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how to level up mind body and spirit

How To Level Up Your Mind, Body, And Spirit

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How can I have a healthy mind, body, and spirit?

You can achieve a healthier mind, body, and spirit in your life by continually investing in yourself with healthy daily habits, so that you’re constantly working on developing positive momentum toward self-betterment. It’s crucial to nourish your body, your, mind, and your spirit on a consistent basis, always striving to become 1% better in each of these vital areas every day.

When I first began my own alpha journey, I realized that I wasn’t existing or performing in a very optimal state.

My body wasn’t very healthy. 

I was overweight, and my diet consisted of soda and junk food. 

I also realized that my mind was fractured (figuratively, not literally), injured, and weak. I had a strong sense of beta entitlement—and this contributed to a diminished, under-performing mental state.

I was also plagued with a ‘victim’ mentality. My sense of self-awareness, and my sense of awareness of others, was very stunted. 

There was a lot that I needed to learn about life in order to move forward. 

Unfortunately, I had spent far too much time engaging my brain in escapism and fun activities instead of leveling up, educating myself, and learning about how to be successful

And when it came to spirituality, I was a total wreck. 

I walked away from my fundamentalist Christian roots at the age of 26. 

However, I had found nothing in life to replace that lost sense of spirituality I suffered from upon leaving my faith.

I had dabbled in a few different things (most notably hedonism and paganism), but none of them really led anywhere that provided consistent, worthwhile results for me in my life. 

See, I hadn’t yet come to understand how important spirituality is to the human existence, why it’s important, and/or how to cultivate a sense of helpful, positive spirituality for myself. 

In other words, in all three of these areas, my life was a total disaster

So when I first embraced the alpha mentality, I really buckled down and made a rule for myself. 

I promised myself that I was going to start leveling up my mind, body, and spirit—striving to become 1% better every day.

Over time, this actually morphed into one of the central tenets of my entire alpha journey process. 

And in this post, you’re going to learn all of the essential, gritty details I’ve learned about how to make this process work.

What you’re about to learn is the ‘essential overview guide’ to how I level up my mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis—so that instead of stagnating and deteriorating in life, I always become 1% better than I was the day before. 

Hopefully, you find this guide useful. 

And hopefully, the record of these habits will serve to inspire you to level up in all of these crucial areas as well. 

Let’s get started.

Note: If you’re interested in the content matter of this post, then you’ll definitely be interested in our master guide to becoming truly alpha. Make sure to check that out to get a full rundown of the entire process, from beginning to end, along with a full list of resources and other guides.

Why Is It Important To Level Up Your Mind, Body, And Spirit?

It’s important to continually level up in these areas because if we don’t, we will just coast through life and stagnate. 

See, all three of these areas (the mind, body, and spirit) are foundational health and wellness pillars – and all of them require constant nourishment, nurturing, and growth.

Otherwise, they begin to deteriorate. 

In other words:

  • If you’re not constantly working to improve your fitness, you’re going to be deteriorating in it. 
  • If you don’t constantly nourish your mind and challenge it, it’s going to begin to deteriorate. 
  • The same is true of your spiritual life.

Overarching health and wellness progress isn’t like a thing you buy and put on the shelf. 

If you buy a book and you set it on your bookshelf, you now own that book. And it’s going to pretty much be there for the rest of your life, unless it gets destroyed or something happens to it. 

But this isn’t true with health and wellness. 

You can’t just ‘do a workout’ and call it good.

Since our bodies are living entities, they will deteriorate if they’re not constantly stimulated, challenged, nourished, and nurtured. 

And as an alpha, you must be proactive in this process of continually striving to better your own health and wellness outcomes.

How To Level Up Your Mind, Body, And Spirit 

There are three overarching steps to this process, and quite a few ‘sub-steps’ beneath each of those. I’m going to walk you through all of them.

1. Level Up Your Mind

Learning And Education

It’s crucial for you to constantly be learning about the things that matter the most to you in your life.

