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How to Treat A Woman

13 Tips For How To Treat A Woman | The Alpha Male’s Guide

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I’m going to be real with you, men. Teaching gentlemen how to treat a woman is a tough topic to tackle. 

It’s tough because so many men don’t understand how important it is. 

On one hand, you want to be successful with women. 

But on the other, you need to be careful. You do not want to put women up on a pedestal. You need to have healthy boundaries, respect yourself, and enact those boundaries with a blend of strength, empathy, and mutual respect. 

You need to tolerate zero bullshit. 

You also need to deploy massive empathy and kindness as you very rigidly prioritize your own well-being first in your life. 

As an alpha male, you may want to:

  • Have positive experiences with women
  • Spend time around them
  • Work with them in harmony
  • Date
  • Have Sex
  • Flirt
  • Find a suitable long-term-relationship partner

And any of these will require you to understand how to treat a woman the correct way. 

In this post, you’re going to learn how to do it the right way. 

You’re going to learn how to treat women correctly—so that both you and the women in your life will have a positive experience that can add pleasure, fulfillment, well-being, and order to your lives. 

Let’s jump in. 

What’s The Problem? Can’t You Just Be Nice?

This is where a lot of men start to go wrong. 

Of course you want to be nice. But being nice alone isn’t enough to keep a relationship together.

I recently found this YouTube video of Marni Your Personal Wing Girl talking about this. And honestly, her video is probably the best that I’ve seen. 

Take a look. This pretty much describes the worst-case scenario that a man can find himself in, and how it all starts to go wrong. 

You see, men and women certainly tend to see the world (and each other) in a different light. 

Here are some vital truths that you need to understand. 

Men’s Core Sexual Programming

There are a vast number of very complex, overlapping social and behavioral variables at work in all of us, at every moment of every single day. And they all influence the way we behave and socialize. 

Men and women are the same in this. They also tend to be much more alike than they are different.

But men and women are inherently sexually motivated by different things. 

And for men, the core sexual programming tends to be that they want to have sex with as many different new, attractive, and high-value women as possible. 

The purpose of this is to ensure that they continue their genetic legacy. 

The more women a man sleeps with, the greater his odds are of fathering children and continuing his genetic heritage. 

Obviously, in modern-times, men are not literally trying to act out this strategy on a conscious level. 

But it is still at work subconsciously, and it drives men at an instinctual level. 

Men can also repress this core sexual programming (for example, to become monogamous and remain faithful to one woman), but there is always some element of it at work. 

This is why, as men, it is very important not to make decisions that will go against our core programming unless doing so is going to make our lives better than it would otherwise have been. 

For example: Promising a girl that you will stop sleeping with other women, if you are not actually getting something of equal or greater value in return from her, would be a violation of your core sexual programming. 

Sure, you might like the idea of doing it for some reason. But are you really going to feel good about it on a day-to-day basis?

Are you getting enough out of this transaction to make it worth suppressing a core component to your evolutionary sexual programming?

These types of compromises need to be well-thought-out, and should be avoided unless you absolutely want them and feel that you are getting enough in return to make the sacrifice worth it. 

As men, we are sexual beings. Many of us want hot sex with as many beautiful, high value women as possible. And there is nothing wrong with this. 

There also comes a time in life when our priorities may change, and we may want to settle down. 

But understanding ourselves and being honest about who we are is the first step in understanding how we can, and should, treat women in the grand scheme of the human mating dance. 

Our Desire To Perpetuate Our Genetic Legacy Isn’t The Only Factor

Of course, this is not the only factor to consider. 

Just because a man instinctually wants to have sex with as many women as possible doesn’t mean that he actually should, could, or would go through with it. 

And just because this is a core component of his sexual programming does not mean that he even desires it.

It is quite possible that there are other things he values more than this.

He needs to exercise wisdom to keep his life in order, to keep himself safe from harm, and to keep entropy and chaos from kicking his door down and fucking up his life. 

