The Efficient Content Method

the efficient content method


My name is Joshua K. Sigafus. 

I help coaches create amazing, optimized, attractive, valuable content for their programs, including blog posts, guides, and books—all at the same time, at a consistent pace and for an affordable month-by-month price that actually makes economic sense in these ‘uncertain’ economic times. 

To put it very simply, using my system is a lot like getting:

  • A blog writer
  • A designer
  • An SEO/optimization professional
  • A professional ghost-writer 
  • And someone who’s adept at taking your program and turning it into amazing content for your clients

…all at the same time, and for one extremely affordable monthly fee that doesn’t require any long-term contracts or obligations. 

And in this guide, I’m going to explain my entire efficient content method for coaches, how it works, and how it can benefit you. 

First, you may be asking yourself…

Who is this guy? And why should I consider working with him?

Great questions!

I’ve been a professional freelance blog and content writer for close to 14 years now. So I definitely know that it can be a challenge to create the content you need without feeling like you’re throwing time, energy, and money into a giant never-ending hole. I also know how to create content that actually wins for your business.

For example—for one of my primary clients,, my content has contributed to over 2 million page views on their website since 2020.

This blog post on my own website has gotten over 6,600 clicks in the past 16 months and ranks #1 on Google for several relevant queries…

And I’ve even ghost-written articles that were published on

Here are just a few of the dozens of positive reviews I’ve received from my clients over the years:

I’m also a self-development coach (a dating coach for men). And thus, I know how difficult it can be to walk that tightrope between doing all of the important ‘coaching’ stuff that needs to get done—while also creating content that’ll help you to increase traffic and serve your clients at the same time (without wasting your valuable time, energy, brainpower, and money in the process).

I can literally say this from experience. As of the end of 2022, I had grown my own personal coaching website traffic from 1,045 to 7,413 monthly visits over 2 years, and my personal podcast traffic from 153 to 4,787 monthly plays over 2 years. Plus, at the same time, I was:

    • Constantly learning how to better optimize my content
    • Writing, editing, designing, and publishing everything myself
    • Scheduling and conducting coaching sessions with clients on my own
    • And I managed to write 3 books—all at the same time

But here’s the bad part. 

I was doing it all on my own. 

I was burned out, tired, frustrated, and struggling to keep up.

And at the end of it all, I realized a deep and profound truth:

I could have grown it all so much faster with just a little bit of help. 

You only have so much brain energy bandwidth. And there are only so many hours in a day.

And let’s be honest—creating blog posts for your website (while absolutely necessary if you want your coaching business to grow as fast as possible) probably isn’t the best thing for you (a talented coach with a world-changing program) to be doing on a day-to-day basis. 

Alright… now let’s talk about why you need this…

Here’s the problem.

As a coach, you need to spend more time coaching and less time creating content

However—you also need great content to not only attract future coaching clients, but to also provide your current clients with the resources they need—specifically tailored to communicate the detailed, unique steps of your program (resources that are actually filled with your own methods—not cookie-cutter, generic pieces of content or content created by other people).

Here’s the truth of the matter

I’ve been in this game for long enough to know exactly what it’s like to try to keep up with the ‘content wheel’ while also being a coach at the same time. 

I’m pretty awesome. I write fast, and I manage my time well. And even I know that it’s just not realistic (even for me, who’s a professional coach and a professional writer) to expect to create all of the content you need on your own, while still managing to do the important world-changing coaching stuff that you need to do to provide real transformation for your clients. 

Here are some points that are absolutely true (and I can say this because I’ve been in the game and seen what works).

1. You need content

There’s no question about this. Coaches who don’t create optimized evergreen SEO blog content are leaving valuable internet market share on the table. 

Building a niche website filled with amazing blog posts is one of the fastest, most efficient ways to bring in more traffic and build your email list—and if you don’t do it, your business will eventually suffer for it. 

I realize that you probably have a marketing system in place that helps you to get clients now. And that’s awesome. 

But in the future, you’ll probably want to really double-down on your mailing list (so that you can direct-market to your devoted tribe of followers) and develop a marketing machine that’ll bring new leads to you (thereby empowering you to spend less time prospecting and more time coaching). 

And an optimized, well-structured, high-quality blog is still, hands down, one of the best returns on investment for succeeding at this goal long-term.

2. Your content needs to be optimized and awesome

I hate to say this. But writing great content and just slapping it onto your website won’t guarantee any traffic. Trust me. I’ve done big experiments in this department. And the truth of the matter is that every blog post really needs to be optimized in order for it to truly work for your brand. 