For me, every single day, I’m striving to learn about how to improve my mindset, how to grow my business, how to achieve optimal fitness outcomes, how humans mate and date, etc. 

I consume audiobooks, watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, read physical books, and learn from real-life thought mentors.

It’s crucially important to devote at least a bit of time every day to learning new things.

Mental Toughness

It’s crucial to develop mental toughness for yourself. 

In life, you’re going to face a lot of psychological and emotional challenges. 

All kinds of bad shit is going to happen to you. 

I’m not trying to be doom and gloom about it. 

I’m just trying to be honest. 

Anyone who believes that life is going to be a simple hop, skip, and jump down a golden brick road is living in a fairy tale. 

Life, at some point, is going to emerge from a creepy dark alley to punch the shit out of your face, kick you while you’re down, and steal your wallet. 

And guess what? 

A huge part of surviving and overcoming in this game of life all comes down to mental toughness

If you develop it, you’ll grow a thick enough mental skin to survive and overcome it. 

If you don’t, you may struggle to get up off the ground once you fall. Then… you’ll be in real trouble.

Self Awareness

It’s really important that you learn what’s going on in your mind

It’s important to learn how your mind works, how the human mind works in general, and how you can use this knowledge to improve your thought processes, your perception of the world, and your performance in all the vital life domains that matter (i.e. dating, relationships, business, fitness, etc.). 

How you perceive the world, and how you filter your thoughts and behaviors as a result of this perception, will make a huge difference in how successful you are in life. 

The human mind is a complex machine. 

But if you can learn how this machine works, you can really use the tools within it to your advantage. 

And make no mistake—the mind is an incredibly powerful tool

And yet, most of us waste this potential by not striving every day to learn as much as we can about it.

Awareness Of Others

Cultivating self-awareness is crucial to the alpha journey, but cultivating an awareness of others is equally important. 

You could call this a healthy blend of empathy, an understanding of basic human behavior, how to read body language, how to read human emotions, how to detect deeper desires and motives in the people you’re dealing with, etc. 

For example, when I learned to try to figure out what motivated people instead of just reacting to their actions out of emotion and chaos, I learned that I can usually negotiate much better outcomes with people. 

See, learning to understand where people are coming from is crucial to understanding why they’re doing the things they’re doing. 

Humans are not necessarily the simplest creatures.

However, they do tend to behave according to a basic programming of human behavior principles. 

And the better you get at learning how to understand these principles and how to relate to people in a positive and helpful manner, the better off you’re going to be as you build your tribe, build relationships, deal with colleagues, work with partners, and just in general seek to contribute to your community and make your life (and the world) better.

Turning Failures Into Lessons

Learning to turn your failures into lessons is another crucial exercise that begins in the mind—and honestly, this takes practice. 

When you face failures in life, learn to think to yourself:

“This wasn’t what I planned on. So I need to back engineer this, learn what went wrong, change the plan to account for this new information, and then attack it again.”

Solving Problems

As alphas, we must learn to understand that life is going to be full of problems. 

If you want to live a ‘normal life’ without problems—then I’m afraid you’re not going to get very far. 

Instead of hoping that problems don’t arise, learn to spot them and solve them as quickly and as efficiently as possible. 

This may require you to become comfortable in situations that just don’t feel comfortable. 

But this is a powerful mental framework that’ll greatly contribute to your overall life success—and it’s a fantastic exercise and habit for the brain. 

2. Level Up Your Body


Sleep is an absolute foundational pillar of health and wellness. 

If you don’t proactively strive to achieve optimal sleep habits in your life, you’re going to suffer for it. 

Getting a healthy, quality night’s rest is crucial

There are a lot of things you can do to help better your sleep processes. 

And I would encourage you to do your own research and to really delve deep into this—so that

you can overcome the many destructive issues that tend to plague people who become sleep deprived.


The more I learn about the crucial importance of a healthy diet, the more motivated I am to completely reject processed food, and to stick to not only a whole food diet, but also to an animal-based diet. 

