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Strong woman weak man relationship

Why The ‘Strong Woman Weak Man Relationship’ Doesn’t Work

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What is a ‘strong woman weak man relationship,’ and why does it matter?

Or perhaps an even greater question is this: 

Why doesn’t it work?

This post is intended for men and women, and was written with the intent to describe this dynamic so that you can understand why it doesn’t work, and what you can do about it. 

There is a huge misconception in our world today. 

A lot of people like to believe and say that men can be ‘weak’ and not have it affect their ability to attract and succeed with women. 

A lot of people get upset when I say this. There’s a prevailing mindset in our culture right now where people want to ‘do away’ with traditional masculinity, which is often labeled as ‘toxic.’ 

But let’s cut the bullshit. 

People who talk about this don’t understand human mating behavior, or why it matters; and they’re far more concerned with being politically correct than with how successful men and women are in the dating marketplace. 

The real issue here is one of effectiveness. 

If a man isn’t executing on effectiveness in his life, he’s going to seriously struggle to win with women and in the dating marketplace. 


Because strong men are effective men

And in order for a woman to see you as attractive, she needs to see that you’re effective

This is why a relationship between a strong woman and a weak man doesn’t work. 

Because if the woman is more effective than the man at the things required for survival (status, power, monetary wealth, tribal connections, ambition, industriousness, leadership, stoicism, etc.), the only thing she’s going to think to herself is “this man is a liability, not an asset or complement to my life.”

Let’s dive a bit deeper into this. 

What Are The Signs Of A Weak Man? 4 Important Signs

First, let’s define exactly what a ‘weak man’ is in this context. 

1. He Struggles To Hold Masculine Frame

Masculine frame is a way of thinking and being. It is how a man holds himself and navigates through life. 

To have masculine frame, a man needs to be focused on being his own mental point of origin. He must be his own priority, and he must be strong and focused in his ideals. 

This isn’t the kind of man who can be pushed around. 

This is the type of man who chooses his own destiny and direction, and enacts his purpose upon the world with the goal of leaving a lasting ‘dent’ in the universe, and a legacy of greatness in his wake. 

A man who struggles with these things is going to struggle to be seen as effective by women, especially if the woman is either just as effective in life, or even more effective than he is. 

Women have evolved to see the difference between a man who can lead them into victory and survival, and a man who just drains resources and slows her down. 

This is really the crucial difference. This is where the rubber meets the road. 

Any man who doesn’t increase her odds of survival more than he drains her resources or slows her down in life is going to be flagged as low value, and he’s going to lose attractiveness to her. 

But see, it’s not all about her. In truth, this is the opposite. He needs to focus on himself, and on what he is doing. His goal isn’t to make her know that he’s effective. His goal is to be effective in life, because he wants to mind his business, get his own money, and pursue his own purpose in life. 

And then, as a side effect, he also attracts beautiful, high value women to his side as well. 

2. He’s Not An Effective Leader

strong men must be leaders

I talk a lot about the importance of leadership for alpha mentality men, for many reasons. 

But if the woman you desire is a stronger leader than you are, there’s a massive chance that you’re going to get flagged as low-value and weak unless you really make up for it in other areas. 

This is bad news for men who don’t understand leadership, or who don’t cultivate leadership in their life. 

For best results, cultivate strong alpha mentality leadership in life. 

Be ready to fill a leadership role, so that you can be more effective in leading others and aiding them in finding victory in life. 

This will give you your best chance for attracting high-value women, because it will flag you as high value and truly effective; the type of man whose presence in a woman’s life will increase her odds for survival, rather than taking away from it.  

3. He’s Not Creating Wealth

strong men must generate wealth

A lot of men struggle with this one. 

Simply put, you need to be building wealth if you want to be seen as effective. 


Because building wealth in the modern day and age is a lot like learning to be a successful hunter back in cave-man times. 

If you don’t learn to do it well, you’re pretty much going to be useless to high-value women. 

I hate to be so blunt, but I have to be honest. 

We all need to survive. And women evolved to look for men who could aid them in that goal. 

And if all you do is sit on the couch, smoking weed and playing video games, while the woman goes out and earns the money; well, your relationship is probably already doomed, especially if she’s a high value woman who could do better on the dating marketplace.

4. He’s Not Responsible 

strong men are responsible

A strong man takes responsibility for himself. He also takes responsibility for his family, his business, his tribe, and the other things he values. 

Women evolved to be attracted to responsible men for a very good reason.

A responsible man will understand how to safeguard and efficiently use resources. This prevents waste, and contributes to the survival of his family and tribe. 

But a man who wastes resources will be flagged as low-value.

A strong man understands that he must be responsible with his money, his time, and the rest of his resources, and that wasting any of his resources only puts his tribe at an increased risk for failure. 

Such a man will be flagged as low value to a strong, responsible woman. 

