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Why Wealth Building Is Essential To The Alpha Male Journey

Wealth building. 

Why is this important? 

If you have done much reading on my blog at all, then you probably know that the 14th vow deals specifically with wealth-building. 

“I vow to practice wealth-building, to build for myself a treasury, a throne, a castle, a kingdom, and an empire… and to use these riches to the benefit of those who stand truly by my side.”

14th Vow of the Oath of Kings

But why is wealth building so important? Why is it so crucial that I saw fit to dedicate an entire vow to it?

In this post, I’m going to explain exactly that

Let’s dig in. 

Wealth Building: Can You Truly Be An Alpha Male If You Aren’t Doing It?

In a word… no. 

If at least a certain percentage of your daily activities are not directly contributing to you having some kind of money flowing into your life, then you are not a true alpha male… and you likely never will be. 

There was once a time where other resources mattered more than money. For example… If you were a hunter, or a farmer, then food could be a valuable resource. And so, you would have resource potential based on those things. 

But in the modern world, money is by far the primary currency that represents value. And so, money is really the main resource that matters. 

Simply put… if you aren’t making money as an alpha male, you aren’t taking advantage of the single most powerful resource at your disposal

Saying that you are an alpha male who does not make any money is like saying that you are a farmer who does not grow any crops… or like saying that you are a viking who refuses to raid. 

For modern day alphas, money is the frontier.

Money is our primary resource. Money is so vastly important in our modern day culture, that unless we are devoting at least a certain amount of our time to acquiring it… we are going to suffer, and we are going to be ineffective at-scale. 

Incidentally, men who don’t earn their own money are also going to be a lot less desireable on the sexual marketplace… and may even find themselves asking why no one wants to date them!

Without Money, You Cannot Be Self Reliant Or Self-Responsible

One very important tenant of the alpha male journey is self responsibility. And money lies at the crux of this issue. 

If you do not make enough money to support yourself, and are relying on others to support you, then you are not self-reliant. You are a drain on someone else’s resources

This is basically the same thing as being needy.

If we want to level up and become strong, self-reliant, self-responsible leaders and alphas, then we must be generating our own wealth, making our own money, and then moving beyond that to achieve a state of financial independence

This is non-negotiable in our modern world. Unless money loses its value and becomes worthless, it must be a priority for us

If you cannot commit to making wealth-generation a priority, then your power and effectiveness as an alpha is going to be drastically limited. 

But why?

Why is wealth building so important to the idea of being an alpha male? 

Well, let’s break that down. 

Alpha Males Are Leaders, Protectors, Organizers… And The Backbone Of The Tribe

Let’s take my personal life and situation as an example. 

I used to work a job. I worked a certain number of hours every week, and I got paid for them. 

That is better than nothing. That is the first level

Then, I became a freelancer, and started my own freelancing business. 

I needed to take some risks to do this, but this enabled me to make more money for my time than a Job would pay me. It also gave me more power over my time and life. 

Instead of a boss telling me how to spend my time, I am supplying a service to clients… and as long as I make my deadlines and deliver quality results, I have total control over how I spend my time. 

So, this is better than a job. It is the second level

But, I Was Still Renting An Apartment

Your living space is also closely tied to your wealth generation and freedom.

And for most of my life, I rented… I did not own my own house.

And so, I had limited freedom over my living space. My living space, at the end of the day, still belonged to someone else… and I was still beholden to this person in many different ways. 

This put severe limitations on how much control I could exert over my living space. For example… I was not even allowed to paint the walls! 

I was literally borrowing someone else’s space for money! 

This also kept me from being completely self-reliant. At the end of the day, the person who owned that space could, at any time, tell me that I had to leave.

And so, there is very little security in renting.

But this also put a limit on how much I could help my tribe

For example… if I had a friend who suddenly lost their place to live, I couldn’t technically let them move in with me to help them get onto their feet. 


Because the rental agreement didn’t allow it

And so, this was a severe limitation that kept me from stepping up to help my tribe. 

So I Bought A House

Buying a house put me at some risk… but gave me much more control over my living space. 

Now, I am still beholden to the bank, because they loaned me the money to buy the house. But I am building equity, while also being able to control my living space. 

The only way the bank can take my house is if I don’t pay my monthly payment. This is much better than a rental situation, where the landlord can choose willy-nilly if I will get to stay there or not!

So now, if a friend needs a place to stay, I can let them stay with me without any issue. 