But here’s the problem. Making awesome optimized content takes a lot of time—and it also requires a specific set of skills that are time-consuming to learn (and frustrating to practice if you don’t love to do them). 

Plus, let’s be honest about something else while we’re at it. 

Worrying about SEO optimization in this new-fangled crazy online world sucks. 

It just plain SUCKS. 

And as a coach, you really don’t need that aggravation (and yet, it’s a crucial part of scaling and growing your coaching business to higher levels of success).

3. You can’t do it all by yourself

Okay, maybe you could

But you shouldn’t. 

Thus, you’re going to need to either walk away from all of that online coaching market share space that you could be occupying with an amazing blog—or you’re going to need to figure out a way to make it happen so that you can maximize your resources while still making the traffic, knowledge, and content progress that counts. 

4. Content should be more than just ‘optimized blog posts’

Here’s another thing that a lot of coaching don’t realize. 

To run a successful coaching business nowadays, you need A LOT of content. You need blogs, guides, and books to really help your business (and your clients) to succeed. 

You need:

  • Blogs (optimized with relevant keywords and SEO magic) to bring in more relevant, qualified web traffic to build your email list, generate leads, and sign-up more clients


  • Guides (very specific, high-quality PDFs that are custom-tailed to your own brand and methodology) to share with your clients so that you can scale your business and provide more, higher-quality resources in less time (this equals more income for you with less repeat work. In other words—optimizing your brain energy bandwidth by sharing guides with coaching clients instead of walking each one of them through each step personally, empowering you to actually spend your time coaching them on their own unique challenges. This also makes you a more effective coach)


  • Books (books that specifically detail your program in a step-by-step fashion) to help onboard new clients, cultivate new leads, and increase cashflow by giving you an amazing product of your own to sell. Books also build credibility, give you the opportunity to reach more people, and give you the power to reach larger marketplaces than you could have ever reached before. 

5. Creating content is expensive

Heck yes it is (usually). But it’s not just expensive from a financial perspective. It’s also expensive in terms of time, energy, brain power, and bandwidth. 

But it doesn’t have to be. Yes, you’ll need to dish out some cash to get amazing, top-level content (this is definitely not something you want to cheap out on). 

But—there is a way to get a lot more for your money than coaches usually get. 

I’ll explain how my method provides you with a ton more value for your money in just a moment…

6. Content creation should be strategic

I call this intentional unique content repurposing. 

And it goes like this. 

  1. I learn your system
  2. I create an AMAZING overarching content plan for your coaching business (6-month plans work best in most cases)
  3. I do all the SEO research and optimization work
  4. I create unique and beautiful blog posts and upload them to your website
  5. I turn each one of those blog posts into a beautiful PDF download ‘guide’ that you can also easily share with your clients (or park in your community)
  6. I also turn these guides into a book that you can sell by revising them slightly, so that they’ll fit perfectly into a ‘book’ format
  7. I do all of this so that you don’t have to. You get content for blog posts, guides, and books all at the same time, for one price—plus, it’s all custom-tailored to your brand, business, and program, and has your name on it. 


It’s literally the magic solution to the frustrating problem of creating content as a coach.

How Does My Efficient Content Method Work?

I’m really glad you asked. 

Let’s break it down step by step.

Step 1 - I Learn Your System

I do this by interviewing you in short Zoom sessions and recording those sessions so that I can preserve the information and turn your magic coaching knowledge into some truly magical life-changing content

I can also use your current resources/content to add more details to the formula. 

And honestly—this is the ‘secret sauce’ of my system, and it works like a charm. 

Step 2 - I Help You Plan And Package Your System Into An Outline For A Series Of Blog Posts, Guides, And A Book

See, being a self-development coach with a professional background in writing, I know how to back-engineer your program and package it in a manner that’ll actually translate and work for your clients. 

I also know how to make content creation incredibly efficient. The key here is to plan out the entire system, to outline it appropriately, and to understand the framework, purpose, and goal for each specific piece of content. 

Once again—this is another part of the ‘secret sauce’ that makes my system awesome. I’ve done this so many times at this point that I know exactly what to do (and what not to do) to make the process as efficient and effective as possible.

Step 3 - I Do Keyword Research For Each Topic

There’s a certain ‘magic’ that happens when you take an amazing coaching system, package it into a guide with high-quality writing, and then optimize it using basic, yet proven optimization strategies and high-volume keywords that are hyper-relevant to your subject matter and audience. 

When this is done well, you end up with a beautifully written blog post that also functions as an amazing, sharable guide that you can use to help you coach your clients and familiarize them with your system’s most crucial steps. 

But these blog posts will also be ranking on search engines and bringing even more traffic to your website. 

