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how to get a girl to like you

How To Get A Girl To Like You – The True Alpha Male Way

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How to get a girl to like you…

This is a fantastic question. A lot of men misunderstand this.

A lot of men think that getting a girl to like you involves chasing after women and attempting to win them over.

But this is actually the opposite of the right thing to do.

In this post, I’m going to explain why you need to be minding your business, chasing money, and pursuing your purpose instead of chasing women if you really want women to like you.

I’m going to explain why focusing on women in-general is one of the worst things you can do in your mission to actually win with women! 

These ideas are actually opposite to what our culture teaches us as men, so it is really really important that we understand this so that we can successfully navigate dating culture as men in the most natural way possible. This is especially true if you are an alpha male.

I’m about to show you how to get a girl to like you for real… the true alpha-male way. 

No gimmicks. No cheap tricks. No mumbo jumbo. This is the true path. 

(Note: If you want to read an incredible book on the topic of human mating behavior, grab a copy of The Evolution Of Desire: Strategies Of Human Mating, by David M. Buss. It will absolutely blow your mind and help you to seriously level-up in your alpha-male journey!)

How To Get A Girl To Like You, The True Alpha-Male Way

First off it is very important to understand that men and women have different roles when it comes to mating behavior and the reproductive process.

Women Are Nature’s Gate Keepers 

Women are the selectors of nature and the human race. 

They have the womb and the potential to bear children. Sex is also more dangerous for women to engage in. They incur a much greater amount of risk having sex than men do. 


Because sex often has greater repercussions for women than it does for men.

Women can get pregnant. Women generally get hit harder by STIs than men.

Women are also afflicted by a harsher social stigma when they have sex with partners outside of the bounds of ‘traditional’ relationships… even though the western world has made a bigger push, as of late, to normalize sexual behavior and to stop labeling it as being so taboo.

(For the record, I am all for this! I think humans should do exactly what they want when it comes to sex, as long as they are being true to themselves and not victimizing anyone in the process.)

And in our past, women who got pregnant with the wrong man faced actual grave danger to their existence, and to the lives of their young. 

Women have evolved to solve the problem of the dangers of poor mate selection by evolving to pursue men who are more likely to commit their resources and time to them

By doing this, women try to ensure that they will attract and mate with a man who will not only stick around and help to protect them, but who will also channel their resources to the plight of raising their offspring together. 

This increases their odds for survival, and also makes it more likely that their children will grow up safely. 

Therefore, women are the genetic selectors. They select which man will get the option to procreate with them, and then procreate by choosing him as a mate and having sex with him.  

This is why I refer to women as Nature’s gatekeepers. 

Obviously, the purpose of sex is not always procreation. Humans engage in sexual activity for a wide range of different reasons. The main idea here is that this principle is quite ingrained in humans, due to eons of evolution.

And so, this core sexual mechanism still plays a role, even when childbearing is not the goal.

For example, women still tend to be attracted to men of higher status and power, even for hookups, rather than men of lower status and power.

There are also obvious exceptions to the rule. But, this is a trend that usually proves correct.

Men Are Competing With One-Another For Women And The Opportunity To Create Offspring Of Their Own

Now, men have an entirely different role when it comes to mating behavior.

The role of mankind in the grand scheme of the mating dance is to compete for the chance to mate with as many of the highest value females possible

They are nature’s competitors. 


Because men want to father as many children, and spread their genetic code among as many different hosts, as possible… thereby leaving behind the greatest genetic legacy possible.  

This solves the problem of men’s genes being removed from the human genetic pool via lack of procreation and the dying out of his bloodline

To accomplish this mandate, men evolved to pursue many different women and to attempt to reproduce with as many different potential mates as possible. 

This leads us to a very important fact that a lot of people don’t realize about mating behavior, and the differences in mating behavior between men and women.

The Main Differences In The Mating Behavior Of Men And Women

Women have evolved to favor men who are not only strong and powerful, but also men who have great resource potential, and the willingness to commit those resources to them and their children, thereby bettering their chances of survival. 

Men, on the other hand, have evolved to have as much sex with as many different women as possible in the hopes that they will spread their genetic DNA and produce as many offspring with as many high-value women as possible, thereby bettering their chances of fathering more children than other competing men. 

Why Does This Matter For The Question Of ‘How To Get A Girl To Like You?’

This is actually a really complicated question, and I’m going to try to state the answer as simply as I can. 

Women want powerful men.

Powerful men are more likely to have access to more high-quality women, and are less likely to commit to one woman. 

So as it turns out, the idea of pining after a woman is actually a great symbol of weakness, and I will explain why. 

Yes, women want commitment signals from a man. They have evolved to seek these out, and are very good at it. 