And some men might not even be that interested in pursuing a bunch of women anyway. 

That is fine. 

Every human is different in this way. We all have:

  1. A core sexual programming
  2. And millions of other overlapping variables that shape us into the unique creatures that we are today

The key here is to do what you want, to be very good at doing it wisely, and to do it unapologetically… with true conviction, understanding that it is part of your nature, and that there is no reason to repress it unless you truly want to do so. 

(Disclaimer: When I say ‘do what you want,’ I also hope that we are filtering those choices to eliminate any negative, destructive behaviors.)

That is how you take back your power from the chaos around you, and live intentionally… choosing your own path instead of walking the path that other people think you ought to be walking. 

Women’s Core Sexual Programming

womens core sexual programming

A woman’s core sexual programming is quite a bit different from a man’s.

And in order to understand how we should relate to women as men, we must look closely at it to help us determine the wisest, most natural answer. 

The best resource on the differences between the mating habits of men and women is the book The Evolution Of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating, by David M. Buss.

If you really want to learn how humans behave on the sexual marketplace, that’s the book to read!

A woman’s core sexual programming is basically this:

She wants to find the highest value man she can possibly find, attract him as a mate, and get him to channel his resources to her so that her children have not only the best possible genes (from their high-value father), but also the best chances for good health and survival (from their father’s resources and mother’s care). 

Now, with that being said, keep in mind that this answer is nothing if not overly simplistic. 

Women are complicated creatures, and each one of them is different. 

But this instinct is still alive and well within almost every human woman today. And at least in part, it drives her desire to succeed on the sexual marketplace. 

Above all other things, women desire resource potential in their mates. 

Resources include: 

  • Money
  • High status
  • Tribal connections
  • Physical strength
  • Intelligence
  • Emotional energy
  • Empathy
  •  A willingness to share
  • Time investment
  • Kindness and safety
  • And more

She will use her natural assets (beauty, sexual attraction, flirtation, etc.) to attract the highest-value man she can manage to attract. 

And if she can manage to attract this man, she will then attempt to get him to commit his time, energy, and resources to her. 

This further increases her odds of survival, and also helps to decrease the anxiety she feels when trying to compete with other females for this male’s attention and affection. 

Of course, any part of this programming can also be repressed by the woman. For example—women may seek out short-term relationships, flings, and hook ups as well.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that women are simple sexual creatures!

But, the core programming exists nonetheless. 

And within it, we can find the key to how to treat women in a way that is not only productive and natural, but that will also guarantee the best likelihood of success

What Does A Woman Want In A Relationship?

To put it simply, a woman wants a high value man to prioritize her in life to such an extent that he makes her the primary beneficiary of his resources. 

This proves to her that he is the best mate selection choice. 

Women have evolved throughout history to be attracted to the men who would provide them with the best odds for survival—from good looks, to strong muscles, to intelligence, to high social status, to income, to strong tribal connections. 

This is why women are more attracted to men who have an alpha mindset. 

Men who take responsibility for their lives, who are minding their business, getting money, and pursuing their purpose, are exactly the types of men who could provide a woman with everything she and her children need for a comfortable, safe, and secure future. 

Once again—obviously, not every woman actually wants this. But these instincts are still alive and well in women today. And they are still a powerful driving force for attraction and sexual interest! 

13 Tips – How To Treat Women Like A True Alpha Male

If you want to live like a true alpha male and start dating and engaging in relationships with women on your own terms, then it is incredibly important to understand that there is a definite list of dos and don’ts that you need to follow!

Some men don’t like to be told how to interact with women. They think that all they need to do is act like a ‘nice guy.’ 

But this mindset doesn’t come from a healthy place! 

Watch this video by Jessica J. I love Jessica J’s content—and this video is really on point! 

So many men think that ‘being nice’ is the way to win with women. Then, they turn around and post on social media about how they can’t get dates or win with women.

