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What Is The Difference Between An Alpha Man And A Regular Man

What Is The Difference Between An ‘Alpha’ Man And A ‘Regular’ Man?

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My blog, and the content within it, is specifically designed to help men win with women by helping them to become high value men

And the name of this process is called the alpha male journey

Now, keep in mind… I actually do not believe that every man is a natural born alpha male. 

I also do not believe that every man will want to be an alpha, nor do I believe that every man should pursue this path. 

Does this mean that non-alpha men are not good men?

Absolutely not! 

It just means that they are not alphas

But what is the difference? 

What makes you a true alpha? Also, can anyone learn to be an alpha male?

I firmly believe that any man who wishes to walk this path can do so. But it takes work, self-awareness, discipline, self responsibility, and a desire to grow beyond what is ‘normal’ and ‘enough.’ 

I also believe that alpha men are, by default, the most attractive men on the sexual marketplace. 


Because status, power, and leadership qualities are natural byproducts of the process of leveling up to become high value

Let’s take a look at what makes an alpha male and alpha male. 

Alpha Males Are Leaders

If a man has no ambition to be a leader among those in his tribe and/or social group, then he is not an alpha. 

Can this be learned? I think so. 

Will every man feel the drive to become a leader?

Absolutely not. 

And there is nothing wrong with that

Personally, I only feel driven and motivated to take the lead in social circles and settings that I care very much about. 

So, in matters of my business, my wealth-building, my own close personal tribe, my family, and other projects that I care very deeply for… I am very driven to either take the lead, or support a leader who I know 100% to be more effective for that task than me

I also know that there are many men who simply do not naturally feel inclined to step into this leadership role… and that is ok. 

Such men may take on more limited leadership responsibilities. Or, they may only wish to embody alpha-male tenets on an individual level, without taking on any leadership. 

But at some point in every alpha man’s life, the time will come to step up and become an effective leader. 

This is truly what separates alpha men from the rest of the men. 

They Refuse To Be Victims

Alpha males understand that the world is a harsh, unforgiving place. 

They understand that victim mentality is the seed of weakness, and that people who persist in their victim mentality state are weak, less useful, less powerful, and less self-reliant. 

And so, as a true alpha male, I refuse to be a victim. 

If something bad happens to me, I know that it was either unavoidable, or because I am reaping the negatives of a risk I took in life.

I do not give other people the credit or the honor of blaming them for what happens to me

Have other humans done bad things to me in the past? Yes. 

So I take control of my life, and I walk away from those people… and in doing so, I guarantee that they will not have access to cause any further damage in the future. 

I also move past the bad things that have happened to me by leveling up and taking responsibility for myself. 

I also do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. 

People who like to pass blame onto other people, people who want other people to feel sorry for them, or people who like to wallow in their own misery are people who are definitely not fit to call themselves an alpha

But thankfully, anyone can learn to escape their victim mentality and step into their own power

And I encourage all men to do this. 

They Are Focused On Mastery And Excellence

Alpha men do not waste their time on needless things. 

This doesn’t mean that they don’t have fun. It just means that they make sure to constantly be leveling up, chasing excellence, and achieving mastery in their lives to become higher-value men. 

This is their priority. It is their focus.

For me, this means working on my writing, my business, and all of my future goals on a daily basis. 

Sure, I struggle with this sometimes. But in the grand scheme of things, I get a lot done. And as I continue to level up, I waste less time on meaningless activities, and more time doing things that are going to contribute to leveling up my life in the future. 

I constantly strive to become the best, hardest working, most effective man in the room! 

They Are Not Content To Just ‘Exist.’ They Are Driven To Succeed And Level Up – Always

This is very much tied to the topic above. 

As alpha men, we are not content to just stay at the same level

When we get a good job, we do not just settle into it and stagnate. We work to master it completely. We also start side-hustles, continue to educate ourselves, and continue to level-up to become the best that we can become

When we get into a good relationship, we do not grow lazy and stop leveling-up our attraction. 