What Are The Signs Of A Strong Woman?

what are the signs of a strong woman

To understand why the strong woman weak man relationship doesn’t work, we have to explore both what a weak man is, and what a strong woman is. We have already explored the attributes of the weak man. Now let’s explore the attributes of the strong woman

This is actually really simple. A strong woman is exactly what a weak man isn’t. 

Yes, even though she’s a woman, she may still walk in masculine frame.

This isn’t surprising. And to a point, every woman will need to exhibit some specific types of masculine-esque qualities at key points throughout their life… Just as it may benefit men, at times, to exhibit some feminine qualities. 

A strong woman is also effective at leadership, creating wealth, and acting responsibly. 

Let me be very clear on something.

There’s nothing wrong with being a strong woman. 

In fact, I highly advise all women to embrace alpha mentality strengths so that they can conquer the challenges in their lives and create their own success.

But here’s where the problem comes in. 

The problems occur when a man and a woman enter into a relationship together, but the man ends up being weaker than the woman.

Why is this a problem?

Because all throughout evolutionary history, women have adapted to learn that the stronger a male partner is in all aspects, the better her odds of survival are. 

And even though we live in a world where women are becoming more and more capable of creating their own survival for themselves, this instinct is still alive and well; and it drives attraction and sexual desire. 

To put it simply, these are the instincts that tell a woman whether or not a man is attractive. And so, a man who isn’t living in accordance with his strong natural masculine adaptive role is going to be flagged as unattractive to the woman’s instincts; because in a primitive setting, he wouldn’t be the type of man who would contribute to creating the greatest odds for her survival. 

What Kind Of Man Does A Strong Woman Need?

what kind of man does a strong woman need

This question is incredibly simple to answer. 

A strong woman needs a man who is stronger than her in all of the masculine aspects. 

Make no mistake, women are very strong. Women are also inherently more valuable on the dating marketplace than men, because reproduction is riskier for them, requires more resources from them, takes up a tremendous amount of their time (having a baby and raising it to adulthood; a nearly 19 year commitment), and leaves them more vulnerable to danger. 

Therefore, it was always in the best interest of a high-value woman to have a strong, powerful, masculine man at her side to aid in her survival, and for safety. 

To fill this much-needed role in the woman’s life, the man needed to be:

  • Vigilant of danger (responsible) 
  • Strong enough to fend off attackers (strong)
  • Strong of mind enough to not be daunted by danger (stoic, brave)
  • Creative enough to deal with a wide range of threats and dangers (adaptive, intelligent)
  • Caring and nurturing toward the woman (so that he wasn’t a threat to her safety or survival, otherwise, what would be the point of having him there?)
  • A strong leader, so that he could take control of any situation that might endanger the life of the woman, especially when she was in a vulnerable state (pregnant, giving birth, weak from pregnancy, etc.) 
  • Constantly working to improve their odds for survival (industrious, ambitious)

As you can see, this all really makes sense. It’s very intuitive, really, and it isn’t rocket science. 

The fact of the matter is that these attributes play out in real-time in the attraction instincts of women today. 

And this is why women simply won’t tolerate or feel true desire for men who are weaker than them. 

Because this type of man isn’t a complement and an asset

He’s a drain on her resources, because for the amount of her resources he consumes (her time, sexual access, access to her reproductive abilities, emotional energy, money, etc.), he isn’t contributing enough to her odds for survival/success in life to make it worth it. 

This is why women get so frustrated, fed up, and angry with weak men… and why high value women who are capable of doing so will usually ‘ugrade’ to a higher value man

Does A Man Love Harder Than A Woman?

strong woman

Not necessarily. True desire is only possible when you are intensely sexually attracted to another human.

A lot of men feel like they love harder than the women they enter relationships with, because after a while, it feels like those women stop caring and move on quickly

But here’s the real crux of the matter:

For the most part, this only happens when the woman discovers that the man is low value, and that his presence in her life translates to a drain on her resources without adding an equal or greater contribution to her chances for survival and success. 

In such cases, as you’ve already seen, the woman really has no choice but to try to upgrade. 

This is evolution at work. This is how humans have adapted and survived for eons of time. 

And these instincts are still alive and well today. 

As A Man, How Can You Become More Attractive To Women So That Even Strong Women Will Want You?

Once again, this is a very simple question.

Become a high-value man. Become the type of man that any woman would be incredibly fortunate to have in her life.

How do you do this?

By embracing the alpha mentality; minding your business, getting your money, and pursuing your true purpose in life.

Always seek excellence, always seek to level up in mind, body, and spirit; and always strive to be the best man in the room at any given time.

If you follow this advice, it won’t be very long before you’ll start to notice that women will start to find you more and more attractive. 

As men, we must strive to be effective. That’s really what it all comes down to.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this post has helped you to understand why the ‘strong woman weak man relationship’ doesn’t work. 

If you’re not sure where to get started, read through the 18 Vows of the Oath of Kings and Queens. Meditating on these vows every day, and leveling up to adopt them into your life on a daily basis, will begin the process. 

Go with grace, my friends; and never give up your power. 

Joshua K. Sigafus