They’re sad, lonely, depressed, wished women would pay attention to them, etc. 

Well, as powerful alpha men who have put effort into embodying successful alpha male characteristics, we need to level up how we treat our female dating partners! 

We need to embody the true way of the strong, powerful warrior… and solve our problems instead of complaining about them

With that being said, let’s talk about 13 tips for how to treat a woman like a true alpha male. 

(Looking for more alpha male dating tips? Check out my post on Alpha Male Strategies here!)

1. Always Be Consistent

One of the biggest mistakes that a man can make with a woman is to be inconsistent. 

Women crave consistency. And when we say one thing and do another, we show her that we are either too weak to say what we mean, or too weak to do what we want. 

Or worse, both!

Be consistent. Let your word be your bond. 

Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes,’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no.’ 

Let your final word be final, and stick with it. 

Women hate it when men are wishy washy, and for good reason. 

What good can a wishy washy man bring to a woman? There is very little value to be found in a man who is tossed and turned by chaos. 

2. Never Compromise Unless You Actually Want To

Women have a way of trying to get men to compromise… slowly but surely giving her what she wants so that she will feel more comfortable and secure in the relationship. 

This is perfectly understandable from her perspective, and to the untrained eye, would seem to work completely to her benefit. Why wouldn’t a woman want to do this?

If she can get a guy to agree to small compromises that make her life better, why not go for it?

These could be things like…

  • No female friends
  • Letting her look at his phone
  • Requiring him to be home by a certain time
  • Trying to restrict how often he ‘sees his bros’
  • Complaining/putting pressure on him if he starts exhibiting behaviors that she doesn’t like
  • Having a problem with him not spending as much ‘quality time’ with her as she would like

The problem is that beta men usually agree to small compromises, even if they don’t actually want to, under the guise of being a ‘nice guy’ or ‘good to her.’ 

They also make these compromises because they are afraid that she will leave. And since they are dating with a scarcity mindset, they believe that she is probably the best that they’ll be able to get. 

Don’t do it guys. Stand your ground. If you don’t want to compromise, don’t. Live how you want to live, and do not give something for free unless you want to give it and will never complain about it. 

If you give in to a compromise, and then complain about it… guess what? You’ve just beta-tized yourself, and have nobody to blame but you

If you agree to a compromise you don’t like, and then blame her for it:

Guess what. That isn’t her fault.

Every day, I make sure to remind myself what my goals and priorities are as an alpha and a man. 

I mind my business, get my money, and pursue my purpose. 

I treat my girlfriend like the awesome, wonderful cherry on top of my already awesome life. 

But guess what? The cherry isn’t the foundation. My work, business, goals, purpose, habits, and desires are the foundation! 

And I never make agreements that would sabotage these things. 

In doing so, I come to the table showing her exactly what I am and what she can expect. 

If you cave-in to compromises and then try to back out of them, she will end up confused, unhappy, and frustrated with the relationship. 

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Lose Her

A true alpha male does not need a woman to be complete

Therefore, he does not fear losing her. 

Beta men will do all kinds of fucked up things to try to control, manipulate, and coerce the woman they love to stay with them. 

And even if you don’t try to manipulate her—she will still sense your fear. 

Women smell fear like sharks smell blood!

They literally can’t ignore it. It’s built into them. It’s a true primal survival instinct, because they know that fearful men are much less likely to stand up and take action when the time comes to protect the tribe. 

But alpha men know that there are a dozen better women out there who could easily fill her role. And as he becomes better, he will only attract hotter, more desirable, more valuable women to himself anyway. 

Alphas, do not be afraid of losing a woman. If she wants to leave, be respectful and kind, and realize that this is better for both of you. 

4. Never Raise Your Voice To Her In Anger

If a woman is frustrating you so much that you are tempted to raise your voice at her… it is not a good situation. 