This formula is, once again, something that most coaches never utilize because they either don’t have the time, don’t have the skills, or don’t have the knowledge to do it all themselves. 

But when you do it right, the returns on your investment are truly massive. 

Step 4 - I Create Beautiful, Amazing, Transformational Blog Posts/Guides For Each Step Of Your System

This is the actual ‘writing’ part of the process. But it’s also so much more than that. 

As I create each blog post, I’m also creating a concise PDF guide that you can share or provide as a resource for your clients. 

And I’m also adding that guide as a chapter in your book. 

This empowers you to grow your content on 3 crucial fronts, all at the same time. I make slight adjustments to the copy to make each one perfectly suited to its purpose—but they’re all explaining the same step and process in your same authentic brand voice—thus, your production costs are cut down, the entire process is made more efficient, and you end up with beautifully designed blog posts, PDF guides, and book chapters that’ll eventually empower you to fill out your entire process from beginning to end. 

I also take special care to format all of these materials according to your brand image. 

This means that they’ll look alike, sound alike, and resonate in the same natural, organic, authentic manner—and in true alignment with your core message, values, principles, and methodologies. 

Step 5 - I Publish Everything For You

Here’s another thing about content creation:

It also takes time to lay it out, design it, make it look beautiful, and publish it. 

But this is another step that I cover for you with my system. 

Here’s how it works:

1. I’ll publish your blog posts

You give me access to your website so I can publish your optimized blog posts for you. Aside from giving them a once-over yourself (if you so desire), you don’t even need to touch them!

2. I’ll assemble and publish your guides

I also take this content and turn it into beautifully designed PDF files that you can share and/or send to your clients. I put these files wherever you want them and name them appropriately—and you’ll always have access to them whenever you need them.

3. I’ll also assemble, package, and complete your book

Every time I create a blog post/guide for you, I’ll also create a version that fits perfectly into a ‘chapter’ format for your book. Once again, I do all of this for you. I’ll literally have a ‘book file’ that I’ll keep as we build your book one guide/chapter at a time. And when it’s all done, I’ll assemble it for you and put the finishing touches on it so that you’ll end up with a finalized, complete book—ready to sell on whatever marketplace you desire. 

What Is The Next Step? How Do You Get Started?

The next step is to reach out to me directly and set up either a Zoom or phone call, so that I can answer any questions you have and talk about pricing. 

Simply email me using the contact form below to set up the meeting. I’d love to learn more about your program and tell you exactly how much it would cost to get you started on the efficient content method. 

Email me to set up a call!

How Much Does It Cost?

You may be thinking to yourself:

“Geez, this sounds cool. But it’s probably expensive.” 

But that’s where you actually might be really pleasantly surprised. 

See, due to the fact that this process efficiently repurposes the core, foundational content of your program and system (and thus, prevents us from needing to ‘reinvent the wheel’ every time we create content for you), you actually save thousands of dollars on costs. 

Pricing And Packages

1. The Full Content Package

My premier offering is the full content package. This means blog posts, guides, and a book for your coaching business. 

2. The Blog Post Package

Some coaches don’t need all of this stuff. They really only need blog posts. For those coaches, I offer a slightly modified package called the blog post package: 

3. The Book Package

And finally, for coaches who don’t really need blog post help, and who only need to create a book (either from scratch or with existing content), here’s my book package: 

A Trial Period

For best results, you’ll really want to utilize this service for 6 full months in order to make it work for you to the best level possible. 

This means:

  • 11 blog posts (1 in the first month, along with the strategy/onboarding process, and 2 per month after that)
  • 11 guides (At the same frequency as the blog posts)
  • And 1 amazing book, created by uniquely and creatively repurposing the content from the blog posts and guides

But in order to give you the chance to really try it out, I break it up into 1-month increments. 

Signing up month-by-month helps you to get a feel for whether or not the system will be perfect for you. And if you don’t end up loving it, well, that’s totally fine. You can cancel the service after just one month, and you can move on to experiment with a different system that might work better for you. 

No fuss, no muss! 

This really limits your financial investment, and helps you to dip your toes into the water without sinking a bunch of valuable capital into a project that you’re not completely sure about. 

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to understand how effective my efficient content method can be. 

I also hope that you’ll consider taking the time to schedule a call with me to explore it even more. 

In any case, thank you so much for taking the time to read through this guide—and regardless of whether we end up working together or not, keep up the good work. The world needs amazing coaches. So keep working to make the world a better place, keep improving your program, and don’t stop until you accomplish your vision and change the world. 

Go with grace, and never give up your power. 

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