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It’s time to begin your alpha journey

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It’s Time To Start Taking Your Goals More Seriously

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For several months now, I’ve been on a journey to take my short, medium, and long-term goals a lot more seriously.

More specifically, I sat down and fleshed out very specific goals for myself that I want to reach over the course of the next four years. 

Then, I back engineered these goals to figure out what needs to happen every year to help me reach those milestones. 

Then, I back engineered those yearly progressions even more, to figure out what I need to do every single day in order to reach those yearly goals. 

As a result, I came up with a very specific plan that details pretty much everything I have to do over the course of each day to help me get to where I want to be in four years

This is so important. 

It matters for your life, but it also matters for attraction. 

One thing that I notice is that the better I get at goal setting, and the more focused I get on creating a powerful, victorious life as an alpha mentality man, the less I struggle with dating, attraction, and relationships. 

I already have an amazing dating life. But it’s like clockwork—the more serious I get about living victoriously as an alpha male, the better it gets. 

The truth is pretty plain. 

Women are drawn to men who are invested in creating a successful community and a powerful legacy. 

They’re drawn to men who take life seriously, who are committed to growing in mind, body, and spirit on a daily basis. 

Women are attracted to men who mind their business, get their money, and pursue their purpose in life. 

It’s not rocket science. 

It’s attraction science. 

And trust me. I’ve seen both sides. 

I used to spend five hours a day playing video games—sitting around drinking, smoking weed, eating tons of crappy junk food, never exercising—and basically being a lazy person with no ambition. 

I also lived in a deep-set victim mentality that made me a super beta. 

I was basically a fat, whiny, useless piece of shit.

I know that sounds harsh, but I have to be honest. That’s just who I was. 

But I took responsibility for it. 

Eventually, I did what I needed to do to turn it around. 

One day, I realized my horrible trajectory—and I committed to changing my life. 

This mostly happened when my marriage fell apart, and when I hit a point of ‘rock bottom’ in my life as a man. 

So, I started picking myself back up. 

That’s when I began to take my growth as a man more seriously, and I adopted my alpha code, titled The Oath Of Kings And Queens. You can read this code here

And as a result, everything is different now. 

  • I make more money. 
  • My relationships are better. 
  • My dating life is exponentially more successful. 
  • And I’m the type of guy who can pretty much achieve whatever he wants in life. 

Of course, it still takes time. 

I’m still working toward one of my biggest goals for the future, which is hitting that $100,000 a year income mark. 

I’m not there yet. 

However, I have all of my plans in place, and I know exactly what I have to do to reach it. 

And it’s only a matter of time before I get there. 

This is the power of goal setting, and this is why it’s so important for every alpha mentality man and woman to take goal setting seriously.

So do it. Write down your goals, and take them seriously.

Figure out what you need to do every day to become the success that you want to become. 

It matters. And you can do it!

That’s it for this one. Go with grace my friends, and never give up your power.

Until next time…

Joshua K. Sigafus