Either she is not right for you, or you are not mature enough to handle her. And in both cases, the only sane and mature thing to do is end the relationship and walk away. 

End of story. There is no reason to ever raise your voice to a woman in anger.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you won’t experience frustration. 

And it doesn’t mean that you won’t get into some healthy, heated conflict from time to time. 

And if voices go a little bit higher in those moments—well, that is to be expected. 

But there should never be anything like:

  • Name-calling
  • Screaming
  • Acting crazy
  • Losing control of yourself

And you should never tolerate these things from a woman, either. 

Learn from your mistakes. Figure out what led to the moment, and determine within yourself to never allow that sort of thing to happen again. 

Life is a learning experience. But we need to learn from it, or we are doomed to repeat our mistakes. 

5. Never Physically Harm Her

It goes without saying that an alpha male would never strike or hurt a woman physically. 

Spanking her in the bedroom to make her horny? If she’s into it… Yes, every day. 

Hitting, grabbing, pushing, or pulling her because you are mad at her? 

Never okay, unless she is holding a gun and you are literally defending your own life. 

If any woman makes you that angry, you have no reason to be around her. 

Either you are not mature enough to handle her, or she is too dramatic/low value to spend time around. 

In either case, there is no excuse for continuing to waste your valuable time in her presence.

Alpha up and get out.  

If you find that you have a tendency to lash out at people physically, I also strongly suggest that you go to counseling. You may have some anger issues or resentment built up that is manifesting itself as aggression. 

A good counselor should be able to help you work past those things—and help you move on so that you can have positive, happy relationships without the drama of physical altercation! 

Life is far too short, and too full of trouble as it is, to not fix our drama. We at least need to have control of ourselves. 

6. Never Pressure Her For Sex (Or Anything, Actually) – And Never, EVER Beg For It

As alpha men, it is probably fair to say that most of us want and desire sex

Hell… it might even be one of your favorite things!

Awesome. Do not be ashamed of this. Celebrate it. Let it be a part of you that you are proud of, and never let anyone make you feel shame for it!

But with that being said, an alpha male would never need, or want, to pressure a woman into having sex with him. 

He would also never put himself into a situation where she holds any sort of sexual power over him (unless it’s kinky and that’s what he likes).

If she doesn’t want you, find someone who does. 

If you are in a relationship with her and the sexual consistency isn’t to your liking, end it and find a relationship that satisfies you. 

Open relationships can also be good for this. 

In fact, I would almost never encourage an alpha male to be in a completely monogamous relationship with one woman. 

Find what you want in life, and have the courage to pursue it. 

Part of being a true alpha male means to level up your skills of attraction

If you are doing this correctly, then there is no reason why you should ever have a difficult time finding a sexual partner. 

In fact, an accomplished alpha man should have the opposite problem

There will be so many women desiring him that he will have a difficult time fitting them all into his schedule! 

It may sound too good to be true. But that is how it is when you live with an abundance mindset, are on your game, and you bring massive value to the table as a man! 

Women absolutely crave high-value men. 

7. Be Respectful And Kind To Her, Always

be respectful and kind

There is no reason for an alpha male to act toward any woman with anything less than kindness and respect. 

This is all the more true if she is also kind and respectful to you! 

So do not say mean things to her. Do not put her down. Do not try to make her feel bad about herself. 

Let your language be full of uplifting things—or say nothing at all. 

There is just no reason for a strong man to be anything but kind. 

You can even be firm, and still be kind

If you need to have a healthy confrontation about something, you can still sit down together and have a difficult talk in peace, with a rational frame of mind. 

If she can’t do that with you, then trust me—let her walk away. It isn’t worth it. 

If you can’t do this—level up and get there. 

Read the book To Be A Man: A Guide To True Masculine Power, by Robert Augustus Masters. 

This book will truly help you to overcome some of your emotional shadow material, so that you can stand in strong masculinity as a powerful alpha. 