For example, currently in my life, my diet consists for the most part of:

  • Beef
  • Fruit
  • Rice and/or sweet potatoes (only occasionally)
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Salt
  • Honey

This may sound like a restrictive diet, and it is. 

But since I’ve cut out a bunch of the processed bullshit I used to eat, I’ve noticed a huge benefit in terms of increased mental focus, increased energy levels, and just overall better health and wellness outcomes. 

Your diet is truly a foundational pillar of physical health. And it’s important to take it seriously! 


Exercise is another part of the equation that’s crucial for leveling up your body and achieving better wellness outcomes. 

Personally, on a daily basis, I try to fit in exercises in three different categories:

  • Weight training (lift heavy stuff)
  • Aerobic exercise (get your heart-rate up)
  • And general movement/mobility (stretching, yoga, walking, etc.)

For example, lifting some weights, doing some calisthenics, and then doing a basic yoga routine is a perfect example of what I would consider an optimal daily exercise routine

I truly believe that all three of these types of exercise are needed to help the human body stay as healthy as possible. 

I believe that if you neglect any one of these crucial exercise groups, you’re going to be leaving serious benefits on the table—and your body just isn’t going to be operating at the optimal level that it could be operating at otherwise. 

Hey, you don’t have to break yourself down over it. Just start where you’re at, and work your way up. Make a plan, and get your body in motion! 

3. Level Up Your Spirit

Do You Believe In A Higher Power?

For a lot of people, spirituality ties back to religion. 

For many years, this was also true for me. 

I was a fundamentalist Christian. 

And so, for me, spirituality was basically how I would describe my relationship with God. 

But that being said, nowadays, I’m not necessarily religious (though I do see the value in it, and I would never try to dissuade anyone from pursuing a religious path). 

I’ve long since walked away from the religious beliefs of my past.

Today, my sense of spirituality really involves me cultivating a deeper relationship with myself, a better, more positive, more realistic relationship with all of the life and energy I feel around me, and a deeper understanding of the fact that this ‘human life’ of ours is very short and limited. 

It’s important for us to maintain a bird’s eye view of all of it—so that we don’t get too caught up in the nitty-gritty details of the day-to-day processes. 

Yes, we need to be up-to-speed on the details. But sometimes—we also just need to sit under the stars and/or around a fire with some friends, talk about the universe, and remember how incredibly tiny we are in the grand scope of all of it. 

Cultivate A Deeper Relationship With Yourself

I’m constantly striving to get to know myself better, to develop a positive inner dialogue with myself, and to also engage in practices like self-talk and mirror talk—to hold myself accountable, to give myself the verbal nurturing I need to succeed every day, and to also strive to give myself understanding, forgiveness, empathy, and other positive things. 

It’s important for us to become self-reliant as alphas.

Listen—it’s really great to have good people in your life who will help to give you some of these positive things (loving words, encouragement, praise, positive compliments, etc.).

However, we should always strive to maintain self-reliance in these positive affirmation areas. 

In other words, we need to positively affirm ourselves enough so that we don’t really need anyone else to do it for us. 

The best-case scenario is this: 

We should give ourselves all of the positive affirmation we need to survive and thrive. Then, we do receive these positive affirmations from other people, they’re just supposed to be extra awesome added on top of an already fulfilled area of our life.


I believe that meditation—and even a yoga practice based around it—can be incredibly beneficial for a deeper sense of spirituality. 

I’ve tried many different types of meditation—and to be honest, I’m not a super advanced meditator. 

For me, meditation usually involves sitting quietly for five minutes focusing on a mantra, or just trying to clear my mind and envision white empty space. 

These things are always useful to me. And when I do them habitually, I always notice pretty awesome benefits. 

It’s not super fancy. 

In the future, I’ll probably delve deeper into meditation to learn more about it. This is yet another frontier I look forward to conquering in my own alpha journey as I move forward and continue to develop myself on a spiritual level. 

Be Diligent About Creating Peace And Harmony In Your Life

I believe that one of the most important benefits of spirituality comes from how it can help to create peace and harmony in our lives

Therefore, whenever you’re thinking about a process that you consider ‘spiritual,’ it might be worth asking yourself:

“Will this process help to create more peace and harmony for me in the future?” 

