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I offer 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom for men and women.

During the first call, I'll ask you a lot of highly specific questions to determine the primary reason(s) for why you're running into dating problems. The more problems you're having, the more coaching you'll need. Coaching calls cost $50 for one hour. In the vast majority of cases, my clients walk away from the first call with a list of answers and solutions for their most pressing problems. But in 4-6 calls, we can dig much deeper and create a more fleshed-out dating plan with specific guidance that we can refine over time. This is absolutely the best approach to solving your unique dating problems, because it's completely customized and empowers you with a unique plan based on your own individual desires, challenges, fears, and expectations.

Joshua and I connected over social media. I must say, I am impressed by his professionalism and dialect. Not too often do you come across other coaches who aren't trying to sell you a session. His knowledge on dating and how men's minds operate is intriguing. I would recommend his podcast as well as his coaching services to anyone I know.
Josh is excellent at listening to your needs and catering advice that helps move you in the right romantic direction. He's not telling you what you want to hear, he's telling you what is healthy to hear in order for you to craft the relationships you want.
Coaching Client
Josh and I met up at a restaurant to discuss dating. He asked me to tell him my situation so I started with my story. It's pretty radical as I am polyamorous and he listened with great intention. He also gave me a bit of advice and feedback. I found him to be very real and genuine. I would definitely recommend speaking to him on any issue that may come up with relationships.
Coaching Client
Josh, So, I read your book. I am amazed at how well you read me as a person during our zoom meeting the other day. You knew exactly what I needed to read in order to keep the fire within me. Your words in Sixteen Letters just served as a fan to the flame that's flickering inside of me. I'm happy to inform you that the flame has turned into a blaze, thank you!
16 Letters Book Reader

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