It takes practice… but it is necessary if you want to become a powerful, confident alpha male. 

How Do You Respect A Woman?

You respect a woman by never allowing yourself to act out any action that you wouldn’t want shown on a big-screen TV in front of the entire world. 

I’m not a religious man. But there is a Bible verse that fits really well with this! 

“An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,  not addicted to wine or pugnacious, but gentle, peaceable, free from the love of money.”

1 Timothy 3:2-3

I agree with almost all of this! Except for the ‘husband of one wife part,’ and maybe the love of money part. A true alpha male takes ownership over his finances and levels-up his money. 

But aside from that, I find a lot of value in this verse! 

We must always be in control of our emotions and our actions. 

Be kind. Be empathetic. Draw firm lines and boundaries, and make sure that she understands the consequences of crossing them—that you will walk away from the relationship, because you cannot afford to be with someone who crosses and disrespects boundaries.

I know that I talk a lot about walking away from a woman if it isn’t working out—but it is so important to understand that, as men, this is the only rational recourse we have if she proves to be irrational and out of control.

Jordan Peterson touches on the subject in this video. It is really worth thinking about. Men can get in a lot of trouble if they don’t be careful of the quality of women they are engaging with!

Now, with that being said, I also feel that it’s worthwhile to mention that most women are not crazy.

Most women are sane and respectful—at least, in my experience, that tends to be the case.

I am also extremely grateful for the rational, kind-hearted women I meet in my life. And I always try to express my gratitude to these women for being such a pleasure to spend time with.

High-value women are truly a pleasure! Appreciate them and treat them well when you come across them! They are a treasure, without a doubt!

Chase your purpose, and include her on your journey to the extent that you genuinely want to include her—and then be honest about the rest of it. 

Do not be dishonest to her. 

Do not be wishy washy. 

Do not be unkind to her. 

Do not tolerate or cause drama. 

Take care of yourself. Be a man of honor and respect, while also tolerating absolutely zero bullshit. 

8. Be Firm About Your Boundaries

Women will try your patience. Sometimes this is just the natural clash of two human personalities. 

But sometimes, women will try your boundaries to see if they can actually trust you. 

This sounds weird, but it is absolutely true. 

They will also test you, and see if they can get you to compromise on what you want.

Here’s a silly, yet demonstrative example.  

(In this example, she wants him to spend time with her. But he has other plans. Here is how it may play out.)

Her: Do you want to go to the mall with my friends and I? 

Man: No thank you, I am going to stay in and work instead. But have fun!

Her, starts to sulk: You never want to do anything with me. Why don’t you ever spend time with me?

Man, still being calm and respectful: I do spend time with you. But I’ve told you what I want. I want to stay here and work. And that is final. 

Her, getting angry: Do you even care about me? I don’t ask for much… just for you to go with me to the mall sometimes! It would mean a lot to me! Is your work really more important than me?

Man, still being calm and respectful: I do care about you, but I’m not going to be the mall. Have fun. 

Her, getting angrier: You know what? You’re such a jerk!

Man, still being calm and respectful: I have told you my answer. This conversation is over. Leave me in peace. There is no reason to fight over this. 

Obviously, this example is a little bit over dramatic and silly. But… the idea is that a man should always remain kind and respectful.

But he should always be firm as well. 

Once a man acts wishy-washy toward a woman, the game is over. She will know that she can push you around, and she will do it

Women are very good at this. It is in their nature. They’ve evolved this way for a reason. 

If the caveman isn’t strong enough to protect her, she will do what she must to protect herself and her young. 

That is part of her core programming. That’s part of the game—and she will play it. 

Also, once a woman sees you act wishy-washy, her attraction for you will begin to fade as well. 

Why? Because this will signal to her that she is the stronger one. And that will scare her. 

It will make her feel insecure, and will send the message that he is ruled by chaos, not his own choices or standards.  

