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mind your business

How To ‘Mind Your Business’ Like A True Alpha

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How to organize your life.

You organize your life by making sure to allocate all of your available resources (time, money, energy, attention, effort, etc.) to your priorities first. You do this by creating a to-do list, deploying self-responsibility in your life, and striving to manage the infrastructures of your life with wisdom, planning, and forethought. 

I use the term ‘mind your business’ to basically mean the same thing as ‘organize your life.’ 

And that’s really what we’re talking about here. 

How to organize the vital infrastructures of your life like a true alpha mentality man or woman—to keep your life organized and on track to success.

Back when I was living in beta mentality, my life was constantly falling behind the curve. 

Bills weren’t necessarily late, but they were hurried and paid at the very last minute. 

Work projects were delivered in a similar ‘running behind’ fashion. 

My life was disorganized and lacked any sense of responsibility or structure. 

Instead of waking up every morning and deploying a proactive, intentional plan to manage my day, wisely utilizing the resources at my disposal, I would often waste my time, spend resources on things that weren’t really important, and then panic when the vital infrastructures of my life would start to fall apart or fall behind. 

Unfortunately, this is a beta mentality issue that a lot of people face—and it’s not easy to fix. 

But in this blog post, you’re going to learn the truth about how to mind your business and organize your life like a true alpha

Let’s break it down and get into it.

Note: If you’re interested in the content matter of this post, then you’ll definitely be interested in our master guide to becoming truly alpha. Make sure to check that out to get a full rundown of the entire process, from beginning to end, along with a full list of resources and other guides.

Definition: What Does It Mean To ‘Mind Your Business?’

When I say “mind your business,” what I’m actually saying is to be intentional, intelligent, and wise about all of the important structures that make up the foundation of your life—and to tune out the drama, bullshit, chaos, and nonsense being propagated all around you that could otherwise prove to be a distraction.

In other words:

Get serious about the important and fundamental parts of your life that must be managed well in order for your life to continue to sustain itself and remain functional.

This mostly means to start getting more serious about important ‘normal’ life things, like: 

  • Paying your bills on time 
  • Managing your existing income and financial resources responsibly 
  • Showing up to appointments on time 
  • Keeping your word and honoring your commitments 
  • Keeping your house clean and organized
  • Maintaining your car so that it continues to run and function properly 
  • Paying your taxes 
  • Etc.

In other words—be a good steward of your life, time, and resources, and see to the things that need to be seen to either on time or ahead of schedule.

When we neglect the tasks required to keep our lives moving forward at a sustainable level, we run the risk of having the vital infrastructures of our life breaking down around us (not being able to pay bills, mismanaging finances, forgetting important meetings, losing jobs due to showing up late or not at all, etc.).

And this definitely isn’t good for your life or for your alpha journey. 

Alright. Now let’s talk about the 3 most important steps required to conquer this challenge in your life. 

1. Embrace Radical Self-Responsibility

Let’s take a minute to talk about the mentality behind this business of organizing your life and minding your business as an alpha. 

It’s important to understand that you have the power to shape your life and to make it look however you want it to look. 

It takes effort and intentionality to wake up and structure your days so that you can address all of the important aspects of your life. And it takes responsibility and self-control to spend your available resources on the things that really matter the most, instead of squandering them on escapism and ‘fun stuff.’ 

Don’t get me wrong—there’s a place for spending your resources on fun stuff—be it time, money, attention, energy, etc. 

However, we must make sure to allocate the proper resources to the things that really matter first, as a priority. Then, we can invest in the fun stuff later—after we’ve seen to our responsibilities. 

This speaks to the importance of embracing what I call radical self-responsibility

It’s crucial to understand that you are the only one with the power to take charge and organize your life. 

You can’t expect your parents, your siblings, your spouse, the government, your boss, or your co-workers to do it for you. 

You must wake up every day intent on taking back control of all of your vital life infrastructures

  • You must wake up and manage your bills responsibly. 
  • You must make sure that you’re paying the appropriate taxes at the right time. 
  • You must make sure that you’re getting your driver’s license renewed, and your vehicle registration renewed, before they expire. 
  • You must make sure that your insurance premium is covered so that you don’t lose your coverage. 

See, when we take full responsibility for our own existence in life, and when we stop sure shirking the importance of these responsibilities, we gain the power to actually create a successful life.

The problem is when people don’t take this responsibility seriously.

This leads to a life that’s falling apart and plunged into chaos.