If the answer is yes, then it’s probably going to be a useful spiritual practice. 

If the answer is no, then I would really caution you to question the merit of whether or not this ‘spiritual practice’ is really going to be beneficial to you.

There are plenty of ‘good things’ in life that stress us (workouts, work, building assets, taking risks, facing challenges, etc.). In my way of thinking, spirituality should be one of the things in life that DOES NOT stress us out! 

Can I Really Have A Healthy Mind, Body, And Spirit?

100% Yes. 

Now, keep in mind that health and wellness exist on a spectrum. 

We will never achieve perfectly optimal health and wellness.

Even if you do a really good job of taking care of yourself and leveling up in these areas, you’re probably not going to develop super strength, telekinesis, the ability to traverse other dimensions, or any other type of ‘supernatural power.’ 

(At least, I’ve never seen any direct evidence that any of these things are actually possible—but also, admittedly, I’m not an expert on the topic of developing supernatural powers, so I guess anything is possible, right?) 

With that being said, doing the best you can (and continuously striving to become better every single day) is really what it’s all about. 

You don’t have to be perfect to become better every day. 

If you’re making an effort to level up your mind, body, and spirit every single day, and actually moving the needle with habits that work—that’s pretty good, and a sign that you’re probably making decent progress.

And honestly, you should celebrate that success—because it is important, and it does matter.

If you’re currently not making progress in these areas—well, then there’s only one thing I have to say to you. 

It’s time to get to work! 

Books For How To Continue Leveling Up Mind, Body, And Spirit—Like A True Alpha

By Jordan B. Peterson

An amazing book that would be helpful to any human who wants to start succeeding in life in all of the ways that matter the most. 

By Sun Tzu

This book is truly a MUST READ for every alpha, due to the practical and strategic life wisdom that it contains. It’s relevant for combat, business, and any other endeavor that requires you to think through a strategy to achieve victory. 

By James Allen

This book is honestly a MUST READ for any alpha who wants to expand his or her mind and come to a better understanding of thought, and how the way we think ultimately determines our success. 

By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Learn about the mentality and mechanics of physical fitness and building up your physical strength from an incredible alpha-mentality man who truly conquered his own journey. 

By Paul Saladino

Personally, I believe that Paul Saladino has discovered the TRUE WAY of the primal, alpha-mentality diet. And I believe that this book is a MUST READ for every alpha who wants to live a healthy life. 

By Judson Brandeis MD

This book is a MUST READ for men who want to maximize their alpha-mentality health and wellness outcomes. I’ve actually interviewed Dr. Braindeis – and the knowledge contained in this books will BLOW YOUR MIND! 

By Frans De Waal

If you want to understand your emotions and utilize them to help you succeed in life, then this book is a MUST READ. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that you have to take responsibility for these things

It’s really easy to ignore these things when you don’t believe in yourself. 

When I used to live in beta mentality, I used to think:

  • What does it matter if I take care of my body? I’m just going to die anyway. 
  • What does it matter if I cultivate a better sense of spirituality? People are still going to be shitty and the world is still going to suck. 
  • Why does it matter if I learn new things? The world is still set up for me to fail. 

But see, these thought processes are all symptoms of a deep-set beta mentality. 

They’re deeply entrenched in the kind of hopelessness we feel when we don’t have faith in ourselves, and when we don’t believe that we can take our power back from the chaos and achieve greater things in life. 

Therefore, it’s really important to get started today on the process of leveling these things up, and striving to become better. 

When you really start putting effort into leveling up your mind, body, and spirit, not only will you start to become a healthier, better version of yourself—but you’ll also start to cultivate a bit of hope and faith in yourself as well. 

And to be really honest, that’s a massively powerful benefit that’ll really help you in your journey to embrace the alpha mentality. 

All right, that’s all I’ve got for this one. 

Go with grace my friends, and never give up your power. 

This is Joshua K. Sigafus signing off.