Now, if I want to paint the walls, change the fixtures, put in new flooring… all of this is within my control. 

As long as I made my mortgage payments and be responsible with my bills, I am good!

And of course, the next phase of this is to own my own home completely. One day, when I have paid off my home completely, I will not even be beholden to the bank for my mortgage payments!

Do You Sense A Pattern Here?

As I leveled up from a job to freelancing, I gained more freedom and earned more money. 

Was this risky? Yes. But as an alpha male… this is my path. I take the risks so that I can better myself and my life. 

I make wise choices… but I also make sure not to allow fear to keep me from moving forward and leveling up.

As I leveled up from renting an apartment to owning my own home, I gained more freedom over my living space… and a greater potential to be of service to my tribe. 

And so, I have achieved a certain amount of freedom in my life because of these things. 

I have also become more useful, and have built for myself a greater potential to be of service to those whom I love and care for as a direct result.

What Is The Next Step?

When I bought my house, I made sure to buy a 3-bedroom. 

Why? So that I could also turn my house into a wealth-building tool and rent out my third bedroom

So now, I have a roommate who pays me rent every month. This helps me by giving me a bit of extra money… but it also gives me the ability to help him to make his life better

When Covid-19 hit, I was able to message him and tell him that it would be fine if the rent was late, because I knew he got laid off from work. 

And so, because I took the risk of buying a house and renting out my extra room, I also gained two valuable things from it. 

  1. The ability to generate more wealth
  2. The ability to help my tribe (in this case, my roommate) when they need help

If I had never purchased a house, or rented out my bedroom, I would never have had the power to be of service to my roommate in such a way. I would have been powerless to help him!

And the more I grow in my ability to generate wealth, the more helpful I can also be to my tribe. 

And all of this contributes to me being a high value man. 

Leveling Up Even More… Building A Kingdom And An Empire

Right now, I still need to do my freelancing work to support my life. Why? Because the only real investment I have that is bringing money in is the money that comes in from renting out my extra bedroom. 

This money does not pay me enough to cover my bills… so I must continue working to be able to afford to live. 

But I am also working toward the next level… building my own business that will generate even more money for my effort

You see, freelancing is better than a job… because I can greatly increase the amount of money I make for every hour that I work. 

But building a business is the next level of this… because when you build a business, you can compound the money you make for your time over and over again

For me, this blog is my first business. One day, I will grow this blog into a major business that is totally focused on helping men to win with women, level up their lives, and pursue the alpha male journey to find success. 

And I contribute to building this business every day, by publishing blog posts to help men on their journey.

This business will continue to grow and grow as I put time and effort into it… and it will earn me more and more money over time.

And that is what makes it better than freelancing… because at the end of the day, freelancing, while better than a job, is still dependent and limited to the number of hours I can work

I also plan to buy more rental properties in the future. 

Why? So that I can generate wealth from them, while also helping my tribe, by being able to supply my friends and loved ones with places to live.

I will charge fair rent, I will work with them if they come into hard times, and our tribe will grow and prosper because of it. 

Right now, I only have the power to really help one person with a peaceful, quality living space. But one day, I hope to help tens, or even hundreds of people in the same way!

Building Wealth Matters

Imagine if I had never gotten a job

Imagine if I had never leveled up from a job to freelancing

Imagine if I had never bought a house?

These three simple level-ups have revolutionized my ability to be an effective, high value man

I can accomplish more now than I have ever accomplished before. 

And the next chapter will be leveling up from freelancing to running a compounding-revenue business

When I achieve that milestone, I will greatly level-up my ability to generate wealth and help my tribe. 

And so, the further I go on this journey, the more effective I become… not only as a leader, but also as a man, as a provider, and as someone who the people I care about can look to for help when times get hard. 

This, my friends, is what the alpha male journey is all about. 

This is why we do not have a choice.

If we wish to become true, powerful, effective alpha males… we must level-up our ability to generate wealth, and continue to do so… so that we can earn more, and in turn, be of greater usefulness to our tribe

In Conclusion

Hopefully this post has shown you why wealth building is essential to the alpha male journey. 

There is just no other way to be a powerful alpha in today’s world. 

If you want to help others, leave a lasting legacy, and create a tribe and community… carving out a place of safety and security for those you love and care for, then you have no option but to start generating wealth and leveling up

It is of unfathomable importance!

Go with grace, my friends. And never give up your power. 

Until next time…

Joshua K. Sigafus

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