To learn more about this, read this in-depth guide: How To Embrace Radical Self-Responsibility In Life.

2. Take Back Control Of Your Life

When I was living in beta mentality, my whole life was in chaos.

I would constantly be angry about my bills, because it always felt like I had to spend money I didn’t have to pay for them. 

But the truth of the matter wasn’t that I didn’t earn enough money to cover my bills.

The truth was that I was spending my money on the wrong things

This caused me to blame other people, systems, and infrastructures for the problems that I was creating for myself. 

For example:

When the time came to pay for my car insurance, I would get mad at the insurance company for charging me so much. 

However, the truth of the matter was that the responsible thing to do would have been to skip going out for pizza or buying a new video game, and to instead put that money aside to make paying the insurance bill easier on myself. 

This would have been the responsible thing to do. 

Another thing I could have done was to sit down and call different insurance companies to get better price quotes (if I really felt like the insurance was too high). 

But see, I was so busy engaging in escapism, playing video games, and just generally wasting my time on things that didn’t matter that spending the time to do something like this really seemed out of the realm of possibility. 

This was how unstructured my life was, and how irresponsible I acted. 

And as a result, I was constantly stressed, depressed, anxious, and living in a state of perpetual chaos where I gave away all of my power to everyone else. 

See, if I would have taken responsibility for my finances and paid my car insurance early, and then got on the phone and called looking for different quotes—that would have been me taking power back in my own life

Instead, I would repeat the same beta mentality pattern every month—running almost to the deadline on paying the bill, getting angry that it was so high, and basically blaming the government and the car insurance companies for not making my life easier. 

Do you see how dysfunctional this is? 

It’s little wonder that my life was plunged so deeply into chaos. 

As alphas, we must learn to do better. 

We must learn to take our power back from the chaos and take control of the vital infrastructures of our lives.

3. Manage The ‘Vital Infrastructures’ That Keep Your Life Moving Forward

My technique for doing this is pretty simple. 

I calculate exactly how much effort and/or how much of my resources it’s going to take to sustain my life to a standard that I consider ‘acceptable,’ and then make sure to plan those expenditures into my normal or weekly routine. 

For example: 

  • It takes me about 30 minutes per day to keep my house in order
  • It takes about an hour per week to maintain, clean, and manage maintenance on my car
  • It takes x-number of dollars per week to keep my bills paid
  • It takes about 30 minutes per day to do the minimum number of chores necessary to take care of my cat
  • It takes x-number of hours to work every day, to provide the money needed to not only pay my bills, but also to build my businesses
  • It takes x-number of hours of work every week to make sure that my businesses are growing at a fast enough pace that they’ll actually become assets for me in the future
  • Every time money comes in from one of my businesses, I need to set a certain amount of it aside for taxes (because I’m self-employed)
  • In order to properly socialize, I need to allocate a specific amount of time each week to that task (this includes time spent with my girlfriend)
  • In order to properly take care of my body, I need to allocate sufficient time (about an hour) to exercising, moving, and weight-training

See, when you really sit down and take stock of what things you need to do in your life in order to keep the important stuff in your life maintained and moving forward, you come up with what should be the key information required to start creating a dynamic to-do list—to help you organize your days and spend your resources wisely. 

A lot of people overlook these ‘vital infrastructures’ due to either not taking responsibility for their life, or because they get too busy chasing escapism or focusing on the wrong things. 

For example—if all I did was work on my business assets, my cat would run out of food and starve. I’d never exercise. My bills would eventually go unpaid, because my assets wouldn’t be generating enough cash yet to cover them all—and so, my internet would go out, my house would get foreclosed on, my car would get repossessed, I’d run out of money for food, etc. 

See, it’s important to be focused on the future. But we must also be wise stewards of the empire we already have in front of us—and we need to learn to invest time wisely into all of the important stuff that’s already going on. 

This is inherently a leadership principle.

Create A Daily To-Do List

Getting into the nitty gritty details of organizing your life and managing the vital infrastructures of your existence isn’t as difficult or as complicated as it might sound. 

For me, this all started by creating daily to-do lists. 

To be really honest, I recommend doing this absolutely every day—even if you get to the point where you feel like you don’t need it. 

This fits into the power of goal setting, and how writing down a list of things to achieve every day can help us to be more productive and more efficient. 

Write down all of the stuff that you really need to accomplish every day. 

Make these priority tasks

Then, you can have another column where you write down stuff that you’d like to achieve if you get the time. These would be ‘non-priority’ tasks.  