Once she subconsciously realizes this, she will start scanning and looking for a potential replacement mate who can prove that he is stronger than her. This is especially true if she is a beautiful woman with many dating marketplace options.

And when she finds him (at the gym, at the office, at her child’s school…), she will fall for him because he is everything you are not

Why? Because this strength signals a greater potential for survivability to her. 

A firm, strong caveman is a caveman who won’t be rattled when he is pushed, who will use rationality when hunting, gathering, and defending her.  

If she can push him around, does she really expect him to be stoic and solid against real enemies and dangerous threats?

This is real stuff, men. Do not misunderstand. These are things that women do—even if they don’t realize that they are doing it! 

9… Follow Through

I vow to practice honesty

When you promise or agree to something, follow through with it. Always

This can be a tough one. It can be really easy to agree to something, and then regret it and go back on it later. 

As alpha males, we should get into the habit of never allowing ourselves to go back on our word


Because this will do two things for us. 

  1. It will help to level-up our awareness, making us more likely to be honest about things that we may or may not want to do
  2. It will cultivate a spirit of respect and dependability among the people we spend time with, which will bring honor to our reputation

As an alpha male, your word should always be your bond. 

And when you say something, your words should have gravity

Wishy washy men say yes to things, and then cancel on them. 

Alpha males say ‘no’ a lot more often… because they are honest about what they want. 

They also never say yes to things that they do not want to do, or that do not agree with their priorities. 

10. Never Rely On A Woman (at least, not a woman you want to sleep with) For Emotional Validation Or Support

This one is tough for some men. And to be fair, I’ve caught a significant amount of flack for saying this.

But it is incredibly important, and it is an essential thing to talk about in a discussion on how to treat a woman. 

As alpha men, we must be in control of our emotional faculties as often as possible. 

It is also important that we go through the proper channels when we need emotional support or validation. 

It can be very tempting to look to our wives, girlfriends, or even women we are attracted to for emotional support or validation

But this behavior is not only unsexy… it is also appallingly unfair!

In my life, I practice a zero-tolerance policy toward myself in this regard, and observe one simple rule in regard to emotional support and the women I want to spend time with. 

I should always strive to give myself whatever emotional support I need. And if for some reason this is not enough, I believe in going through the following channels to receive it, in this specific order. 

  1. Read books or consult other training to level-up your thinking
  2. Consciously rant to other men or female friends (not women you want to sleep with… friends) who you trust, who you believe are wise and insightful
  3. If these actions do not satisfy your need for emotional support or validation, seek professional counseling… because a healthy alpha male should be able to learn how to validate himself, and if he does not know how to do so, he needs to do whatever it takes to learn how

As an apex, powerful, masculine alpha male, I want to be strong enough to be able to provide emotional support to the women I am sleeping with (if I so choose to), without requiring such support in return. 

This might sound one-sided, but it is actually in your best interest. It will not only make you more attractive to potential partners, but it will also help you to learn about your partners while still fostering the emotional independence you need to stay true to your alpha male ideals.

I vow to practice the art of true leadership

Men who constantly need to be validated by their wives/girlfriends are subconsciously (or sometimes even consciously) seen as ‘weak’ to women. 


Because they are incapable of being emotionally self-sufficient… which signals a lack of reliability and dependability to the people around them.

But this is also frightening to women—because when a man is totally reliant on his wife or girlfriend for emotional support, he sends her a very clear signal.

I am not capable of sustaining myself. I am not a whole, complete, healthy, strong man.

And once a woman needs to give you emotional validation to make you feel better about yourself, her sexual desire towards you will begin to decline. 

But that isn’t even the biggest issue here.

The biggest issue is that an alpha male will always strive to exist at the top of as many of the important social dominance hierarchies in his life as possible.

And the minute a man seeks emotional validation from either a woman he is sleeping with, or someone who cannot be fully trusted in confidence, he has opened up a chink in his armor and exposed a weakness that could come back to bite him later.

