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steps to fix your life and win

8 Steps To Fix Your Life And WIN

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Today, I experienced a couple really big wins. 

And let me tell you what… I was due for them!

The last three months have been some of the hardest months I’ve ever gone through.

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve:

  • Lost clients 
  • Faced all kinds of personal challenges
  • Struggled to get on top of IRS debt 
  • And battled through some of my own biggest personal demons. 

In fact, just the other night I was sitting on my porch in the middle of the night, just staring outward at the street, thinking to myself…

“When is this going to end? Is there any end in sight? Is there any hope for success?” 

I felt like I was spinning my wheels getting nowhere. I felt like success was so far out of reach, that there was no plausible way for me to hope for it.

But today, I woke up with some awesome news in my email inbox. 

I signed up an amazing client, which means that I’m finally beginning to recover some of the progress I lost in my business during the COVID pandemic.

I also made some personal decisions for myself that will help to lead me to a better future, overcome some bad habits, and just overall help me to continue to become 1% better every day

Plus, I got a letter in my mailbox from the IRS, with a summary of my debt, showing that I’ve made substantial progress in paying it down. 

In other words, upon waking up today, I realized that there was still light at the end of the tunnel. 

I finally see progress and victory on the horizon. 

And to be honest, it makes me really happy to see that. I needed it. 

See, fixing your life isn’t easy. 

Over the course of the last three months or so, and even before that, back when the pandemic first started, I’ve come to realize that my life has been broken in many different ways. 

Sure, I’m a freelance writer and a dating coach.

Sure, my freelance writing business has been pretty successful for the past 12 years. 

And I’m extremely thankful for that. 

But I’m not making six figures from it (I’m on target, but it’s not happening yet).

It’s still a long way off from where it needs to be. 

And my dating coach business, still being very young, certainly doesn’t earn me any six figure money yet. 

Dating isn’t a problem for me. In fact, if I could get paid simply for scoring dates with beautiful women, I’d have been rich a long time ago!

But see, the fact that I conquered that problem in my life doesn’t solve all of my problems. 

The fact that my dating life is really good does help me in many many ways. I often say that your dating and relationship life will have a profound impact on the rest of your life as well, and that fact is still 1000% true.

I avoid a lot of complications by having the ability to create awesome dating experiences, pretty much whenever I desire them. 

I live in true daily sexual abundance, and have been for years now.

This contributes to my happiness to a great extent. God knows that on top of all of these other challenges I face, it’s nice to know that at the end of the day, if I want intimacy, companionship, physical touch, or just to spend time with a beautiful woman. I always have that option.

But see, whether you’re fixing dating problems, money problems, business problems, job problems, fitness problems, etc. It’s really all the same.

The truth of the matter is that, for me, fixing these challenges in my life is a process that’s almost exactly the same as the process I went through to fix my dating life back when that was my biggest problem

The formula is really simple. 

But of course, that doesn’t make it easy. 

Here’s the basic 8 step formula I use for continuing to improve and fix my life on a daily basis:

Here’s the basic 8 step formula I use for continuing to improve and fix my life on a daily basis
  1. Decide that giving up isn’t an option. 
  2. Make a plan
  3. Get to work—prioritizing my plans, and spending intentional time every single day moving them forward.
  4. Continue my own self-improvement, becoming 1% better every day than I was the day before.
  5. Identify bad habits that are no longer serving me, and replace them with habits that will help me to succeed. 
  6. Optimize my life so that I make the most of my time and resources.
  7. Keep moving forward.
  8. Evaluate my process and progress along the way, and adapt as needed to continue the journey towards success. 

Some of this may sound complicated, but it’s actually really simple.

The hard part is that it takes an incredible amount of work. 

See, there’s nothing easy about fixing your life. 

And the bigger your problems are, the more work it’s going to take to solve them. 

But here’s the thing…

There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

My life is absolute proof of that. 

And trust me when I say that it’s worth it.

I want all of us to enjoy success and victory in all of the ways that we need them and desire them. 

Whether you need to fix your dating life, your money life, your family life, your friendships, or to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles of any other kind. 

The simple fact of the matter is that you can do it.

I believe in you. And I believe that you can be as successful as you desire…

If you’re willing to do the work.

Just stick with it, and don’t give up. 

Go with grace, my friends, and never give up your power. 

Until next time.

Joshua K. Sigafus