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Masculinity and Femininity – Mastery and Excellence

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Note: This is an excerpt from a podcast episode I created and uploaded to all of my podcasting platforms. The transcription is raw and only lightly edited, which is why it doesn’t read like a polished blog post. To listen to the audio version, you can listen to the episode on YouTube or anywhere where my podcast episodes are published.

I want to talk today about making masculinity or femininity an art form

And I’m not actually going to talk specifically in this podcast about the specifics of masculinity and femininity, so much as I’m going to talk about the need to be studying these things in order to live a comprehensive, well-rounded, successful life. 

I talk a lot about how to improve your dating life and increase your attraction. 

And this absolutely fits right into that discussion.

(Note: You can listen to this full podcast episode here on Spotify, or on almost all other podcast platforms.) 

Because when it comes to men and women engaging in relationships, they are actually quite extraordinary in the sense that they’ve evolved to be complementary to one another.

Their strengths and weaknesses are very complementary. 

However, you can’t tap into these benefits, or into this complementary nature of masculinity and femininity, unless you learn to become a strong masculine individual, or a strong feminine individual. 

And when I say strong, I mean, unless you learn how to make it an art form to develop the important value metrics associated with those two things (either the masculine or the feminine). 

Okay. So, in our culture today, a lot of people struggle with moving too far towards the middle. 

So they, you know, they don’t really enhance specifically, a healthy array of masculine or feminine attributes.

What they tend to do is they just kind of hodgepodge together a lazy mix of the two. 

So they kind of take what’s easy from the feminine qualities, and they take what is easy from the masculine qualities, and they don’t really hone these attributes to a greater degree. 

In other words, what we have in our culture today is a lot of people who just aren’t putting work into specifically developing their masculine qualities (for men) or feminine qualities (for women). 

Now, I believe very much in the importance of this. I believe it, and I’ve seen this evidenced in my life and in my research, that if you’re a man who wants to date women, it’s in your best interest to work ceaselessly to level up your masculinity in a healthy, productive way. 

Now, once again, I’m not going to go into the specifics on what that means. 

I have plenty of podcast episodes on masculinity. 

I have some great podcast episodes on femininity as well, and I actually have some great blog posts on femininity on my website.

If you go to my ‘blog’ page, and search ‘alpha female’ or ‘alpha woman’, you will find a wealth of information about the alpha female archetype and femininity. 

So I’m not even going to go down that road in this podcast because it’s a deep hole. It is essential, but that’s not what I’m talking about today. 

What I’m actually talking about today is the importance of developing these things

I’m going to tell you a bit of a story here. 

In my life, I started out in adulthood with a really lazy mix of the masculine and the feminine.

This is not uncommon, this is something that I see men do every day. 

I mean, this is the norm in our society, really. 

And really, it speaks to a lack of desire to pursue excellence in the realm of masculinity. 

You can pursue excellence in anything in life. You can pursue excellence in, you know, your knowledge of mathematics, or your knowledge of history, or your ability to learn a skill, or to practice a sport, or in your physical fitness, etc. 

So, we can pursue excellence and mastery in anything we choose to pursue. 

However, I learned very early on that something was missing from my life. 

And when my marriage ended, and I had to hit a total reset button on my life, you know, after I failed so hard to keep my family together and to be the man that I thought I was being, I came to realize that I was missing a vital component to the puzzle, which was to seek excellence in the realm of masculinity. 

To hear the rest of this episode, just check it out either on Youtube, or on any podcast platform (including Spotify) that you regularly use.