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how to meet milfs and date them

How To Meet MILFs And Date Them – 5 Expert Dating Coach Tips

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This post is for the gentlemen. In this article, you’re going to learn how to meet MILFs and date them. 

For those of you who don’t know, a MILF is basically a ‘Mom I’d Like To F*ck.’ 

I also endearingly refer to these women as ‘sexy moms.’ 

I’ve actually had quite a bit of experience with dating in this category. I’ve dated some wonderful sexy moms, and I would by lying if I said I didn’t have a special place in my heart for women who have selflessly brought life into the world through the pain, suffering, and experiences of childbirth.

And in this post, I’m going to share the 5 most crucial tips for how to succeed in dating these beautiful, sexy, wonderful women. 

I’ve filmed a pretty in-depth YouTube video on this topic, so make sure to check that out (down below) if you want the full, fleshed-out, in-depth explanation version of what I’m about to tell you. 

But in this post, I’m going to give you the basics… the 5 most important tips. 

Let’s dig in. 

How To Meet MILFs And Date Them, Step 1. Be Yourself – Don’t Try To Be Something You’re Not

I always espouse being genuine and authentic in my content. There’s really no reason to lie about yourself, ever. 

But nowhere is this more true then when you’re dealing with sexy moms. 

Here’s the thing. 

MILFs of any age are going to be really, really thankful for honesty. 

As mothers, they may not have all the time in the world. And so, if you waste their time (or even more importantly, seem at all like you may possibly be a waste of time to them in the future), they will tend to disregard you and rule you out quickly. 

And for good reason! 

They can’t afford to waste resources on someone who’s being fake. 

Don’t pretend to be older than you are. 

Don’t pretend to be interested in marrying her if you’re not. 

Don’t pretend like you’re rich if you’re not.

Don’t pretend to want to be a dad to her kids if you don’t want to be. 

Be unabashedly you, and let the cards fall where they may. 

If you try to fake anything, she’s likely to smell it from a mile away like a shark smells blood in the water—and it’s going to earn you a one-way ticket to ‘nopes-ville.’ 

2. Do Not Be Clingy

women dont want you to be clingy quote joshua sigafus

This should always be a golden rule when dating. 

Don’t be clingy. 

(Check out this post about how to stop being needy, which is very similar.)

This is especially true for men, though. And it is especially true for men who want to date sexy moms. 

Listen, she is already worked-to-death caring for her children. 

They need, need, need her all day long. 

And even if she’s older and has older kids, she’s probably tired of being ‘needed’ by people. 

She’s either looking for a strong man to take care of her, or a fun, adventurous man to ‘sweep her off her feet’ and show her a good time. 

In either case, there is NO situation where she wants you to be clingy or needy. 

So get that sh*t under wraps. Be clingy with your guy friends or your mom, if you need to be clingy to someone. 

But be calm, cool, collected, and mysterious when learning how to meet MILFs and date them. 

3. Spend Time Where MILFs Are Spending Time, Or Start Using Dating Apps

go out and meet women in the real world quote joshua sigafus

If you want to learn how to meet MILFs, you first need to start spending time where sexy moms are actually hanging out. 

Here are my favorite places to meet sexy moms. 

  1. Events on
  2. Local group events/activities
  3. Start saying ‘yes’ when people invite you to parties, BBQs, etc. 
  4. Online dating apps (make sure to set the age filter so that you see the older moms as well if you’re into older women)
  5. My own get-togethers

Honestly, some of the most amazing moms I’ve dated were women I encountered while just living my life and doing my thing out and about in the real world. After meeting them, I would exchange contact info and eventually invite them over. Then, one thing would lead to another, and the rest is history! 

As when dating any woman, make sure to use these 3 magic ingredients to magnetic attraction

Also, make sure that you’re using these tips to engage with her in a way that’s going to earn you respect while also turning her on in the process. 

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Start Conversations

start a conversation quote by joshua sigafus

Sexy moms want to date real men. They want men who aren’t afraid to stand strong in a masculine frame. 

Often, they’re fed up with men who don’t know how to act like ‘real men,’ which is why it’s especially important to make sure that your alpha mindset is on point when you’re trying to date sexy moms. 

And yes, part of this is being willing and ‘man enough’ to start conversations and keep them going as well. 

If you suck at conversations and you don’t know how to talk to women, check out this video

Learn how to start conversations. Be the guy who engages her. Be the guy who asks her about her day. Ask her what she’s thinking about. Ask her about her passions and purpose in life. 

One thing that you’ll discover quickly when learning how to meet MILFs and date them is that these women value strong men who are willing to talk, engage, start conversations, and stimulate the mind. 

And that leads us to our final point. 

5. Be Prepared To Have REAL Conversations 

if you want to date a mom joshua sigafus quote

More often than not, sexy moms are being chased hard by men who only want hookups.

But while they are constantly dodging dick picks and booty calls, they are starved for real, genuine connection. 

They want to have real conversations, and they want to genuinely feel a connection before they have sex. 

And that’s totally understandable. 

So if you’re interested in a sexy mom, make sure to slow things down a bit and talk to her first. 

Don’t get in such a big hurry that you’re trying to escalate before you’ve spent some time in the connection phase. 

Watch this video to learn how to build connection with a woman. 

Remember… if this woman is a single mom, she has probably had some bad experiences with men. So as an alpha minded man, your goal is to learn about her, engage her mind, and figure out what kind of a person she is. 

Figure out what excites her and makes her happy. Ask her questions about the things that interest her.

Then, once you’ve started to sense that she’s having fun, feeling engaged, and at ease, start flirting and sexually escalating

If done correctly, this will make the interaction seem totally natural and fluid… which is exactly what she’s craving. 

In Conclusion

Hopefully this post has helped you to understand how to meet MILFs and date them… no bullsh*t included. 

Above all else, gentlemen, remember to embrace the alpha mentality. If you’re not sure how to start that journey, read this post. It will give you some great tips on how to get started on that path. 

For women who want to embrace the alpha mentality, read this post

That’s all I have for this one. Go with grace, my friends, and never give up your power. 

Until next time…

Joshua K. Sigafus