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how to look sexy

How To Look Sexy: A Discussion For Men On Physical Attractiveness

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How to look sexy. 

This can be a complicated thing for men to figure out, though.

On one hand, we know what we would like to look like. Whether that be tall dark and handsome, ripped like the hulk, or built like a nordic god, there is also usually a disparity between where we want to be and where we are

In this post, I’m going to have a frank discussion with men about how to look sexy. And hopefully, by the end of the post, you’ll realize that it isn’t as difficult as it might seem. 

The first step is to determine a goal. But quick before that, let’s take a look at an awesome book that goes perfectly with this topic, that literally changed my life when I read it…

What Is Your Goal? Why Do You Want To Look Sexy?

Figuring out your goal is actually really important. 

Do you want to look good so that other people will admire you? Do you want to appeal to higher-quality women in hopes of being seen as a ‘sexy man’ by the types of women you would like to date? 

Do you want to look good so that other men will notice you? 

Do you want to look good for yourself… just because you want to?

Hopefully, there is a little bit of all of these hidden inside your reasons for wanting to look better. 

But it is still important to figure out what your goals are. It is also important to prioritize yourself and commit to making yourself the kind if man you actually want to be… both inside and out.

The truth is that a lot of men really get stressed out about how they look… when in reality, they are not even sure what their goal is. 

So before you even get started, figure out what your goal is, and write it down in one, cohesive sentence. 

For example… 

“I want to look sexy so that more attractive women will be interested in me.”

This is a very reasonable, concise, logical reason to want to look good! 

But whatever your reason is, write it down. That’s the first step. 

Step 2 Of How To Look Sexy: Do The Best With What You Have

If looking sexier means buying nicer clothing, you might be able to do that right away. 

If it means getting a haircut, that can also be accomplished pretty quickly. 

Losing weight, or building muscle, however… these are things that take a bit more time. 

At any rate, figure out what you have to work with right now, and make the most of it

Figure out which clothes you have that look the best on you, wash them, and create a couple of outfits. 

Do your hair the best you can with the haircut you have right now

You can’t lose 10 pounds overnight… but you can choose outfits that flatter your body-style instead of working against it. 

In other words… put some effort into looking sexy, using what you have immediately at your disposal

This is a great start, and really speaks to being adaptable and comfortable in your own skin… which is a definite alpha-male mindset.

Step 3: Knock Out The Easy Stuff

Scheduling a haircut is pretty easy. 

Buying new clothes can be a bit expensive… but it still probably won’t take you long to start filling your wardrobe with the types of clothing that look good on you. 

Cleaning your shoes, mending holes in your jeans, buying new shoelaces for your sneakers, making sure that your hair is combed and your beard is styled… these are all things that might require you to buy a thing or two, but that will do a lot to help you level-up your looks

You can also put effort every day into showering, smelling good, practicing basic hygiene, etc.

The main idea is to put as much effort as possible into looking presentable. 

You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed, with sloppy hair, dirty clothes, an unkept beard, etc. 

You want to look like a proud, strong man who wakes up with a mission… who dresses for success every day! 

So conquer the easy things first, then move on to the harder stuff. 

Step 4: Start Whittling Away At The Bigger Stuff

One vital lesson that we all need to learn about how to look sexy is that it sometimes takes a bit of work to get where we want to be… and that is totally fine! 

The important thing is to get started! 

This usually boils down to shaping our body the way we want it. 

As men, many of us want to look our best. We want tight bodies, big muscles, strong abs, a chiseled back… all of the things that we associate with strength and athleticism. 

And for good reason! These are attractive qualities, and women have adapted to seeking them out, as they signal to women that this man is strong, athletic, and powerful enough to hunt, gather food, and defend you from predators

But one thing that you do need to understand is that you can’t rush yourself on these things. It takes a LOT of time and work to build a dream body. So start small. Go to the gym for 20 minutes a day. 

When you really start getting into it, start going for an hour. Start challenging yourself more and more. 

Or, you can participate in other types of fitness activities. Try hiking, boxing, karate, basketball, swimming… anything that will help you to exercise, but that will also contribute to your days being more fun and meaningful. 

Important Hack To Losing Weight Through Exercise: Find Something You Enjoy Doing, And Do That

I am a firm believer in focusing on the activity just as much as you focus on the outcome

Yes, plan out what kind of body you would like to have, and focus on that at least a little bit. 

But also, don’t get so focused on that that you psych yourself out in the short-term! 

Find an activity that you enjoy, that brings joy to your life… and do that to lose weight. Take pride in it, get better at it, and make it a staple part of your everyday life.

It is easier every day to focus on your love for lifting weights or your passion for basketball than it is to focus on doing this type of program every day for a year to achieve this certain body type

Of course, you need a balance. You need to have your end-game in mind. 

But you also need to remember that losing weight and building muscle is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Change The Fundamentals Of Your Life To Work Toward Your Goal

In my goals for ‘how to look sexy,’ I try to adopt fundamental daily practices that really help me to achieve longer-term results. 

For example… I try to go to the gym and do my favorite exercises every day

I also try to cut out super-sugary foods and soda on a daily basis. 

Sure, sometimes I cheat. But if I only drink 1 soda per week instead of 10, that is a huge victory!

It really call comes down to trying to be efficient. 

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, but you eat a large pizza for dinner every night… you are working against yourself with habits that are not contributing to your goals! 

On the flipside… if you try to focus your habits and work toward your goals a little bit every day, with true consistency, you will eventually reach your goals. It is literally guaranteed, because you are making progress every day. 

Final Tip For How To Look Sexy: Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

As alpha male men, we must constantly be working to improve ourselves and level up. 

We do not want to stagnate. 

But we must also cultivate strong, powerful self-confidence… the kind of self-confidence it takes to trust in the passing of time, and that as time passes, our good habits will produce the results we want

We must be patient… we must adopt good habits, every day… we must work every day to accomplish our goals… but we must also be strong, confident, and at peace exactly where we are. 


Because Rome wasn’t built in a day… and because we must have faith in our long-term game, and trust ourselves to keep doing the little things every day that add up to big differences over time. 

It’s not about hitting the gym for a massive 6-hour workout session for one day. 

It’s about hitting the gym every day for an effective 20 minute workout, while balancing a healthy diet without starving ourselves or getting discouraged. 

This is all a great balancing act, and it really all comes down to consistency.

The men who win are the men who show up every day, and do the work.  

In Conclusion

Keep striving to be better, do better, and level up. That is the mandate of every powerful alpha male, and an important part of the alpha male journey

If you want to know more about my own personal alpha-male code, check out the Oath of Kings… the code that I strive to live by every day.

Hopefully, this post has helped you to understand how to look sexy as a man, how to cultivate better habits to look sexy, and how to think about the concept in a way that will bring you long-term, positive results.

Go with grace, my friends. And never give up your power. 

Until next time… 

Joshua K. Sigafus