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How To Become Alpha Male

5 Steps To Become Alpha Male – Life Changing Advice For Men

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Lately, I have been putting a lot of work and effort into thinking about the actual process of how to become alpha male

What I mean by this, is that I have been striving to level-up in a lot of ways lately. 

You see, I’ve realized that I can do better than I’m doing right now. 

I can make more money. I can learn to be better and win more with women. I can get more accomplished. I can set my sights higher in my life. I can strive for more greatness, and I can be more consistent. 

I refuse to be stagnant. And now, more than ever, this realization is literally burning within me… right in the very depths of my soul. 

I feel like I am in a race. I am racing death itself to glory and greatness. And I refuse to let death beat me to the finish line. 

I’ve learned a lot over the past several months. I’ve learned hard lessons. I’ve failed. I’ve been knocked down a few times. I’ve bitten off more than I could chew. 

But in pushing myself, I’ve also uncovered new, powerful revelations that I never understood before. 

And as I continue on this journey, I see that my life is becoming truly great

Brick by brick, we build our empires, men. And I see it happening in my own life every day

And I love it. It fills me with boundless joy. I revel in my victories and my failures… because I never truly fail. I just learn, and adapt, and grow after I pick myself back up

Here are 5 life-changing steps that I have learned lately that are essential for alpha male men who want to transform their life and absolutely crush their goals and achieve their dreams

Let’s get right to the bottom of it.

Step 1 – Get Tougher

I talk about this quite a bit, actually. But it cannot be overstated. 

You need to cultivate deep, profound tenacity in your life.

You literally need to become unshakable.

You need to become bulletproof. You need to be ready to be truly unfazed by the things people say about you. 

You must learn to weather every storm like a strong oak tree. You need to learn to act wisely, while letting people’s emotional reactions roll off your shoulders like rainwater.

You need to become truly tough as iron. This is not negotiable. And it only comes by intentionally practicing and doing

Step 2 – Enforce Your Boundaries With An Iron Fist

There is no room on the alpha male journey to success for wishy-washy men. 

Lately, I have learned more than ever that I must enforce my boundaries unapologetically, and with absolute iron-clad force and resolve

This literally applies to everything. This applies to the neighbors who try to park their car in my driveway without my permission. This applies to work colleagues who try to jerk me around with payments. This applies to friends, loved ones, family members… even my own children. 

Of course, we want to be kind. We want to be compassionate. But we must also rule our own lives with absolute authority

Do Not Shun Conflict. Welcome It. Embrace It

Have it whenever you have the opportunity. Learn to thrive in it and be comfortable in it. 

This is how strong men live. They get every conflict out of the way as soon as possible. Nothing is left to simmer. As soon as they step up to the table, everything that needs to be said and addressed gets said and addressed.

Nothing lies dormant and hidden. A true alpha does not fume about something, neglect to say it out of fear or to please others, and then blow up about it later. 

He deals with it. Right here. Right now. He throws down the gauntlet… and if needed, he goes to war. 

Why? Because he knows that the sharp knife cuts the quickest, but hurts the least.

And he is not afraid of doing so. Rather, he welcomes to the opportunity to enforce his boundaries… because in doing so, he also actually gives other humans around him the best chance of succeeding as well. 

He is being honest. He is being true. He is communicating in the moment, and giving the people around him the absolute best opportunity to see where the course has gone wrong, and to seek correction. 

Brooding people are some of the most unhealthy and ineffective people in the world, and all that broodiness accomplishes is that it reinforces our fear of conflict

And all this does is weaken us. 

Step 3 – Practice Kindness So Seriously That It Becomes A Reflex

I know that enforcing boundaries with an iron fist might sound ‘unkind’ to some. But the truth is that nothing could be further from the truth. 

For as we act out our truth, we always strive to do so with kindness and respect

We must not neglect this. 

I’ve known many strong men who have neglected this. And in the end, they were weaker and less-wise for it.

We can be honest. We can be true to ourselves. And we can enforce our boundaries… all while being kind. 

Whenever I look back and realize that I did not act kindly, I realize that I made a mistake, and I seek to correct that behavior in the future. 

