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simping and anti simping

Some Men Are Too Afraid Of Simping, And It Shows

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Don’t get me wrong, simping can be a huge problem. 

A lot of men destroy their masculine frame by pedastalizing women, worshipping them, and doing whatever else they think it’ll take to potentially earn them that golden-spot between her legs. 

But there’s also a lot to be said for the fear of simping… and how it is, in itself, a weird form of ‘simping’ all its own. 

In this post, I’m going to break this down. 

Let’s dive in. 

What Does Simping Over A Girl Mean?

The problem with simping is that it lowers your perceived dating marketplace value

Simping over a girl basically means to put her up on a pedestal, to worship her, and/or to treat her like she’s better than you out of a hope that doing so will earn you sexual access. 

Simping could involve buying her things, showering her with compliments, making comments about how she’s ‘so hot’ or ‘so wonderful’ or how ‘you would love to be with a girl like her,’ etc. 

A quick perusal of the Urban Dictionary’s definitions and examples of the word should very quickly enlighten you as to what exactly constitutes simping in the modern day and age. 

Is It Bad To Be A Simp?

Women perceive sexually abundant men as higher-value men

Does being a simp make you a horrible human?


Does being a simp drastically reduce your chances of actually winning with women?

1000% yes. 

Most men want to have a thriving, sexy, exciting dating life that involves going on dates, having great sex, experiencing intimacy, and just in-general having positive, fulfilling relationships with high-value women

If this is your goal, then simping is absolutely NOT going to work. 

There’s a lot of complicated science surrounding this topic. But if I were going to sum it up into a couple of sentences, it would basically sound like this:

  1. Women are attracted to high value men
  2. High value men operate from a place of sexual abundance
  3. Since high value men operate from a place of sexual abundance, they don’t need to ‘simp’ to win with women. Women are already trying to sleep with these men, which means that they don’t have to ‘try’ as hard 
  4. Women intuitively understand that high value men don’t simp to get laid. So when a man simps to try to get laid, he gets flagged with a low value marker that makes him seem less valuable and desirable on the sexual marketplace
  5. And so, quite contrary to what it may seem, women are actually very turned-off by simping, opting instead to pursue high value men who are minding their business, getting their money, pursuing their purpose in life, and living with an overall alpha mentality

Also, check out this post for an in-depth explanation of male and female sexual abundance/sexual scarcity, and why it matters to this discussion. If you don’t yet understand this concept, now is the time to learn it. 

Are You A Simp If You Have A Girlfriend?

Not necessarily. As long as you’re maintaining masculine frame, embracing the alpha mentality, and choosing every day to pursue your purpose in life as your first priority… then you can absolutely be in a committed relationship without being a simp. 

Some Men Are So Afraid Of Simping That They Actually End Up Going In The Opposite Direction

Women don't want to be the focus or mission of your life. They want to walk alongside you, and for you to actively choose them on a daily basis

Here’s the crucial ‘sin’ of simping. 

You’re making the woman the goal and ‘mission’ of your life. 

But here’s something else that a lot of men don’t understand. 

I often see men posting videos, posts, and all kinds of content about the evils of simping, about how it’s teaching women to be entitled, and about how it’s destroying masculine frame in our world. 

I get it. I agree. 

But some men go so hard on anti-simping that they miss the point, and circle back around again to making women the ‘focus’ of their energy. 

They’re spending so much time proving that they aren’t simps that it actually produces a very similar result. 

They end up drawing a bunch of attention to themselves, make a bit of a ‘scene’ about it, and women end up turning their noses up at them anyway. 


Because if simps are low-value men who are desperate for female attention, aggressive anti-simps are low-value men who understand the problem and throw a fit about it without actually addressing the problem itself… which is the pedastalizing of women. 

Even if you put a woman on a ‘negative’ pedestal, you’re still pedastalizing her. 

And that’s still classified as ‘making her the mission of your life.’

And at the end of the day, that will get you flagged as low value almost as much as simping would (it’s not quite as bad… anti-simping is still more attractive than simping). 

So What Should You Do To Avoid Simping, But Also Win With Women?

Chase your purpose in life. As a man, your number one goal, always, is to be effective.

The answer to this question is painfully simple. 

Don’t make women the focus or purpose of your life. 

Pursue your purpose, get your money, and mind your business. 

Seek to create a meaningful dent in the universe, organically expand your social circles, and always seek to level up as a man in mind, body, and spirit. 

If you’re legitimately focused on these things, while also walking in masculine frame, you legitimately don’t need to worry about simping… because you’re not going to be doing it. 

You can be as kind to women as you want… while also taking zero bullshit, remaining confident and self-assured, and refusing to pedastalize anyone. 

Throw some dating and attraction skills into the mix, and you’ve got the makings of an incredibly successful dating life already at your fingertips.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this post has showed you why simping and anti-simping are low-value behaviors that won’t help you in your quest to win with women. 

The answer, as always, is the same. 

Learn to be a high value man. Embrace the alpha mentality. Level up mind, body, and spirit, and continue to pursue your purpose in life. 

Go with grace, my friends, and never give up your power. 

Joshua K. Sigafus