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Succeed In Dating And In Life

Succeed In Dating And In Life: Stop Tolerating Less For Yourself

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Note: This is the transcript of the following podcast episode. I hope that you enjoy it! 

Ladies and gentlemen, Joshua Sigafus, here with another episode of my YouTube and podcast. 

I’m in my car. So that’s what my audio is a little weird. But I gotta run some errands and go to the gym. And I just wanted to talk about something that I have been thinking about today that’s really important. 

It’s important to your dating life. But it’s also important to every other important thing in your life, right? 

So what a lot of people do is, when they want to change something in their life, whether you want to lose weight, whether you want to get a girlfriend, get a boyfriend, get married, you want to get a better job, you wanna make more money, whatever kind of thing you want to do in your life, to make your life better, lot of people think, okay, I want to do that, and then they try to do it. 

And, they may stick with it for a little while. And then they may give up

Or they may stick with it, and they may persevere, and they may accomplish it. 

But here’s the problem. A lot of people fail to maintain the motivation it takes to accomplish what they really want to accomplish

And so, what’s the difference? What makes the biggest difference between what you do accomplish and what you struggle to accomplish? 

And then what can you do to change that? Right? 

The answer is actually really simple. 

And so here’s the thing, the biggest, most foundational changes I’ve made in my life, I have made out of an attitude of refusing to put up with a certain result anymore

So in my dating life, when I stopped tolerating a certain type of behavior in my dating partners, and I started just immediately dismissing, like low-value dating partners, automatically, within a pretty short timeframe, my results got better, because that opened the door for new opportunity and new possibility to commit, right, but I had to set my own filter, I had to simply refuse to tolerate a certain low level of results, right. 

And then my dating life started to improve. 

Now, when it comes to my fitness, though, this occurred to me today, and this is something I’m going to start trying out, I always have, I’ve always thought of fitness as something that’s like “I want to have a better body, I want to have bigger muscles,” right? 

So I’m going to set goals. And I’m going to try to achieve that for myself. 

And I’ve done this over and over. And over and over, I have done so many different types of fitness, I’ve done so many different types of workouts, I’ve done different diets. 

And I’ve always struggled to get the actual kind of body that I wanted. 

And so, what I’m going to try now is I’m going to try this new approach, where instead of thinking I’m going to try to accomplish that, I’m going to say I refuse to tolerate a certain level, right, so I’m gonna set my filter higher. 

So for example, I refuse to tolerate sugary soda drinks in my diet anymore. Like I refuse to tolerate, like eating junk food anymore. I refuse to tolerate a day where I do not get my workout in, right. And so this, this is something that I never realized before. 

But it is such a powerful mindset. And I can see looking back through my life that it works. I just didn’t realize I was doing it. And so this is what I want to talk about. You know, this is what I wanted to tell you guys and ladies today that I think is really important, is that we need to refuse to tolerate losing, whatever that looks like for your situation and what you want to accomplish. 

And we must then fill that void with winning, right? That’s the magic ingredient. I think that is absolutely crucial. 

And I’ve seen those results in my life in the ways that I have made it matter. 

And you have to get a little mad about it to refuse to tolerate nonsense anymore. You have To get a little bit mad, you’ve got to have a chip on your shoulder. It’s like, “I’m gonna try.” But what happens if you don’t succeed? “I guess I’ll feel bad about myself.” 

That’s a lot different than saying, “No, I’m mad about this. I am done. I am done tolerating this in my life, no more… I’m getting done. I refuse to let a day go by without meeting those goals. Because I’m just fed up and I’m angry, and I’m done. I have a chip on my shoulder. I’m going to aggressively filter these results so that I get the results I want. No more questions asked, no more messing around, like I’m done with it.”

In Conclusion

I think that’s the mindset we have to have. That applies to our dating life, that applies to fitness, that applies to your business, that applies to whatever kind of results you want to get in your life. 

That’s what we need to do. I truly believe that. And I truly believe that this mechanism is what a lot of people are lacking with their goals, right? 

They’re just not taking it to that place where they refuse to tolerate anything less. 

All right, that’s gonna be it for today. Go with grace. Ladies and gentlemen, never give up your power. This is Joshua Sigafus signing off.