When we achieve the type of body we wanted, we do not stop training. We continue to level-up our physical fitness. 

And so on. 

If a man is comfortable stagnating and has no ambition to put in the time to level up, it is very unlikely that he is a true alpha male. 

They Do Not Need The Approval Of Other People – They Are Sustained By Their Purpose And Meaning, And Lead By Example

As alpha men, we learn to outgrow the need for approval from other people. 

We do not live for compliments. We do not live for positive encouragement. We do not rely on praise or ‘good job’ verbiage to chase excellence. 

We seek to level up not because we want other people to recognize us, but because we take pride in our lives and want to win

It is all about having purpose, having value, having goals, and chasing a legacy. 

Men who often find themselves feeling down because nobody ever gives them encouragement, or find themselves feeling ‘unappreciated’ because nobody is telling them that they have done a good job, have yet to learn what it means to be a true alpha. 

As alpha men, we are constantly striving to become the best at what we do

This means that we quickly surpass most other men in our craft. And this makes us leaders… so we are the ones who lift others up… we are not the ones who depend on others to lift us up. 

Do you see this subtle, yet important difference?

This is self-responsibility. We sustain ourselves, pick ourselves up, and also reach down to help others up as well. 

Any praise we might receive, then, is just extra… to be taken lightly, and not too seriously. Because that is not why we work hard. We work hard to succeed… not to be validated. 

They Do Not Feel The Need To Beat Other Alpha Men

While all alpha men are driven by competitiveness to a point, it is also true that we do not need to win 100% of the time to feel confident.

Some men try to put other men down, to prove to the rest of the world that they are better.

But this is pure beta-male energy!

True, powerful alphas are secure enough in themselves that they do not need to put other men down to feel good about themselves.

In fact, one of the most powerful things an alpha male can do is to reach out and support other alpha men.

As a high value man, I am not intimidated by other powerful, effective men.

And if I do encounter a man who is truly better than me, I use that as a new standard for myself… to level up to his level, thereby making myself better.

They Believe In Growing A Tribe, Building Wealth, And Leaving A Legacy

Of all of these tenets, this one was the most difficult for me to learn. 

I have always struggled with being a people pleaser. And this often made me into a natural follower. 

I had to learn to grow beyond this, though, and step into a true position of leadership and self responsibility for my tribe and family. 

And as I get better at that, I can see so clearly how much better everything is. 

I have learned that growing my tribe is not for me… it is for my tribe. 

My duty is to be there for them, to lift them up and support them. 

I am consoler in chief, commander in chief, strategist in-chief… provider in-chief. 

This is not to say that every man and woman in my tribe is dependent upon me. That is not true at all. In fact, most of them barely rely on me at all, because they are strong in their own ways, and are very self-sustaining. 

But that doesn’t mean that I can stop supporting them. I will still make myself available, I will still lift them up, I will still encourage them, and I will still be there for them if/when they need me. 

I will still use my words to help them, and lend my strength to them when they need it. 

This is the way of things. I want to see my tribe succeed. I want all of us to build wealth. 

And at the end of my life, after I have built my kingdom and watched my tribe build their kingdoms as well, I will leave behind the legacy of my works… and I will die peacefully, knowing that I did well by my tribe and family.

I will die peacefully, knowing that, in facing my fears and leveling-up in my life, I touched many other lives for the better… and paved the road to a brighter future for my loved ones.  

I do not do this for my own glory. I do it because I wish to see it happen. 

This is a very big difference. 

In Conclusion

Hopefully this post has helped you to understand the difference between an ‘alpha’ man and a ‘regular’ man. 

There is nothing wrong with not being an alpha. If that is not your path, so be it! 

But if you feel the call of the alpha male journey… focus very intently on these 7 things, and do not neglect them. 

If you want to learn more about the alpha male journey, check out my own personal alpha male code, the Oath of Kings

Go with grace, my friends… and never give up your power! 

Until next time…

Joshua K. Sigafus