For example:

For me, working on my assets, working on my freelance writing business, maintaining my home, paying my bills, managing my finances, taking care of my children, exercising, and taking care of my pet are absolute priorities every single day.

However, some days there are also other items to add to the list to do if I get the time. 

For example, things like cleaning the yard, trimming my bushes, performing extra home maintenance tasks, socializing, hanging out with friends, doing fun stuff, listening to music, working on a fiction book (which is sometimes something that I do in my free time as a fun thing) are things that I may add to my list to do if I’ve managed to check all of the ‘priority’ items off of the list while still having some time left over to do other things. 

When we create daily to-do lists and we make sure to set a priority order on the tasks, this equips us to get the most important stuff done first, so that we actually move the needle every day in maintaining our lives and moving them forward. 

And as alphas, this is really what it’s all about. 

You want to be leveling up your mind, body, and spirit every single day to become 1% better. 

But you’re not going to be able to level this stuff up if your house is falling apart around you, if your bills are going unpaid, and if your cats or children are left hungry and uncared for. 

We must be proactive in this process of leveling up by taking care of our base responsibilities first, and then building upon those with the extra stuff to help us move forward into the future.  

Cut Out Waste

When you start to take radical self-responsibility over the task of organizing your life, you’re going to start to realize that there’s probably a lot of waste that you could eliminate to create more time, energy, and resources for yourself. 

For example, I canceled all of my entertainment subscriptions with the exception my Spotify and Audible subscriptions, because I just wasn’t using them very often. 

This freed up some extra money every month. 

It also took some bills out of the equation, and it removed one of the potential temptations for engaging in too much escapism (i.e. watching too many shows when I didn’t really have the time). 

This is just an example of how I’ve managed to cut out a little bit of waste in my life.

And the more waste we can cut out of our lives, the better off we’re going to be at managing and organizing the things that really matter.

Eventually, You Can Outsource Some Of This Stuff

I allocate about 30 minutes every day to keeping my house clean and in order. 

That comes out to roughly 3.5 hours per week, which comes out to about 14 hours per month.

That’s almost 2 full work days’ worth of time!

In the future, once I get to a point where my hours are better spent working on building more assets than cleaning the house, I’ll probably hire someone to clean my house for me. 

Then, instead of spending 14 hours maintaining my house every month, I can spend 10 minutes paying the bill for the person who cleans it—thus, I’ll create more time for myself and help to free up extra energy and resources that I could spend on other things that’ll actually move the needle forward even more

See, at some point, we can only do so much. 

So once you start to get that real money, and you start to get yourself to a point where you could outsource some of the tasks that don’t absolutely require your specific attention—this could help you to become even better at managing your life and keeping things organized. 

In fact, I really believe that we should all be working toward this point. 

This is part of the reason for why I tell alpha mentality men and women that they must be pursuing an income level where they’re getting real money and building assets (businesses and investments that earn you money while you sleep). 

Once we start to get that real money coming in, we’ll have more financial resources available to outsource things and really help to maintain even better control over the infrastructures of our lives. 

This is really wise, useful, and important if we want to scale our success and move forward in life.

Books To Help You With The Process Of ‘Minding Your Business’ As An Alpha In Life

By Jordan B. Peterson

An amazing book that would be helpful to any human who wants to start succeeding in life in all of the ways that matter the most. 

By Dave Ramsey

If you want to learn how to budget and get your money game under control like a TRUE ALPHA, then this book is a MUST READ. 

By: Steve Harvey

This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to understand their gifts and talents in life, and use them to build true ALPHA LEVEL business success. 

By Robert Augustus Masters

If you’re on a journey to learn how to become a healthy, healed masculine man, then this book is a MUST READ. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this post has helped you to understand the importance of organizing your life, maintaining the vital infrastructures of your existence, and just in general minding your business as an alpha mentality man or woman. 

It really is important. 

None of this stuff is necessarily fun. 

But once you get on top of it and you start taking responsibility for it, it definitely becomes much less of a ‘drudge’ and more of a thing that you look forward to every day—because this effort is important. 

It moves the needle forward in your life, and it helps you to achieve the things you really want for yourself. 

This is all part of creating a successful destiny for yourself—the kind of destiny that you actually desire. 

You can do it. 

Now get out there and make it happen.

Go with grace my friends, and never give up your power. 

This is Joshua K. Sigafus, signing off.