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wealth building

Why Wealth Building Is Essential To The Alpha Journey

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Wealth building. 

Why is this important? 

If you have done much reading on my blog at all, then you probably know that the 14th vow deals specifically with wealth-building. 

“I vow to practice wealth-building, to build for myself a treasury, a throne, a castle, a kingdom, and an empire… and to use these riches to the benefit of those who stand truly by my side.”

14th Vow of the Oath of Kings and Queens

You probably also know that I’m building this business with a very specific purpose in mind:

To create a community of ripped, attractive, successful, powerful alpha millionaire leaders with amazing dating lives and relationships.

But why is wealth-building so important? Why is it so crucial that I saw fit to dedicate an entire vow and component of my business to helping other people to do it?

In this post, I’m going to explain exactly that

But first, I want to cover something that’s really important.

I’m still on the journey to create wealth for myself.

So as you read this post, I don’t want you to think that you’re reading the thoughts of someone who has mastered the game of ‘how to build wealth.’

Far from it.

However, at this stage in my alpha journey, this is the category that I’m focusing on next.

  • First, I conquered my mindset.
  • Next, I fixed my dating life.
  • Then, I started to get really serious about setting goals and focusing on my future.

Those three things have massively improved my life, and they’ve been tremendously successful.

Plus, as a side-bonus, all of these things have also led to me basically quadrupling my income over the past six years.

But I’m still not where I want to be.

I’m still working toward the place of getting a consistent six-figure income, and I’m still working every day on the plan to grow my business to that 7-figure level.

So no, I’m not a financial guru or pro.

I’m just a man on a journey. And this blog post is me sharing a few insights that I’ve gleaned from what I’ve learned about the importance of building wealth if you truly want to live like an alpha.

Let’s dig in. 

Wealth Building: Can You Truly Be Alpha If You Aren’t Doing It?

In a word… no. 

If at least a certain percentage of your daily activities are not directly contributing to you having some kind of money flowing into your life, then you are not a true alpha… and you likely never will be (unless you change your behavior patterns). 

There was once a time in our history when other resources mattered more than money. For example… If you were a hunter or a farmer, then food could be a valuable resource. And so, you would have resource potential based on those things. 

But in the modern world, money is by far the primary currency that represents value. And so, money is really a primary resource that really matters. 

It’s how we store value, trade on the mainstream marketplace, and basically build wealth for ourselves.

Simply put… if you aren’t making money as an alpha, you aren’t taking advantage of one of the most powerful resources at your disposal

Saying that you are an alpha who isn’t committed to becoming financially wealthy is like saying that you are a farmer who doesn’t really grow any crops… or like saying that you’re an inventor who doesn’t invent things. 

For modern-day alphas, money is the currency of growth and life stability.

Money is a primary resource. Money is so vastly important in our modern day climate that, unless we are devoting at least a certain amount of our time to acquiring it… we are going to suffer, and we are going to be ineffective at scale

And the word ‘ineffective’ is not synonymous with the term ‘alpha.’ Alphas are ‘effective,’ not ‘ineffective.’

Incidentally, men who don’t earn their own money are also going to be a lot less desirable on the sexual marketplace… and may even find themselves asking why no one wants to date them.

And women who fail to earn their own money will forever be at the mercy of either men or other infrastructures/entities in their life that control this vital flow of resources.

For example. If you work for poverty-level wages, and need that money to survive, and have failed to build any other income streams or opportunities for yourself… guess what? You’re basically a slave to that job.

And that’s the opposite of freedom.

Are You A Loser If You’re Not Making Six Figures?


I’m not saying that at all.

I understand that everyone needs to live in accordance with how they want to live.

I’m not here to shame anyone for not earning more.

However, it’s also true that if we want to claim the mantle of ‘alpha,’ we must understand that alphas are always seeking to be the best man or woman in the room.

And in order to do this, you must generate resources.

What If I’m Not Earning ‘Real Money’ Yet? Can I Still Be Alpha

Here’s the thing.

We all need to start somewhere.

You can absolutely embark upon the alpha journey without earning real money (6-figures or more).

But here’s the thing to understand.

If you’re not at that level yet, then it’s vitally important that you make a plan to get on that level.

In other words… make a plan, and start working on achieving it.

Eventually, if you stick with it, you’ll be successful.

It’s hard work. But it’s a milestone that we must accomplish as alpha men and women.

Without Money, You Cannot Be Self Reliant Or Self-Responsible

One very important tenant of the alpha journey is self-responsibility. And money lies at the crux of this issue. 

If you do not make enough money to support yourself, and if you are relying on others to support you, then you are not self-reliant.

You are a drain on someone else’s resources. But this will also make you reliant upon that person or entity. And in this type of situation, you’ll never have total control over your own destiny.

If we want to level up and become strong, self-reliant, self-responsible leaders and alphas, then we must be generating our own wealth, making our own money, and then moving beyond that to achieve a state of financial independence

This is non-negotiable in our modern world. Unless money loses its value and becomes worthless, it must be a priority for us

If you cannot commit to making wealth generation a priority, then your power and effectiveness as an alpha are going to be drastically limited. 

How To Build Alpha-Level Wealth

I’m not going to bullshit you on this one.

I believe that as a baseline in our modern culture, alpha men and women either need to be earning 6-figures as a baseline standard, or they need to have a plan in place that’s moving them toward that mark, and they need to be working on that plan every single day.

Then, they need to figure out how to become financially independent through the building or investment in assets.

Assets are basically businesses or investments that earn you money while you sleep.

The way I see it, this is how you do it:

  1. Get a job
  2. Learn a high-income skill
  3. Leverage your high-income skill and/or job to get you to six figures
  4. Live below your means as you begin the process of building assets for yourself
  5. When the money coming in from assets pays you more than it costs to sustain your lifestyle, you’ve become financially free – and at that point you can snowball your income to generate even more resources

But it all starts with making a plan to get to that ‘real money’ threshold.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this post has shown you why wealth building is essential to the alpha journey. 

There is just no other way to be a powerful alpha in today’s world. 

If you want to help others, create your own destiny, obtain your own financial freedom, pursue your purpose, leave a lasting legacy, and create a tribe and community… carving out a place of safety and security for those you love and care for, then you have no option but to start generating wealth and leveling up

It is of unfathomable importance!

Go with grace, my friends. And never give up your power. 

Until next time…

Joshua K. Sigafus