. Some of these men are really good with women. 

But the vast majority of men DO NOT have the magic-like ability to pull any woman they want – and it is highly unlikely that you will either. 

Don’t forget, there are a TON of fake gurus online who want you to believe them so that you’ll buy their book or their course. 

But many of these men struggle with women in the exact same ways that you and I have struggled with women! 

Anyway, I used to go out to the clubs to try to game women – and was rejected pretty much 100% of the time. 

But this rejection streak changed one night when I went to the bar with a different attitude. I told myself I’m done gaming women. I’m just going to go have a beer, and I don’t even care if I meet anyone. I’m just going to do it for myself

So I went. I sat at the bar, and I ordered a drink. 

But then I started to notice one of the bartenders. She was gorgeous, and I was tempted to try to game her. 

But I didn’t. I remembered that I was here for myself, not to try to pick up women

Instead, I just talked to her like I would talk to any regular person. 

Before I left, I got her number. 

I didn’t try to hook up with her. I didn’t try to get her to come home with me. 

I was just out doing my thing, being open to meeting new people… and I wasn’t trying to ‘force’ it!

Guess what? That weekend, she messaged me and asked if she could come over. I picked her up, brought her home, and we had an incredible evening together

I won’t divulge the details, but let’s just say that it went very well, and I learned valuable lessons about how to treat women over the course of this experience

How Can I Get Laid ASAP?

how can i get laid asap

I am going to tell you the straight truth right now, men. 

You CAN get laid ASAP with a woman you’ve never met before. 

But you will find that you will get much better results when you engage with women as regular humans, get to know them, invite them to things in your life, and start building trust with them, while also making sure to put out that vibe that you are interested in them. 

This is what I call Tribal Dating

With tribal dating, you build a tribe of high-value men and women around you, treating them well, and adding and receiving value from one-another. Then, when the time comes to have casual sex or to start dating, you already have a fantastic network of women available to engage with and connect with! 

These women will already know you, already trust you, and if they are interested in you, will be much more likely to want to have fun with you. 

I’m Going To Tell You Something That Is Going To Revolutionize Your Dating Life

When you meet women, your first priority is to build a real connection with her as a human first

Then, if you find that you are attracted to her, feel free to flirt with her and execute on that chemistry. 

But don’t let that cloud your perception of her as a human. 

So many men put that woman on a pedestal when they want sex with her, and start treating her differently than they would treat their guy friends. 

But this is actually quite a turn-off. And even if women say that they want it, they rarely have sex with the men who treat them this way!

On the opposite note, so many men get so bitter toward women for refusing their advances

Don’t do this either!

If you put it out there and she isn’t interested, be respectful to her and continue to treat her like a human. 

This Is The Number One Thing To Remember About Women And Casual Sex/Hookups

number one dating tip

Whenever you are engaging with a woman with whom you have a sexual interest, remember that your primary objectives should be to build trust, security, and honesty with her. This will make her feel safe and secure in trusting you with sexual engagement. 

This is where a lot of men go wrong, and is the reason for why women can be very apprehensive about hookups and casual sex. 

A man really only needs to be attracted to her to be interested in sex. But a woman needs to not only feel attracted to him – she also needs to feel safe, secure, and connected!

And this is difficult to do with a stranger! 

It is certainly not impossible. It is just a bit of a challenge – and you need to be willing to face it if you want to hook up with a woman the same night you meet her! 

This Is Why Tribal Dating Is So Powerful

Most relationships form between classmates, co-workers, people who share similar groups, people who meet people through mutual friends, etc. 

Building relationships within a tribe offers you time to spend together, time to build connection, time to be assured of safety, time to build trust, etc. 

And all of this works together to help sexual chemistry blossom – especially for women! 

Remember – We Are Powerful Alpha Men, And We Are On A Mission

Alpha Male Strategies

Women are not our mission. Sex is not our purpose. 

We are minding our business, getting money, and pursuing our purpose. 

And if we meet beautiful women along the way who we want to have sex with, we are engaging with them and inviting them to do that with us! 

We are not altering our course for a woman. We are not changing our goals for a woman. 

We are not putting women on a pedestal, and we are not getting discouraged if we get rejected. 

We are building our empire, and we are out here building quality relationships with women in the meantime. 

And if we are truly on the alpha male path, some of these relationships will have some sexual chemistry sparking up within them – and that gives us the perfect opportunity for casual sex, hook-ups, friends with benefits, or even dating!

But remember – all of these are relationships, in all of their different and varied forms

In Conclusion – How To Get Laid Tonight

The best way to get laid tonight is to focus on building up your relationships with high value women in a tribal dynamic. 

You can definitely go out to the bars and clubs. And honestly, if you are willing to put yourself out there, hooking up isn’t even that difficult! 

But remember that there is nothing more powerful for a high value man than building true, lasting connections with high value women. And also remember that if we focus too much on getting laid tonight, we will be missing out on the whole point. 

The point isn’t to be able to have sex no-demand whenever you want. That’s what porn is for. 

The point of sex is to enjoy it with high value people you enjoy

It is truly the most intimate social construct. 

Please remember this, and don’t get down on yourself if you can’t manage to find a sexual partner every day. 

Keep working on it, and eventually, after leveling up your attraction and leveling up as a high value man, you will gain control over your sexual destiny – and have a sex life even better than you ever imagined!