Kindness must become our first nature. It must be our default setting. This is not negotiable. To be strong and kind is the most powerful mixture of virtues a man can possess. 

Step 4 – Start Working On Your Skills, Side-Hustles, And Businesses

Men, it is time for us to stop being broke. It is time for us to get some digits in our bank accounts. 

It is time to start making real money with our own two hands. 

I am grinding day and night to bring my goals and visions to life. 

I’m pitching new clients almost every day, trying to land my next great project. 

I’m working on many websites, writing a book, and working on transforming my business all at the same time

I’m hustling like I have something to prove, because I do

I want 7 figures in my bank account one day.

One day, I want to buy my children cars. One day, I want to be able to buy my loved ones a home if they are in need of one. 

One day, I want to have enough money in the bank that I can put everything on hold for a week to sit beside a close loved one who is sick in the hospital. 

These are the things that matter to me. And when I’m gone, I want my grandchildren, their children, and even their grandchildren to tell stories of their great, great grandfather, and how much he accomplished, and how much he changed the world and made it a better place for his tribe, loved ones, and community. 

I want to leave that legacy for them. But it will only be accomplished by getting real money, and using it to make a real difference. 

Step 5 – Find The Person Who You Admire The Most, And Pledge To Outperform Them

I have a work mentor who works tirelessly to build his business. He is a true master of his craft, and he has accomplished a lot more than me in a much shorter timespan

When I met him, I was tempted to be a little intimidated by him. But instead, I learned from him. I tried to pick his brain every chance I got. I shut up, put my ego aside, and listened when he spoke to me… and to this day, I still do.

I strive to take all of his advice seriously, digest it, and understand it. 

At one point, though it was hard for me to admit, I swallowed my pride and realized the truth. 

This man was better than me. He is working harder. He is accomplishing more, and he is doing it smarter. 

And now, I am on a mission to beat him

I want to make more money than him. I want my websites to earn more money than his do. I want to get more views. I want to build a larger, more powerful business. I want my tribe to be richer, bigger, and more powerful. 

But this mindset does not come from a place of spite. It comes from a place of love and respect. You see, I love and respect this man. I have learned so much from him, and that knowledge is priceless. He has truly challenged me in life, and he has given me more knowledge than I could ever repay him for. 

He has taught me many things I didn’t know. And in many ways, I am like a student to him. 

But there comes a time when we must grow up and become the master. We must stand on our own two feet, and realize that it is time to seize the reins and take control of our own destiny. 

But that takes hard work. We need to work harder, longer, and more passionately… and that is a tall order when we are trying to overtake someone who is also working hard, fast, consistently, and passionately!

But this mentality breeds greatness. This spirit of competition, mutual respect, and love for those who are greater than we are drives us, as alpha males, to understand that if we wish to become the head of the pack and build a truly successful tribe, we must EARN IT with our blood, sweat, and tears

There is no easy way to the top, my friends. The ‘make money overnight’ gurus lie to you through their teeth. 

Chasing greatness is simple. But it is the hardest thing you will ever do in your lifetime. 

In Conclusion – How To Become Alpha Male – Embrace These 5 Tips

Obviously these are not the only tips to learn to become alpha male. 

But they are all important, and they are lessons that I have been learning over and over again during this season of my life

We must learn to rise above our weaknesses. We must learn to shed our old weaker skins, and grow into something more powerful than we are now. 

As We Do This, We Make Our Lives Truly Great 

This is where the mentality starts. This is where greatness starts! 

It happens in those little choices we make every day… to work an extra 30 minutes on your website. To find a mentor and read about him instead of playing a video game. To spend some time developing a marketable skill instead of wasting time. 

To do another set of reps at the gym instead of going home early because you just aren’t feeling it. 

In striving to be more consistent, we slowly but surely level up. And in pushing ourselves a little more each day, we eventually become capable of things we only dreamed of doing a week, a month, or a year ago. 

But we have to want it. It rarely comes naturally, and laziness is a very easy pit to fall into!

Go with grace, my friends… and never give up your power! 

Until next time. 

Joshua K. Sigafus