This is a strategy thing, men. Think these things through, and you will find them to be true.

11… Never Remain In A Situation Where You Are Being Stressed Out By A Woman

never let a woman stress you out

This is, perhaps, the most important thing that an alpha male needs to understand. 

We are all human. We all have limits. 

Regardless of how much work you do on yourself, you can only handle so much pressure, frustration, or stress before it will inevitably begin to leak out into your words and actions. 

As a powerful, masculine alpha male, it is your responsibility to be aware of how stressed or pressured you are feeling, and to do what needs to be done to prevent these feelings from altering your behavior to the point where you make mistakes in how you deal with the women around you. 

So if you start to feel stressed out, and find it difficult to keep from acting that way… excuse yourself and take your leave. 

Go home, go to the gym, or take a walk. 

Go read a book. Take a hike. Call up some friends and have a pint with them. 

Do whatever you need to do to stay sane and rational. 

If you need to lose your cool for a moment, do it alone… or only in the presence of a true friend, whom you can completely trust… a friend you do not want to sleep with!

Of course, the more we practice control over our emotions, the better we get at being able to handle stress. 

But it is like lifting weights. 

Yes, train to lift 500 pounds… get stronger. But if you are not there yet, don’t hurt yourself trying to lift more than you can handle! 

We need to be honest about our limitations, and exercise wisdom in how much strain we put ourselves under. 

We need to endure strain to grow. But we must also learn to tap out before we hurt ourselves. 

Or perhaps even worse… before we make a mistake that could hurt the people around us. 

If we get too stressed to behave kindly and respectfully toward other people… then we have probably gone too far, and it is probably time to tap out, re-evaluate, and re-fuel.

This is something we must learn to balance. To a point, we need to challenge ourselves. But we also need to be self-aware.  

What Should A Man Do For A Woman?

A man should encourage a woman to level up her own life, to seek an alpha mentality, make her own money, level up her own business, and pursue her own purpose. 

We live in a world of equality. 

And so I believe that if a man and a woman cannot meet on equal foot in this way, they are probably not compatible for a long term relationship. 

She should be at least as ambitious as you. She should be at least as industrious as you. 

And in return, you honor her as a partner by continuing to level yourself up as a powerful man. 

You continue to mind your own business, pursue your own purpose, and make your own fortune. 

You also strive to treat her well—with kindness, empathy, respect, and a willingness to act as a partner. And you expect the same from her in return.

You should not have to take care of her. 

In our modern world, men and women must care for themselves, and meet equally as partners on a level playing field. 

This will give both of you your best chances for success. 

As a man, you would never want to do anything to drag her down, discourage her, or hurt her. 

But you also maintain strict boundaries, and you do not allow her to cross them. 

If she does not respect your boundaries—you walk away. 

And you should also respect her boundaries. Otherwise, you should expect her to walk away from you. 

How Do You Treat A Woman Like A Queen?

If you want to treat a woman like a queen, let her be responsible for her own life. 

Trust her. 

Believe in her. 

Love her.

Do not try to control her. Let her live and be her own self, and continue to be yourself as well.

Encourage her to make her life a masterpiece. 

But allow her to do it on her own. 

And show yourself the same courtesy—by leveling up your own life, and pursuing your own greatness on your own merit, and under your own strength. 

This is when men and women create greatness together. When they both embody a true alpha mindset. 

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand some basic, fundamental tips that you can use to understand how to treat a woman. 

It isn’t rocket science… but learning how to interact with women can be a challenge

Men and women are different types of creatures. But I do not see this as a negative. 

It is completely possible to have positive, rewarding interactions between men and women in our world today. 

And as alpha men, it is our responsibility to know how to do our part of it correctly! 

Until next time, go with grace, fellow men…

And never give up your power! 

-Joshua K. Sigafus

Joshua Sigafus Consulting