But there is another side to this that goes a bit deeper than that. 

If you were a powerful alpha male leader, you would likely be attracting, pursuing, and succeeding with many different high-value females who have a high sexual marketplace value.

That makes sense, because a powerful alpha male leader is the exact type of man a woman is going to tend to be interested in. 


Alpha Men Throughout History Have Given Women Their Best Chances For Survival

Because this is the type of man who will tend to be the best option for her in regards to protecting her, providing her with resources, and giving her and her children the best odds of success and survivability in life. 

Obviously in the old days this looked more like taking a club and defending her and her children against aggressors and wild animals. Today, women don’t really need a man to provide for them and protect them as much, because we have a more civilized society. 

But That Doesn’t Get Rid Of The Instinct 

The instinct is still alive and well in women today, and it still plays a vital role in the mate selection process. 

And when you ask the question how would a true powerful alpha male pursue a woman, the answer is actually contrary to what most of society would tell you.

How Does A True, Powerful Alpha Male Win With Women?

A true powerful alpha male is highly unlikely to go chasing after women! 

A true powerful alpha male, quite contrary to this idea, is most likely to pursue excellence in his life and pursue his purpose as his first and foremost priority.

He is more likely to be going about the business of building wealth and an Empire to further his goals, and also to further the odds for the survival of his entire tribe.  

His focus is on something much greater than having sex with a woman he is interested in! 

This, in turn, would create a situation where he would tend to attract, and gain access to, many high-quality women over the course of his lifetime. 

Why? Because that is exactly what women want, because that is the type of man who will give them the best odds of survival. 

And so, ironically, this makes alpha men incredibly attractive, and would make the women around him desire him that much more.


Because the fact that he is a true, powerful alpha male who is not only a success, but who is also pursuing excellence in his life and striving to further the survivability of his tribe by being a supportive and capable leader, makes him the ideal mate to increase the survivability of the woman and her young. 

It Is In A Woman’s Best Interest To Try To Attract Alpha Men

If such a man could be attracted, and his resources monopolized by one woman, he would prove to be a powerful asset and ally for the woman. 

His power, wealth, resources, influence, and tribal connections would serve to give her the very best chance for survival possible. 

And so, this brings us to the real truth about how to get a girl to like you.

How To Get A Girl To Like You: The Real Truth For Alpha Males

The truth about how to get a girl to like you is actually not to focus on women.

The man who focuses all of his time and attention on chasing women is actually sending a signal that he is not powerful enough to chase anything better in life.

Whereas, the man who pursues excellence, works to build an Empire, and strives to become a pillar for his tribe, and a true leader…  that is the type of alpha male that women will naturally tend to gravitate toward. 

You can also level up your attraction skills at the same time, and build your tribe to include high value women in it.

But the point of all of it isn’t to get laid. The point of all of this is to walk the alpha male path – to mind your business, get money, pursue your purpose, build and nurture your tribe, and to leave a lasting legacy of greatness for those who follow in your footsteps.

And so, the simple truth of the matter is this… 

If You Want To Know How To Get A Girl To Like You, Follow This Advice

Pursue excellence. Figure out your purpose, and pursue it relentlessly. Seek to create as much value in life for yourself and others as you possibly can.

Spend time cultivating your attraction skills, and learn to empathize with women. Learn to talk to them, to listen to them, and to be a valuable part of their life.

When you focus on true alpha male lifestyle, building excellence in your life, building an empire, and supporting your tribe, family, and loved ones…  you will also automatically attract the attention of high quality women. 

This is the real truth to learn how to get a girl to like you. 

Be yourself, keep leveling up, do your own thing, and don’t get caught up in the trap of focusing too much on women. Build value and meaning in your life and for those around you as a first priority.

(Wondering if maybe the alpha male life isn’t for you? Check out this post.)

Women should never be the focus of an alpha male’s life. They should be a high-quality addition!  

And as a side effect, you will also start attracting beautiful, high quality women along the way. 

Strangely enough, when you start to focus too much on attracting women, you start to lose touch with the true mission… to chase your purpose, build an empire, and create a lasting legacy of value for those who follow you. 

And that makes you less attractive to women! It is so ironic… but it is actually the truth. 

That’s It. That’s The True Way To Learn How To Get A Girl To Like You

I hope this makes it clear enough! 

Check out my post on the alpha male journey to learn more about that…

Never give up your power, gentlemen. Go with grace, and never give up the pursuit of excellence. Find your purpose in life, and attack it like a warrior… from this day until your last day. 

Leave a lasting, powerful legacy. And in the meantime, you will enjoy high quality relationships with many high-value women! 

And check out The Oath of Kings to learn what it means to me to truly live life with excellence.

Until next time… 

Joshua K. Sigafus