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strong leaders

Above All Else, Alpha Males Must Be Strong Leaders

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Strong leaders.

Why is this important to the alpha male journey?

I talk a lot about what a true alpha male is on this blog. 

I have written the 18 vows of the Oath of Kings, and I strive to live by them every day. You could dig very deeply into these rules, and all kinds of things could be said about them. 

But what truly separates an alpha male from other people? What is the difference between an alpha male and a ‘non-alpha’ male? 

I was asked this not long ago, and the answer may surprise you. 

The difference is that true alpha males seek to be excellent, high value, capable, strong leaders

And ‘Strong Leaders’ is the key term here. 

What Does Being A Strong Leader Have To Do With Being A True Alpha Male?

Let’s set aside the idea of winning with women for a moment. Yes, this blog is dedicated to helping men win with women

But if a man really wants to win in a HUGE way with not just one, but many different women in his lifetime… then he should absolutely take heart and consider what I am about to say. 

What Does Being A Strong Leader Have To Do With Winning With Women?

The simple truth of the matter is that women value high-value men more highly. 

It sounds ironic, and like a play on words, but it is so simple and true… and the longer I walk down the road of this journey, the more this becomes so evident and true to me. 

  • Women are tired of men with no backbone. 
  • Women are tired of men who are lazy. 
  • Women are tired of men who have no ambition. 
  • Women are tired of men who make excuses and whine. 
  • Women are tired of men who are angry, abusive, and disrespectful.

But if we go a step further, we can even forget about what women want for a moment. Let’s focus on what is real

Let’s focus on the brutal realities of the world we live in. 

In the real world, humans face battles every day. We face trials, struggles, challenges, dangers, and monsters. And if we want to survive those things and come out victorious on the other side, we need to be strong enough to weather the storm. 

We need to be not only physically strong, but also mentally strong. We need to be strong within our very spirit and soul. We must be tough as nails… and yet, empathetic enough to not lose touch with our humanity, or to forget to be aware of the true state of the humans who exist around us.

We need to be strong enough, and capable enough, to do what needs to be done, regardless of how difficult or tough it might be. 

But as alpha males, we also need to be strong enough to help other people. This is where the mandate of the true alpha male leader comes into the picture… and where we discover the realm of the highest value men of all time

What Is A High Value Man?

We need to be strong enough that our loved ones can rely on us. People need to be able to count on us to be men of high integrity, grit, determination, respect, and honor. 

High-value men are few and far between. Why? Because it takes a great deal of discipline and self-awareness, coupled with a lot of hard work, to carve out a stable and secure existence in this world. 

You must be both selfish, and selfless, in balanced and healthy amounts. 

And if we can do that for ourselves, and grow it outward to also extend that security to our loved ones and tribe… well, that is truly something of value, and something to be very proud of. 

So if you are a man, and if you are having a hard time figuring out how to win in this world… my advice to you is simple. 

How To Win In This World, Win With Women, And Leave A Lasting Legacy Behind When You’re Gone

If you want win in life, win with women, move to the top of your social dominance hierarchies, and conquer your challenges… it is imperative that you embrace the mandate of becoming a powerful, strong leader. 

In fact, if you are asking yourself why you can’t seem to score a date with a high-value woman… this is one of the first things to look at.

Be strong. Keep working hard. Keep chasing excellence, every day. Go to the gym. Be kind. Be respectful. Seek to be a man of true, real value. Be honest. Have integrity. Have the pride to stand up for what you believe in. 

Be the best, hardest working man in the room at all times.

Stop making excuses. Instead, deliver real results

Don’t just wish you were better. Start making small, positive changes, and make it so

Then, as you begin to conquer your own life… you will realize that you also have the potential to help other people conquer their lives as well

You can start helping your friends, your family, your loved ones… and you can start building a strong, powerful tribe of people around you. 

These people will help you, while also relying on you to be a strong pillar of support for them in hard times. 

This is the true, healthy ecosystem of the alpha… to be consoler in chief, the victorious strategist and warlord in hard times, and the wise, capable, strong leader in times of need. 

Every man has the potential to be a great, high value leader within him. Even if you only lead your friends or family, that is still important, and something that our world has a great need for. 

Don’t Be A Bully – Bullies Are Not Strong Leaders

There are enough bullies in the world. 

Bullies focus only on the power they have, and how they can use that power to get other people to do what they want

But that is not the true alpha male path. 

What we need are strong men, men of high value… men who will do what needs to be done to ensure a brighter future for their tribe and loved ones, long after their time on this earth is done. 

Men who will lead by example… who will pull the greatest weight, rather than putting that weight off on other people.

This is what legacy is all about. 

Chase excellence, men. And never give up your power. 

Until next time, 

Joshua K. Sigafus