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becoming a better person

The Process Of Becoming Better

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In my life, I’ve made a lot of mistakes. 

I’ve done a lot of things wrong. 

As you probably know if you’ve already read or listened to any of my content, I had a marriage end back in 2017. I had been married for 10 years. 

Long story short, it happened because I dropped the ball as a man. 

I was acting too much like a beta male, and not enough like an alpha. 

Back then, I was stubborn. 

I refused to look at how my actions were affecting other people. 

And I refused to admit fault for my mistakes. 

This led to my life falling apart, and I needed to hit a total ‘reset’ button and basically start all over again.

I left my home with $600 to my name, two car-loads of belongings, and a heavy heart.  

I was depressed, unhappy, and just in-general lost, lonely, and confused. 

Now, fast forward to the beginning of 2022. 

5 years later. 

I’ve learned a lot of lessons. I’m living more like an alpha male than I ever have in the past. 

And my life is moving in some very positive directions. 

I’m making so much more money than I used to make. My relationships with my children are better than ever. I genuinely believe (and see evidence of the fact) that I’m a better friend and man than I’ve ever been. 

This by no means makes me perfect. I’ve still got a long way to go, and I’ll always make mistakes. 

But here’s the thing that we need to think about—both as alpha men and for the alpha women out there as well. 

If we aren’t getting better, we’re stagnating. 

If you aren’t actually making forward progress to better yourself, fix your problems, and learn from your mistakes in life, you’re going to deteriorate and move backwards. 

Life doesn’t get better unless we make it better through intentional choices. 

Life doesn’t become kinder or more prosperous unless we’re willing to do the work to make it so. 

It’s just so pivotal that we make it a point to become the best humans that we can possibly be. 

This definitely doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect, or that you can’t sometimes make mistakes. 

But it does mean that you need to be radically self-responsible in taking ownership for your mistakes, and learning from them. 

The absolute bane of our existence, as alphas, is the victim mentality. 

And when you point fingers at other people and blame them for the problems without taking full responsibility for your own part in that suffering—well, you’re acting like a victim. 

Our world is full of victims.

Our world is full of people who never want to admit or be told that they’re wrong. 

And it isn’t right. It ends up making their lives worse, not better. 

They sacrifice the pain (and necessity) of forward progress on the altar of feeling better about themselves right now. 

And this is not the true way. 

So today, I want to encourage you and motivate you with this…

Continue to always better yourself. 

Every day, try to learn from your mistakes and become a better man or woman than you were yesterday. 

It sometimes hurts to recognize when we’ve messed up. 

But it’s so vitally important to take this step and feel that pain… because this is how we become better, stronger, self-responsible alphas. 

Just like you need to lift weights and feel that ‘burn’ in the gym to build muscles, you need to feel that ‘burning and pain’ in your soul of admitting and accepting that you were wrong about the mistakes you’ve made in life. 

And… you actually need to change.

No fake bullshit.

You actually need to stop making that mistake and learn from it, for good.

Only then can you build the inner strength it takes to actually become a better version of yourself, and succeed. 

You’ve got what it takes. I believe in you. 

Now it’s time to get to work. 

Go with grace, my friends, and never give up your power. 

Until next time…

Joshua K. Sigafus